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   Senegal Parrots are known for their acrobatics, their mischievousness, and their passion!
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Carol - 2010-12-07
I have a Senegal that I purchased as a weaned baby 28 years ago. I always referred to Piper as a he but she just started laying eggs! I found two in her cage about three days apart. She has always been very sweet with me but it took seventeen years for my husband to win her over. I worry about her laying eggs at such an old age, if anyone else has seen this before please let me know.

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  • chris - 2011-02-06
    Me too. Same type of situation. I thought mine was a boy till she laid eggs. I believe she's about close to 19-20 yrs old. In fact this week there were 2 eggs. The last time it happened was about 3 yrs ago and now 2 this week.

    I was told the first time not to "worry" as it meant her reproductive organs were still working. I do worry though. I'm still trying to figure out how to end the cycle. I'm afraid she might get egg bound. I hope we can find out more about this. Good luck.
Kimberly Ferrell - 2005-04-12
I have a Senegal parrot that I have had for almost two years. I actually found him in my garage!! I guess he flew away from his owner and decided to fly to my house. Anyway, after a while of putting up signs and asking people if they lost their bird, I decided to keep it as my own. At first I was a little afraid of him, but he was the one who assured me that I could trust him. He just climbed right on up to my shoulder.
All of this happened right after my good friend Tracy died. I was positive that the bird was Tracy reincarnated. They both have the same happy and energetic personality. (And they both can talk your ear off.) So, I decided to name him Tre Kong-- Tre after Tracy, and Kong because he climbed around his cage like he was King Kong. Two years later, Tre Kong is now one of my best friends. And I know that it was fate that he flew into my garage.

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  • kim - 2010-09-04
    I'm happy to hear this cuz my baby buttercup (senegal - about 8 years old) flew away yesterday and I'm praying he comes to someone if not me, so he's not in the wild scared and defenseless. So sad:( you're awesome to take that birdie in...I hope mine has the same fate if he doesn't find me.
  • susan hale - 2010-09-21
    Yes do you still have Tre Kong? I would love to make him part of my family ... call me please 937-456-6192.....or....937-533-8583.
  • Sinny - 2010-11-09
    That's so sweet, it made me tear up.
    I love Senegal parrots and I'm thinking when I move out I may invest in one myself. I love birds. I have three parrotlets and a cockatiel. I'm glad you two found each other. :)
Rex - 2010-10-03
Can anyone tell me how Senegals react with other birds? My wife gave me a Senegal and she is very gentle, but we have a Cockatiel and she's not happy about another bird in the house. She is very possessive about my wife. While the Senegal doesn't bite hard she does like to grab hold of me and sometimes nip when she's excited.

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  • encee - 2010-10-30
    I would keep her away from other birds. I have a quaker whose beak was damaged by a little snap from a Senegal. It healed, but doesn't look too good.
Joy Welsh - 2008-12-25
I am the third owner of my Senegal parrot - Nubbie. At the time I named him that, I didn't know it would be-come him! He can leave you with "nubbie" fingers. I knew my work would be cut out for me when I got him. But I could tell he was depressed. The pet store had him caged on the floor! A big no no for birds. He had no toys to play with. The owner said he fought with the bird every day for a year at just trying to get food in his cage. Nubbie immediatly liked me & stepped up on my finger. The owner was amazed. I worked with him for a year & was getting pretty discouraged. I did not experience the territory behavior that the previous owner had. I made sure he had the biggest cage available. I felt that maybe he missed being around other birds. I ended up bringing him to a bird store to see if they could find him a companion. He stayed there for 2 months. I couldn't sleep at nights worrying & missing Nubbie. I went & picked him back up. He has been so much better behaved since then - BUT - I changed MYSELF. I did a lot of thinking as to what I was doing wrong. I would take him out of the cage at 8 in the morning & keep him in my work room with me until about 6 in the evening. I realized that I may have been over stimulating him & not giving him his own space in his cage. So now he stays in his cage until 2:30 when we go ride in the car to pick up a grandchild at the bus stop. He loves this! He goes back in his cage about 5:30. We now have a much better relationship. I work hard at "reading" his body language. Things are so much better between us. That is not to say that he doesn't have his moody problems. But who doesn't? When he is like that - he is telling me - "back off" I want to be left alone. I love this bird! He makes me so very happy.
The bird store called & told me they had a Senegal parrot who needed a home, as his former people gave her up. So, once again - here I go! I hope to be able to bring Baby to the same relationship that I have developed with Nubbie! I have had her for 4 days now, I can put my hand in the cage to touch her head. Hopefully she will get comfortable enough to step up on my finger soon! I want to give her a kiss!

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  • joshua m - 2010-03-20
    Hello! My name is joshua and I'd like to know if u got any tips on breeding senegals. I got a pair my self but they seem too apart. I'd apreciate ur help>
  • ANNA - 2010-07-02
    How can i get my senegal to stop biting me?
  • Ripley (Portland, OR) - 2010-07-13
    I'm really curious to know how your two senegals have gotten along. I have a rescued senegal myself, no idea how old but I know he is a male and I've often thought about getting him a friend. I've heard they tend to be the jealous type and I already know my little guy is. I hope all has gone well!
jeff - 2009-01-21
This February (2009) my Senegal named Tobias will be 30 years old. I have had the pleasure of his companionship for 28 years. He also trusts only one person and tolerates everyone else. He is generally calm yet he has his moments. There have been times he has bitten me well enough to break the skin. This usually happens when other people are around and this may be his way of telling me he doesn't like sharing me with anyone else. After so many years he knows me and every movement I make in the house wanting attention constantly. As I arrive home from work down the driveway he knows it's me and I can hear him vocalize wanting out of the cage and his head feathers rubbed backwards. After all these years the routine has not changed much which consists of a lot of attention. I guessed as he grew older he would slow down, not so! It seems he requires more attention as the years go by. I love it. He picks up on what goes on around him and mimics what he can. I get a special kick on how my Son taught him to grumble. I have not regretted one moment since I

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  • Richard - 2010-06-03
    I stumbled on this site while looking up whether my Senegal would like papaya. From what I've read it seems they like papaya and also like the peppery taste of the seeds.

