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   Being curious, personable, and quite intelligent, the Maximilian's Pionus or Scaly-headed Parrot is truly a fun and well-rounded family pet!.
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Betty L Shepherd - 2014-05-18
I got my maximillians pionus ( Webster ) when he was 1 yr. old....My husband had just passed away.  I lived with my Daughter and family.  None of them paid any attention to him,  He is 19 yrs. and I've had him 18 yrs.  His first owner was a man and he hand fed him, then at 6 months old a lady brought him to the pet store where I worked part time.  I fell in love with him the first time I heard him say Hi! Sweetheart... that did it for me.  My husband always called me Sweetheart until he passed away.  Problem:  He doesn't like anyone but me and he doesn't want anyone near me especially a guy.  I tried socializing him but with none of the family trying to be friends with him he doesn't like anybody.  Is it too late to help him like other people?  I have a schnauzer and a cat.  They all get along fine together.