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   Senegal Parrots are known for their acrobatics, their mischievousness, and their passion!
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Bobbie Jo Ottey - 2005-10-08
My Senegal parrot's name is Sophie. I bought her as a hand-fed baby ten years ago. She loves to sit on my shoulder and laugh! She also tries to feed me regurgitated food when she thinks I might be hungry. As yucky as this might seem, it is the ultimate display of love a Senegal can give you. Her sunny V-neck sweater is her best feature! She is very much a member of our family, even if she does enjoy terrorizing the cat. She actually chases her across the floor and attempts to bite her! Must be all those green feathers that make her the jealous type. She is a contant joy to me and I hope to have her many more years! Bobbie Jo Ottey

Caryn Revell - 2005-10-01
Hi I am from South Africa, I had always wanted an African Grey. On my visit to the pet shop one day to pick out a Grey I came across 'The Senegal'. She is now 18months old we've had her since she was 6 weeks. Her name is chuckita. Our dear senegal is not quiet at all she sings so much. Her latest - she has mimicked the cricket that was stuck in the bathroom. She is extremely playful and madly in love with my boyfriend. She thinks he is her mate, and trys to feed him. Wouldn't swap her for the world

donna - 2005-09-03
I've had my Senegal for 12 years, Buster Brown the best parrot ever!!!
the perfect size, he talks a lot, always friendly to everyone, and not
too noisy. he is best friends with one of my cats they hang around together. an awesome pet, I love that little guy

Denise & Jeff Preusse - 2005-08-28
We purchased are Senegal parrot three years ago from a local bird store. Born on November 1, 2002, We brought Elmo (named before we were told her sex) home the weekend after New Year's 2003. My husband and I have no children, so Elmo is very spoiled. Grandma says "Thank God you don't have any kids since the bird is so spoiled". Elmo has free rein of the house when we are at home. The first thing we do is open the cage door and allow her to go wherever she wants to go. Normally she'll climb down the play set to make sure everyone is home. If one of us get home late she will pace until the other person gets home. If we don't open the cage door right away she will call for us until we let her out. Elmo speaks a few phrases, "Pretty Bird" "Oh, Pretty Baby" "Mommy" "Daddy" but I think she does better with the imitations of the microwave, alarm clock and my husband's cell phone. The "wolf whistle" and "charge" are also popular. She loves taking showers and will run to the bathroom door and she'll peck at the door until she's let in. She's plenty of fun and alot of work to keep occupied. But she is definitely special.

cathleen meyer - 2005-08-09
I bought my Sengal 23 years ago, her birthday will be next month. When I got her she was very young, i think to young, from a pet store and had many problems. Quiet she is not! Behaviors many! But I love her dearly! She is very anti-social. dont know why. But we find joy in her anyway with her antics. She has learn to talk. Says her name BoBo, makes the sound of the phone ringing, says my name, and on occasion says a swear word. When she is extremly afraid she will get out of her cage and run! into my bedroom and stand beside my bed and yell. We have been through good and tough times, she is my friend. four years ago BOBO lost her friend. believe it or not she shared her cage with a LoveBird! they were the best of buddies, snuggled with each, other preened eaach other etc. BOBO looked for days when Beesha passed on. It was heartbreaking. so anti social but a good heart and loving, thats my sengal

Monica - 2005-07-22
I don't have a Senegal, but a very closely related bird, a Red-Bellied Parrot. They are very similar in appearance. His name was Pedro and I got him at the pet store I was working at. I was going to change his name, but at three months old, I came in and asked him, "Watcha doing Buddy?" and he replied, "Pedro is a pretty bird". I was so excited, I was running around, telling the rest of the staff about him. Two months and $750 later, I came home with Pedro in the largest cage I could afford, an 18 x 18. He has loads of toys, but his favorite thing to do is to be on his perch in the kitchen window, looking out on the world while I do my chores. He also loves to groom me, whether it be my hair or my nose! He'll give kisses, and flap his wings on request. He's an awesome whistler and knows that when I say 'pretty bird', it's time for the wolf whistle. He is a delight to me and he's the only boyfriend for me :D

lois - 2005-07-10
I spotted my new Senegal, Skeeter, for sale at a bird fair in New Orleans. The sign said he was 14 yrs old and "semi-tame". His band says 1991 so the age part is correct. However, he is a little lover. His feathers are perfect. And so is his attitude. I brought him and his cage home with me for only $150. What a bargain that was for me. I love him already and he seems completely nonplushed by moving to a new home. Please don't ever think that only baby parrots are to be considered as pets. This "old man" is calm, cool and an absolutely delight. His favorite toy and security in life is his swing. It looks to be as old as he is. But he can make that thing swing and will do so on que. Sweet, sweet, Skeeter.

Diana - 2005-07-07
My Senegal parrot, named "KiKi" is an absolute delight! I bought her at age 3 months, she just turned 1 year old on 7/6/05. She is friendly, comical and loves acrobatics. Best of all she is not noisey at all. She is learning to speak a few words and some phrases too. Very intelligent bird. They love routine and get used to it easily. She's like my best friend!

Stephanie Blanchette - 2005-07-05
I have an eight year old, male, senegal. I took him in when he was 4 from a family that did not have the time to spend with him. I named him Tarzan due to his king like attitude. He had many behavioral problems when I first got him, but is a much happier and loving bird now. His favorite activities are swinging on tree branches, dunking his head into his water, and tourmenting my roomates dogs. although most senegals are said to be relativley quit, Tarzan is very vocal and is slowly building his vocab. His favorte phrases are "baby baby", "pretty bird", and of coure his very loud king of the jungle call. This year I brought Tarzan to college with me and he has fit in perfectly. He has learned to trust strangers and is a regular party animal. he is such a great friend to have!

sue puzon - 2005-05-20
i have a senegal parrot who is a year old and was born on valentine's day and we think he is a boy so his name is valentino. we love him very much! sue, shaun, chris, kathleen, joanna, doug, penelope, and piglet