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   The beautiful Blue-headed Parrot is easy to identify as an adult, when they have their fully developed their striking plumage!
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kat - 2005-05-18
Shrek is our 3 year old baby. He is the exception to the usual Pionus, he prefers to be left alone and is rather We got him from a person who did not see the charm of him or work with him. I love Shreky, he is as funny as can a grumpy little old man. He is a constant source of amusement with his talking. Shrek and blueheads rock!

kathy - 2005-04-30
Sapphire is about five years, old he is a blue headed pionus. He is very sweet and he talks really well. Sapphire gets along well with me and my family as well as the dog. He acts like a dog when he is on the floor, it is so funny. I love him so much!! He does not bite me but he has bitten my mom because he knew she was going to put him in his cage and he likes to be out!! Sapphire has been good with kids to. He has been the best pet. We all love him and the dog (Chevy) does too. He is a copy cat. you can believe that so you better watch what you say and do because he can move his head just like you do! We all like to be together.

S. C. - 2004-10-06
My bird Tucker is about a year old. He is my first experience at a parrot larger than an English Budgie. I chose him (or her) because of the info about their steady personalities. I wanted a bird that was flexible, not obnoxiously loud and not an unpredictable biter. This guy is wonderful... He imitates lots of sounds that I create, has a handful of verbalizations and laughing and coughing sounds, most of which are legible, and imitates a number of animal sounds that I model for him... duck, cat meow, chicken, etc. He bites rarely and never me. He is clearly my bird but I have exposed him to lots of other people encouraging them to hold him and touch him. He travels well. We have a second home in my home town that we visit most weekends. Tucker comes with us. I harness trained him while I visited at the bird store well before he came home to live. This makes him very versatile. I take him in the car as often as I can, usually several times per week. He also goes to work in my gift shop one day per week for about 4 hrs. He has adapted well to all settings. We respect his need for time alone and when he is ready for bed. His signals are easy to read and we respect them. By the same token we set limits and boundaries for him and his behavior. He is very respectful of the fact that we do not believe in birds on the shoulder. He is just a wonderful breed of parrot. I would gladly get another pionus without a doubt.

Pendulumn - 2004-07-03
Our bird is a very sweet natured bird who loves to play. She is now whistles and speaks few phrases, listens to music and sings with the radio and me. She is under 1 year old. She plays hide and seek. She likes to be the center of every activity from dinner preparation to sewing and puppies. She loves to swing and climb so she stays out of her cage 99% of the time, unless she is biting. Occasionally she will bite. Usually only if she thinks someone is afraid of her, or if it is a stranger who has not been introduced properly. Generally she is very social.

Brian Davis - 2003-12-17
A great pet. I have had our bird for about seven months. He is like a member of the family. On occasion, he gets excited and trieds to bite, and can get very mad. This seems to go away easily but it at times scared me.