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   Senegal Parrots are known for their acrobatics, their mischievousness, and their passion!
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donna - 2005-12-28
The Senegal Parrot has loads of personality. I have had my Senegal, named Tirol for 18 years. He is sweet, easy to care for and always happy to engage in activities with me. He is great company for my African Grey but Tirol is definitely in charge.

Jeana - 2005-12-24
My senegal, PZ, was given to me about 2 1/2 years ago and is so beautiful. He was found in a park being attacked by crows and was rescued by one of our church members. He is very sweet and mutters a lot in his own "birdy" language, but he is very agressive and does bite if I try to touch him. I think he is actually from Africa and not bred in the US. None-the-less, he is a very important part to my family and he is wonderful. He has picked up on many phrases that I say and whistles a lot also. He also loves to cluck his tongue.

Taylor - 2005-12-23
i love senegal parrots! i just got a new one that is really sweet. if your looking for a bird, senegal birds are the best!

Brian - 2005-11-28
i received my male pet senegal, Smitty, two years ago tomorrow. All i can say is my mom and i (im 15) have completely bonded to this bird and vice versa. he is extremely affecionate. he says kisses and we come give the guy kisses. he also says pretty bird, pretty smitty, smitty, sheila(my mom), bath, mornin', and hey smitty along with the long list of household imitations: beeps whistles etc. He is such a monkey...he enjoys laying on his back more than anything. He chews through wood faster than a beaver and he is always busy. i believe a senegal parrot is the most affectionate pet i could have asked for!

Amanda - 2005-11-03
one day when i was visiting my local humane society, i came across a room full of birds. in which i found henry, my senegal parrot. i immediately bonded with him and my mom, not a big fan of birds, decided to let me adopt him. to this day she says it was the best thing she ever did. we all love henry. every morning when we get up he is chirping away in his cage and soon after he helps my mom let the dogs out side, by yelling "GET OUT", as soon as the door opens. he is the best thing we ever got and he is loved very much by everyone. i would recommend senegal parrots to any one looking for a bird.

Sarah reidy - 2005-11-02
I have two senagal parrots. their names are Cola and Fanta. They are two years and three months old. they love eating bananas and having a shower. Sometimes they can bite but they are tame birds. i bought them for 115 euro. They scream alot. Fanta can stand on a ball. But they both enjoy flying around in my house.

Abi Banyard - 2005-10-15
I have had my senegal for four months now, and he is the cutest little bidie in the world.
I am 10 and still Jasper has favoured me out of me, my mum, my dad, sister and brother!!!
Jasper is very sweet, and we let him have the free run of the house.
Often we put him on a towel and give him a lovely cool shower.
He loves it!
Jasper has bad features too. He climbs my mums curtains, and sits on the top of our curtain pole, which drives her mad if he rips the net! Senegal parrots are very good with children, but i think they would gladly except being a spoiled little birdie!
Jasper is quite spoilt!
All my friends want to come and see him, as he is so sweet! And i am the only one they know with a parrot as sweet as Jasper!!

Abi Banyard

mindy baig - 2005-10-10
we purchased "samson" our senegal on august 19th, 2005 at 5 years of age. he immediately bonded to my husband. samson is a silly clown! my husband can do anything to him but most of the time he hates my guts! he is very moody but i still love him. samson says pretty bird all the time, he laughs, and he dangles upside down in his cage, it's hilarious. I like to take him for walks outside. I even let him carefully climb small trees. He likes to lick my husbands face. If anybody is thinking about buying a senegal. Remember they only bond to one person. But they are fun to have!

Bobbie Jo Ottey - 2005-10-08
My Senegal parrot's name is Sophie. I bought her as a hand-fed baby ten years ago. She loves to sit on my shoulder and laugh! She also tries to feed me regurgitated food when she thinks I might be hungry. As yucky as this might seem, it is the ultimate display of love a Senegal can give you. Her sunny V-neck sweater is her best feature! She is very much a member of our family, even if she does enjoy terrorizing the cat. She actually chases her across the floor and attempts to bite her! Must be all those green feathers that make her the jealous type. She is a contant joy to me and I hope to have her many more years! Bobbie Jo Ottey

Caryn Revell - 2005-10-01
Hi I am from South Africa, I had always wanted an African Grey. On my visit to the pet shop one day to pick out a Grey I came across 'The Senegal'. She is now 18months old we've had her since she was 6 weeks. Her name is chuckita. Our dear senegal is not quiet at all she sings so much. Her latest - she has mimicked the cricket that was stuck in the bathroom. She is extremely playful and madly in love with my boyfriend. She thinks he is her mate, and trys to feed him. Wouldn't swap her for the world