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   Senegal Parrots are known for their acrobatics, their mischievousness, and their passion!
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Celena Elliott - 2006-05-05
In 1997 my husband and I purchased a senegal from a pet store while we were on vacation. I first called him Peanut because he loves peanuts so much but he didn't take to that name because my husband called him Georgie more times than I called him Peanut. Georgie has been a joy to our life since we got him. He took up with my husband before me but now he takes up for me. If my husband yells for me to come to where he is Georgie yells back at him. It's kind of funny in a way. Georgie is a comedian. When I am in the kitchen he makes sounds like the fire alarm. Let's just say I wasn't a very good cook back when we first got him. When I push the snooze button on my alarm Georgie will make the time clock alarm sound until I get up. He tells me good-bye when I come in from work and hello when I'm leaving. I tried to get that strait but he says what he wants. He's the joy of our lives. He loves to play with his wooden toys and likes to play chase with my husbands hand. I would recommend a Senegal to anyone who doesn't have children and needs joy in their lives.

Sandra from Ottawa - 2006-05-01
"Lola" joined our household about 2 months ago. She is six years old, and lived with one family before us. She had been known to speak at least one phrase, but we haven't heard any words yet. It doesn't really matter though, because it is so fun to hear her use her repertoire of sounds to fit new situations as they come up--favorite clicks and pops are tested out, to see how they match snack container lids, bags opening etc. She had a woof noise that she learned from a terrier, but now she imitates the whimpers of our rats more. Oh, and she makes farting noises when you are alone with her. She bonded with my husband first, but now moves back and forth between us, depending on who did her favours last (like showers!)

ALAN - 2006-04-06
After a lot of reading about different parrots and already having a grey and a cockatiel I went for a senegal. Zazu is only 4 months old and already a sweetie. We put a deposit down on him and had to go see him for several weeks before bringing him home. Zazu has been home for about a month and is already letting me lay him on his back in my hand. No words yet but we are starting to hear big bird noises out of him rather than little baby bird noises. He loves to eat and everything he can. I would suggest anyone looking for a small parrot with alot of personality go for a senegal.

Vicki - 2006-03-14
I just received my first senegal. His name is Cocomo, which is African for this one will not die.
He is only 3 months old...and what a joy! He hasn't started talking yet, but we are working with him. He loves to eat, and he is so funny! He loves to hang upside down in his cage and from his rope perches. We are teaching him "dead bird" by holding him on his back. Its so funny...he just lays there and looks around. We play peek a boo with him too by covering his face with our hand.
If he tried to bite too hard, we just tell him, "no bite" and he stops, how smart is that????? Still waiting for his head to turn silver, and his eyes yellow. We are starting with words like "hi", "Coco", "hi mom", "love you". Thats about it for now.

Caryn Revell - 2006-03-03
I have added a new addition to my family... Titus is a mango head Senegal. He is five months old. Chuckita loves him, they get on so well. He is already learning to sing and whistle just like chuckita. Chuckita was very jealous in the beginning and also went back to being hand fed when Titus was, but we have grown up now and rule the roost.
caryn revell 3/03/06

Abi Banyard - 2006-03-03
Earlier last year, i put in a comment about my senegal, only 4 months when i first got him! well he now says hello, nightnight, and even purrs like a cat! One day, he fly accidently to the curtain pole. now he climbs the net to get to it every day, I think he sees it as a big perch!
He has settled in so well, and now every one luvs him as much as i do and is now treated like one of the family!
infact, he takes it a little too far and now is a pain if you have something to eat! If you dont give it to him he gets a little moody!
he loves to eat peanuts, sunflower seeds, and cucumber! He also regurgitates his food, which i know is not very pleasent but is his way of showing affection. He is going through his terrible 2's at the moment which is a very disturbing time for keepers, but they will get over it. this will not effect their love for their keeper!
Any one with small children, and is thinking of getting a parrot , this is a dream bird!

Abi xxg

Rebecca - 2006-02-24
At the age of 15 I fell in love with a baby senegal named Oscar, and begged and pleaded and worked odd-jobs till I could finally bring him home. For 10 years Oscar has patiently waited for me to "grow up" and settle down! He's experienced a lot of changes, moving around the country, various different roommates, and nonetheless thrived through it all.
For the first few years of his life he was a true clown, performing acrobatics to the delight of my family and I, and learned new tricks with ease. As he grew older he realized that he really didn't need to do as I asked but behaved himself most of the time anyways. He has always been a relatively quiet bird who plays well on his own and with strangers, though his appetite for wooden furniture knows no bounds. Don't let his size fool you - Oscar is as clever and personable as any of the larger parrots but significantly less demanding! As he grew older (and I went to college) he became less bonded to me and more friendly with strangers. Fortunately he has maintained this attitude well into adulthood and is content to happily coo at just about anyone (talk about a well adjusted bird). He LOVES parties with lots of people, and is always the center of attention.
Senegals are the labradors of parrots - quiet, laid-back, gentle, loyal, affectionate and easy to please. Aside from the occasional nipper I have NEVER heard mention of a senegal displaying any sort of behavioral problem. Looking forward to another 20-odd years!

:Lois Martin - 2006-02-11
Last year while visiting a bird show I passed by a small cage which had the most beautiful male Senegal parrot for sale. In front of his little cage was a sign saying he was 14 years old. After chatting with the seller and holding Skeeter the breeder told me to just make an offer for him as she wanted him to go to a home where he was loved. I brought Skeeter home with me and have never regretted my decision. He is delightful and soooo loving. He purrs with contentment, makes lovely little whistles and chirps, speaks his name, and gives the most wonderful kisses. I have several parrots but Skeeter is so special. He is so well behaved and is the only one of my parrots that has permission to sit on my shoulder. He's almost 15 years old and is "feather perfect". I am overwhelmed by his consistent attitude and gentle disposition. Skeeter is my first and only Senegal but if he is typical representation of his breed then Senegal's are perfect [in my opinion]. I love my little Skeeter.

Lois Martin
March 11, 2006

Chanel - 2006-01-29
Thank you for giving me some helpful facts about my bird, Skippy, indeed he is veeerrry spoiled and playful. He is three years old and he can say "Chanel", which is my name so when I am not home he will call for me every second until I arrive. He also can say "cookies" and imitates various sounds such as my microwave. He has chewed up a lot of my things but I will get mad and hold it. He has bitten my mom various times but you know what she didn't care that much because she knows he is trying to tell her something. He is our special angel and best friend and we love him dearly. I just wish that he could understand english and talk back to me and my family. He is like my little brother who keeps me on my feet.

Sonja - 2006-01-24
Kiwi has been with me since 1996 when she was still a baby. She is definitely not a pet but a member of the family. Although it was just me for her first few years, she did end up bonding with my husband, but it took some patience. Senegals definitely have huge personalities for a small package. She loves to chew on anything she can get her beak on and is a wonderful mimic. Like with any parrots, be prepared that bringing a parrot into your life needs careful consideration and thought before buying one. They are a life-time commitment, and need a lot of time and attention because of their intelligence. Not only that, they
deserve your time, attention and unconditional love. Like a two year old, they'll challenge you for 30+ years, but if you are a ''bird person'', it's worth every minute.