    My Senegal is female, about 12 years old. I hate to leave here with anyone but we know a good vet who loves all animals. Her husband keeps birds in back of their office. One is a Senegal, but not so tame since it is a rescue bird from a previous owner who for whatever reason didn't want it.

    My bird, Zoe is her name, is so loveable. I can pick her up anytime. She puts her head down first thing in the morning and wants her birdie scratches. I could be cleaning her cage, changing her water and putting in fresh food and millet sprays. You'd think she would make a bee line for the food right away as one of my other birds, a gray cheek parakeet would always do. He died a little over a year ago at 20 years old. But Zoe wants to get on my shoulder, she wants me to pick her up and talk to her all the time. Lots of head bobs, wing flutters and tail waggles and little chirpings. What a great little companion pet. Like you, I would never give her up for the world.
Jessica - 2010-03-30
I have a four year old Senegal named Griffin and he is absolutely the best bird I could have ever asked for. He is the sweetest little guy, only cranky in the morning, always bending his head down for a neck scratch and putting his foot up while saying "step up" so I'll pick him up. He loves perching on my shoulder and comes to me when I want him to come down, he never gives me a difficult time. He can be a little stubborn at times though, and loves to shred anything left lying around (don't leave any important papers near him!) He is also very smart, and has a vocabulary of about 15 words and phrases. He gives kisses on command and even imitates the alarm system! He is not a one-person bird at all because we spent a lot of time socializing him from when he was young, so he will "step up" for just about anyone (though only his chosen "flock" are allowed to pet and cuddle him). He will also lay on his back in my hand, and swing back and forth upside down like a little acrobat. I love this little guy to pieces, what a great big personality for a tiny little thing!

Mark Anderson - 2008-11-27
I have recently acquired my second senegal, Dylan, a 12 week old male. My previous bird was lost when a door was left open around 6 months ago and I've pined for him ever since. They are fantastic birds and complex in nature and should be treated so, my previous parrot harry was without doubt the best thing I have ever spent my money on. I didn't realise another creature could be quite so intelligent. But as such they can be unpredictable, and I always found a change in scenery helped with negative behaviour. Removing a toy from the cage, moving cage or covering three sides may help in stimulating problem birds to think of something else. I have heard that owners with other birds should experiment with cage heights and positions and although I can't speak from experience on this I think it is worth a mention. I also allow my bird to be handled by as many people as possible and constantly push the boundaries of what he is comfortable with me doing with him (laying him on his back and opening his wings etc). They have a very strong impulse on where they are within the flock, and I cannot stress enough that you need to be firm with them. If my bird bites my ear for instance, I'll drop the shoulder it's on and tell him off. I'm the boss in our relationship and that's the end of the story, and as long as the bird knows that we'll always be fine. If you have other birds in the house I would urge you to try and move the birds around, but I hope you get around it all and bring your parrot back to the bird it was.

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  • Jessica - 2010-03-30
    These are great tips. My senegal is about the sweetest bird you can ever ask for and I know a large part of that is the socialization. From the time I first got him I made sure to have him practice "stepping up" with as many people as possible which I think is very important and prevents them from becoming one person birds. Now he will step up for just about anyone and perch on just about anyone's shoulder, and he also lets my brother and mom pet him. When he is being naughty (tries to bite at my skin or clothes when he's perched on my hand or shoulder), I drop my hand or shoulder like you said and he immediately quits what he's doing. He is as sweet/good as can be I feel because of these things. People need to understand that in order to have a well-behaved bird you need to spend lots of time with it and give the proper training!
Jayme - 2008-11-24
I have an eight year old senegal named Frankie, (He was my birthday present.) At first he was very shy, but then he turned around and was very nice and playful, he did "kisses" and said his name and even used to sing the banana phone song! He only snapped at me occasionally. Now, everytime I try to take him out he bites very hard, my whole family is almost afraid of him! I recommend senegals for singles or couples, for I think they will tolerate more than a couple people, but they will bond to one. Overall for bird lovers who have time to spend with their bird I think a senegal is a fun and good choice!

Sandylee - 2008-11-20

I have a question about Senegals. Can anyone tell me what the oldest they normally breed. I have a pair that are around 13 years old and was wondering if that is too old for them to breed?

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Thanks everyone,


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  • jos mh - 2010-03-20
    Hi im joshua & got that same question, can u help me please
Adrienne - 2008-09-16
I recently 'inherited' a 2 year old Senegal from my son who is now living in the UK.
Her name is Avo (I wonder why) aka Pork Chop/Banana Girl/Sweet Pea! She is the cutest little piece of fluff ever and certainly has a personality and mind of her own. What I have come to realise is that she is just like a two year old child and I treat her accordingly. When she's naughty (she actually has tantrums and lies on her back, legs up and literally screams and shouts) I find that if I distract her by changing the scenery, perhaps go for a walk in the garden, she calms down. As for biting, which she loves to do, I make a big whoo-haa about NO BITING and she goes into her cage for a bit of time out. My daughter has really persevered with 'getting acquainted' with Avo who has recently developed a strange mannerism when my daughter approaches her. She puffs up all her feathers, making herself larger and sort of waddles, cowboy style towards my daughter, but will always accept a tickey tickey from her. I think that as caretakers of these wonderful birds we should not let them rule our lives but rather teach them to fit into our lives.