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   The Bronze-winged Pionus, often referred to as the Bronze-wing Pionus or Bronze-winged Parrot, is a very attractive and popular pet....and "Dusty" shows off these traits exceptionally well!
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Dawn - 2012-03-11
After losing my African Grey to heart failure (he was 55 years old) I was heartbroken. My friend introduced me to a soon-to-be weaned Bronze-Winged pionus baby and I knew I had found a new friend. She is now a year old. Our family is enjoying her quiet voice, sweet disposition and antics. Pionus seem to be very playful and she interacts well with our dog and cats (supervised of course) I take her to work with me once a week and she interacts happily with students. She has never bitten. Overall, I would reccommend a Pionus as a pet. As with any bird, make sure you can have time to interact with them, don't leave them stuck in a cage all day.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-03-11
    Pionus make excellent family companions. Happy for you.
  • Rene - 2012-04-21
    Hello Dawn
    I just read your comment on about your Bronze wing. I've been in search for a Bronze wing. Can you refer me to a breeder. Do you know where I can get one.

    Thank you
Kelly - 2006-05-31
Hey it's my Dusty-pi! I was browsing pionus pictures and saw this one, thought it looked an awful lot like my girl. When I opened the page, it was! I forgot I did this. :-)