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  The Gouldian Finches or Lady Gouldians are thought by many to be one of the most beautiful of the finches and are some of the most colorful birds.
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Mavi - 2010-10-20
We've had our Gouldian for 5 days now, at the beginning it was fine, but today he is alternating between perched with head under wings, or eating almost non-stop. Any ideas?

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  • NICK - 2010-12-18
    Air sac mites , drafts and the necessary food. . Such as grit and charcoal are mandatory for health. . I have 75 goulds myself.
Karen - 2010-12-05
My pair of Goulds have laid their second clutch of eggs (7 both times) but none of them have hatched. When I bought the male I was told he was only 9 months old. Is he too young to know how to "mate" (fertilize the eggs)?

ladybug - 2009-05-28
I have 6 Lady GouldianFinch. I keep them in a screened in deck outside in cages. Temp
sometimes reaches 105deg. Is that too hot for them?

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  • brenda - 2010-10-23
    If your Goulds that you purchased are well adjusted to temp. fluctuations, then they'll survive.
trent youngstrom - 2010-08-26
my gouldian finches laid 4 eggs one of them hatched 2 weeks ago everything seemed to be goin fine then i poked my head up there today to notice the lone baby's neck is swollen to the point where its almost transparent and looks to be swollen with a bunch of seeds. will this digest and go away. i took the food out of the cage so the parents cant feed it any more. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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  • Editor's Note - 2010-08-27
    Seeds and food will fill the crop as the bird is eating. The crop (at the middle of the neck) will look swollen at this point. It should digest within a few hours and the crop will go down unless the bird is constantly being fed in which case it may look full all the time. If the bird stops eating and the crop remains full, there may be a problem that should be looked at by a vet.
sabbir chy - 2010-04-04
I have gouldian finches but they are not able to take care properly their chicks. After 4 to 5 days they put their chicks out of the hatching box.

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  • S M Sahid - 2010-05-27
    I have found some where, you can use a pair of Society (Bengalese) Finch as foster for the chicks of Goldiuans on a separated / isolated cage.

  • alex - 2010-08-24
    Use society finches to incubate, raise chicks.
tedthestick - 2006-09-25
I keep mine outside. Temp. ranges from 28 to 100+ degrees F. They have dirt and water baths and eat dry and sprouted food. They breed like cockroaches in a compartmented aviary of 550 cubic feet, with full sun and wind available. They die of old age or ants (being eaten by). I don't band or breed them, they take care of that for themselves, the breeding that is. Good luck.

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  • grayson - 2010-07-17
    WHERE DO YOU LIVE FOR THAT TEMPERATURE SWING, I would like to raise some outside in florida, but aviary temp outside reaches low 30s to average in summer of 90s. thanks
Janelis - 2008-03-17
I purchased two Gouldians, a yellow head and a red head. I was told when I purchased them that they were male and female, the redhead being the female. After much reading and research I was 99.9% sure she was a he. :) Then one day I finally heard "her" sing confirming my thoughts... I decided to then purchase a female for them. She is a blackhead and gets along nicely with my yellowhead but my redhead can't leave her alone. I wonder if he wants to mate with her or if he had created such a bond with the yellowhead that he doesn't like the new company. Anyways, today I saw the "mellow" yellowhead try to mate with her, she didn't let him. Her beak hasn't turned black yet so I am guessing she is not ready. I currently have them eating a nice blend of finch seed and millet. I also supply them with eggfood and this blue stuff that provides them with minerals. I give them fresh romaine lettuce everyday. I have them in a large cage in a closed in patio. I wonder how long it will take them to breed, I have only had her for a week.

Myra - 2006-06-05
I have kept gouldian finches for a little over a year here in Southern Louisiana. They are kept indoors in a spare bedroom where I keep the tempature between 75 to 80 degrees. The air conditioner vent is kept closed during the summer months and left open in winter to allow warm air in the winter. At the moment (June) they are caring for their young which are about 1 week old. This will be the first time my goulds have babies. I am anxious to see what colors the babies will be. Both my goulds have RH BP GB

Donna Gary - 2005-05-10
I live in Northern California and have been raising Gouldians for about 10 years. I have bred indoors in single pair cages and outdoors in open flights. I keep all of my Goulds in NON heated environments. The indoor birds have windows open allowing for temperature changes in the summer and winter. My birds easily tolerate 40 degree nights in the winter and 105 degree days in the summer. I do not provide heat lamps outdoors either. I only wrap the outdoor aviary in plastic during winter to keep out strong weather and wind. A variation in temperature is necessary for a strong healthy bird. Birds raised in temperate climates with minimal temperature changes tend to be frail when exposed to change. This leads to deaths when birds are sold to folks that do not mirror the conditions in the temperate environment. See research completed by Robert Black entitled "hot house finches" for further details.
Donna Gary

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  • Garth Hokanson - 2010-04-20
    I am looking for a couple of LG males. Do you have any available?
    Garth in SEbastopol
Sherry - 2004-07-02
I once had a male Gouldian Finch named "Johnny". When I put some shredded paper in his cage, he began "rolling" his cage. He also liked to drape the paper everywhere, even from the top of his swing, and it was the funniest sight! I loved his dance. When he would see himself in the mirror he would begin jumping up and down in place while he sang. Finally, I bought him a mate we named "Frankie". These two birds were very cute together, especially when they slept side by side. Later I provided a nest and Frankie layed eggs. My family was so excited that we were going to have babies! Sadly, one morning I woke up to find Johnny lying dead on the eggs. I wish I knew what happened.