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   The beautiful Blue-headed Parrot is easy to identify as an adult, when they have their fully developed their striking plumage!
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makinsey - 2009-01-10
I got my blue headed pionus about 2 years ago. He means the world to me and he is very quiet and very sweet. I got him because I rememberd the info I got off this wed site. So thank you Dr. Jungle, and I hope every one loves there pionus as much as I love mine.

Heidi Michelle Hellstern - 2012-03-22
My step-grandparents had a blue-headed pionus, which I nicknamed 'Bluey'. S/he was wild caught. S/he had a wild temper and bit me! It hurt but now I laugh whenever I think about being bitten by him/her.

Jackie - 2008-01-02
I fell in love with Archie, my bluehead pionus as soon as I saw his eyes. I was also encouraged by all the great comments on how sweet pionus are on the internet, and so home he came with me.

He is brilliant 70% of the time, but crazy and agressive the other 30%. He is the sweetest soul when there are only 2 of us, but as soon as someone walks near me, he digs into me with his beak and will not let go. He screams whenever I'm out of sight, so I cannot shower and head to the loo in peace, or I do those in pitch black to avoid the noise. He is upset by my neighbours walking through the corridor, upset by the sound of TV, he is simply a ball of fire. It has gotten to a point where I can't invite people to my place as he gets upset, puffs up and makes noises, guests laugh and he gets more upset.... it never ends *sigh*

waseema - 2012-03-08
Hi guys. I have a blue headed pionus parrot. Its about 1year and 2 months old. Wen can I start training hom to talk?

Thank you - 2006-04-04
I happen to ADORE the whole Pionus family. A lot. A little to much. You don't even WANT to know how many birds I have. I have three male Blue-headed Pionus, Dusty, Lucas, and Tiboo, a female Bronze-winged Pionus named Whoopee, a male White-capped Pionus named Snow Cap,a female Maximilian's Pionus named Dandy, and a male Senegal parrot named Umpa (You feel kinda bad for the Senegal, don't ya?). Dusty was the bird who brought me into the world of birds. He WAS. He, sadly, passed away yesterday, April 3, 2006 of old age. I thank him for what he has done for me in his 37 year old life. I miss him, but I know he will always be with me... :-)

Pete Greyghost - 2010-11-15
You have not met Capri, my recently acquired bird. He does not know the meaning of quiet, maybe because he seems to be very intelligent. He likes to make and use tools to scratch himself, he talks incessantly in a low voice. You can tell that he is saying something, but it is too low to make out and he seems to have an extensive vocabulary!
He was about 15 years old when his previous owner died and her daughter gave Capri to me.
I very seldom wear a hat, but due to cold weather, I walked into the room with my cowboy hat on. Capri tilted his head side to side to get a good look and very plainly said, "What?" He did repeat it and would not leave me alone until I let him touch it.
He loves music and will sing along with it.
A very interesting bird and is totally full of surprises. He is forever coming up with new phrases or expressions.

Becky - 2007-07-31
Nacho has been with me since he was 1-1/2 years old. He aggravates the various cats and dogs that have come into our lives. He thinks he is a pterydactyl and they should all "fear" him. They pretty much give him his space. He even chases Max (the cocker spaniel (bird dog)) back through the dog door if he comes near his cage.

Charles - 2007-01-22
my wife and I live in Peru for three to four months out of the year. At home, in south Florida, we have a Quaker and miss him dearly, when we are away, Traveling back from South America with a bird is impossible. So taking him is impossible. So we went looking, in Lima. We came across our Bluehead and fell in love.

Pam West - 2006-01-10
We got "Sonny" this year as a Christmas present (2005). He is a white capped pionus. He will be 2 years old in June. I must say that this parrot just fascinates me!
He is so tame! My five year old dtr. loves to get him out of his cage. Having a small child I was concerned about a biting issue with any bird. Also, our household contains 3 dogs and 1 indoor cat! The pionus has proven to be exactly what I have read. Of course, I put the dogs out and lock the cat up when it's bird time outside the cage but our sometimes chaotic household does not seem to bother him. I just love him. Everyone who visits our home has held him and he is as good with smaller children as he is with adults. I would highly recommend this bird to anyone looking for a bird that your children can hold. Of course, they have to be calm when holding him, as any bird would scare with sudden movement. He mimics the phone, I have caught him privately whistling the tune to "Andy Griffith" and he is truly hilarious when he copies me laughing! Trust me, you can not go wrong with a pionus!

Will - 2005-08-06
I just got a blue head and i really love her. she is very funny and talented. i got a lot of information off of this site for a healty pionus. it was a lot of help! thanks for the info and i hope all of the people that have pionus have good luck with them!:)