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   Senegal Parrots are known for their acrobatics, their mischievousness, and their passion!
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Abby Abi Abbie banyard - 2008-09-06
My senegal is cute. (: He says Kiss. and blows a kiss. He says hello and night night and stuff. He's only 3, (: but the thing is, he really doesn't like my brother. This type of bird is probably best with a couple or a single person. Also don't tease them, they remember. I love jasper, he's one of the best friends I could ask for. He's amazing, very loving, and he puts his head down for a scratchy scratchy. He also loves the curtains and tends to climb on them. He likes to have an oaty bite for his breakfast. He doesn't like parrot food that much, but we give it to him any way. He eats the chilies and the peanuts and sunflower seeds, but he doesn't really like the other seeds. So we have to give him seed sticks and lots of fresh fuit and veggies. He loves ice cream and yogurt for treats and if he's really lucky he gets a bit of tea. He drinks it straight from the cup. Hes very interactive, and doesn't like to be on his own much.

I love jasper.

MiMi - 2008-09-06
I have a five-year old Senegal (Skippy) whom I rescued almost two years ago. Up until a couple of months ago, he was very sweet and loving towards me. Then, out of nowhere, he bit me and decided he doesn't always like me. He, too, seems to have developed very "Moody" days. Some days, he's okay and approachable, and then other days he sits with his back turned towards me. We have two other birds in the house (a Blue-Gold Macaw and a male Eclectus), and neither of them have the mood swings that Skippy has. From what I was able to gather from the rescue organization, he was originally given up because he started biting his family. They finally stopped trying to interact with him because of it, and finally turned him into a rescue organization. Up until just recently, he never bit me; he always wanted to be with me; and was always very loving. Now, it depends on what mood he's in. I can't figure it out, because he is very well taken care of. Any ideas...

Luciana - 2008-08-01
I have the same problem with my two year old Senegal who we named Cosmo. He generally is a good bird when it comes to me and is bonded more to me, however, he dislikes my husband, my son and tolerates my daughter. His temperament changes like the weather does. One day he is warm, sweet and loveable and then he will be totally afraid and leery of me and take flight and scream. I generally am able to figure out what type of mood he is in by his feather position as well as eye-contact but it seems he has become more diffident as time goes by. The only time I see good behavior is after he has been to the pet-store for either an overnight or a visit. He then becomes generally loveable again but mainly towards me. He is always afraid of new people, doesn't bother with people in general and is afraid of his own shadow. We try to keep him out a lot but he still is afraid of his own shadow. I am at my wits end. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks.

Brendan - 2008-07-02
My senegal is very mean and selective. He bites everyone in the family very hard except for my mom. Does anyone have any advice on how to confront this behavior? Thanks

Art - 2008-06-20
I've had my Sennie for five years now and he was one of three that we handfed when they were babies. I worked for a pet store and we acquired them from a lady that was getting out of the Senegal breeding for she needed more time with her bigger parrots. Bandy (my Sennie) was the "middle" baby. The pet store found new homes for the older and younger Senegals after they were weaned (I finished handfeeding and weaning them at my house) and I personally kept Ban-ban for my family. He's more bonded with me but will tolerate other "brave" handlers. I know there is so much controversy about pellets, but this is his main diet. He gets fruits and vegetables and of course a taste or two of what I am eating. For treats, he gets seeds, nuts and a bath in the kitchen sink.

wayne - 2008-06-11
I have two Senegals, their names are Steve and Harriet, Steve is 15 and Harriet is 6. They are both fantastic and hope they will outlive me. Steve says absolutely nothing but I still love him more than anything and Harriet wont shut up. She will either stand upside down from the roof of her cage and swing back and forth and say "Swinging!" or she will swing on this old dog toy in her cage and say "swinging", she says "Hi Harriet", "Hi Stevie", "raining" even if its not, she says "treat" and "I wanna treat". She says "pretty bird", "can you hear me?", "I can hear you", "peek a boo" and then slowly shifts her head from side to side and many other silly things.

I have noticed that people on this list are saying that they don't know how old their Senegals are. I would like you to know that you should look at your parrots ankle bracelet. That will have the year he/she was born and the initials of the breeder. All birds are required to have these as far as I know.

Hope this helps, I also would like to point you to a nice site that was built by a senegal lover called It is a great site for information on out little friends.

thanks for listening.
(Editors Note: Just a note on banding. It is not required that birds be banded, but it a common practice for breeders. These bands generally have the hatch date and breeder information, but this is at the breeders discretion. Sometimes the breeder may have other classification information, depending on what they are trying to keep track of. It use to be a required by law that parakeets (budgerigars) be banded, due to the spread of a devastating bird disease in the 90's. However the disease was contained and the law was recinded a few years ago.)

Jim Hebert - 2007-10-23
Hello, My name is Jim and my Senegal, Murphy is 26 years old. He has quite a personality and usually between October and January he roams all around his room chewing on things. He likes to hide in a winter hat and he likes it when I tap on his beak while he is in hiding. He likes most food even lobster. He is quite loud at times and is only friendly to me. He doesn't take to anyone else. I don't take him outside anymore because he got loose once and I took about an hour to get him back. And he will not tolerate being in a cage. He hates it and will destroy the cage until he gets out. He has a large perch that he stays on. He is quite a joy to own.

Gina Cross - 2007-09-21
I have an even greater appreciation for my little Tuco after she flew off the other night and I had to wait until daylight to find her - not knowing if I ever would see her again. Luckily I heard a whistle she makes and then kept calling her name and then I would hear that whistle again. I looked and she was in a bush waiting for me. I love her so much. She sleeps on my head every night, tries to steal my floss when I am flossing my teeth, and loves to hop on me when I am vacuuming and ride along. She is mostly bonded to me but tolerates others. I can't put her near my Grey or she tries to show her who is boss. I thank God for a second chance with her. I tried clipping her wings some more but she still flies, so I have to be a whole lot more careful.

amy21uk - 2007-08-30
My dad bought my grandmother a Senegal over 27 years ago, since she passed away 11 years ago, he has lived with us and fits in nicely... though he definitely is not the nicest parrot out there! he doesnt do affection (apart from with his metal bell that he loves to hold and rub his head on) and he hates my dad and my other grandmother. She can't sit within 5 feet of him without him going mad at her. He's never talked though for years we tried to teach him and he wasn't having any of it. He does like to impersonate ringtones though, and you always know when he's feeling lonely as he does the ring to get you to come into the room. His best friend is the dog, but she definitely knows who's boss! And i swear they can talk to each other as he always informs her when the postie is coming. He may be a pain in the neck but our family really would be incomplete without him.

Patty - 2007-08-16
I have shared my home with my Senegal for over 16 years. He is absolutely the best guy I have ever had! He loves everyone and will go to them upon first meeting. He has never exhibited any of the moody behavior described and although I am his favorite human he is not exclusive. He has a large vocabulary and sings happy bird day to me every morning. His zest for life is refreshing and adds to mine every day!