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   Senegal Parrots are known for their acrobatics, their mischievousness, and their passion!
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Steve - 2012-05-31
Can someone help me. My female Senegal Parrot is 25 years old. A few months ago, she started making a squeaking type cough and not very often. Lately, though, she does it more often, especially in the morning. She does not display the symptoms of a sick bird (no watery eyes, no drooping feathers, droppings are fine, etc). She's very healthy, full of energy, and eats well. What could this squeaky cough be and what might cause it? How can it be stopped. Thanks. SB

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-05-31
    I can't know but my guess would be that your Senegal heard someone make this sound and for some reason she likes the sound. So she keeps making it similar to being the microwave beeper. I had an amazon that loved to hear my daughter burp and that amazon would burp (big time) everytime we had company over. It seems if behavior, vent, eating are all OK and behavior is fine - Senegal should be fine. I would check her nostrils to make sure nothing in them but is there someone in the home that has made a similar sound?
  • Richard - 2012-06-09
    First, it is heartening to know your Senegal is in good health at 25-years-old. I often worry about changing symptoms and behavior of my 14-year-old Senegal, Zoe. She finally stopped picking her feathers which worried me immensely but now she is back to looking like a normal beautiful Senegal. I have hepa filters installed in just about every room in the house. So, you might try that if you haven't already. We get lots of fine dust in the air even though we have double-paned windows and we seldom open any windows (I live in Central Texas). I give both of our birds clean fresh water out of the filter receptacle from our refrigerator and I often change it two or three times a day depending on how much they dip their food into the water container. We bird owners often treat our little feathered friends like family because they really are family. You really get attached to them and likewise they to us. But it's sort of like the Golden Rule -- treat these wonderful God's little creatures with the same loving care we would want for ourselves and our loved ones.
steve - 2007-03-27
I adopted Harley in June of 2004 due to my best friend and his wife having no time to spend with the bird. At first he did not like me one bit, being agressive and quiet. In October of 2004 me and my fiance moved out on our own and he's come along very much. Harley is still agressive with my fiance and anyone but myself, but everyone who comes in contact with him is warned ahead of time. For food he gets 3 to 5 baby carrots, and the food we get from the bulk section of a local grocer which has a variety of seeds, peanuts, and other varieties. His cage really hasn't changed since i've owned him but when someone is home, his cage is always open along with his ladder that touches the floor. He knows the microwave, sirens, telephone, says hi, says dadda, momma, harley, mickey, dances, paces when he wants me, and he hangs himself in the cage (either upside down, or in the corner) so we can pet him. He's an awesome pet but when he gets out of line, he gets a spray of water to let him know he's bad.

Bree - 2012-09-03
I have an African Senegal named Senebell (I named her when I was about 5). She does everything with me from taking showers, to riding in the car. She is very attached to me. If anyone comes over, she gets very defensive because whoever it is that comes over is stealing my attention. She is just now learning how to navigate the house. Every now and again, I'll find her in the kitchen looking for me. This used to be a bad thing because she could run into a window and potentially break her neck, but she has gotten better at flying in the past year. I call her the homing pigeon because she normally flies back to her cage. She loves her toys including bells (hence Senebell) which she rings when she wants attention. She also loves to chew things. Chairs, towels, newspaper, books, really anything she can get to. She has started to try to create nests, so I stopped by the pet store and got her one of those little nests for the side of her cage, but she has become very fond of those square tissue boxes. She is a very loud little bird. If anyone enters/exits the room, she screeches at the top of her lungs. She also 'eeeps' and whistles when she's looking for me.I think that she is the best pet that I could ever have. If you are looking for a pet that will be forever attached to you, I highly suggest getting an African Senegal.

Jennifer - 2007-08-16
I have a senegal parrot named Hawkeye. She is about 17 years old but could be a little older then that. She is the most loveable thing ever! Takes showers with me, sleeps on me, goes on rides with me, she's like my little baby! She loves money and goes crazy over it, also my expensive hand bags and shoes. If i leave them out she'll chew them up, lol. She squawks like crazy when i come home and she gets too excited. Also when i leave without taking her too, she makes me kiss her before i leave. As soon as she sees the sunlight everyone has to wake up because she'll be our alarm clock. I had one accident with her were she flew away the day before the fourth of july. Had her outside in a cage ready to go for a ride and somehow she got loose. Searched all day for her and believe it or not i found her on the next day, the Fourth of July, by putting posters up. Someone called me and had her! i had to clip her wings after that. I felt bad but i love her so much and could'nt picture my life without her. She's the biggest sweetheart ever, my baby girl! Best pet i can ask for.

Someone Who Cares - 2006-02-03
I have had my Senegal Parrot for 5 months now (He will be 1 year old in 8 days!) and he is my life! Techo loves to play, dance to music, and nod his head at me (which I think means he wants to feed me :/).
Although he doesn't talk yet, I'm not bothered! He prefers to whistle and cluck his tongue anyway!
For anyone wanting a first parrot (Techo was my first :P) the Senegal is an ideal choice; they're funny, relatively quiet, and love to play!
Remember that the choice will be for a lifetime though, and they need entertainment every day. Overall? Well worth it!

Rachelle - 2006-05-17
I acquired my senegal "Jo Jo" in 1998. he had been badly treated and was in such a sorry state, bless him. he had little feathers and was very scared and nervous, he wouldn't come near me and just screeched really loudly. After months and months of talking to him and coaxing him he eventually started coming closer to me in his cage. I always made sure that I was at his level so that he didn't feel threatened at all. I then started putting my finger near his cage and saying tickle, after many months he eventually let me tickle his head. And now years on he loves his mummy and trusts me...Years later he started whistling and started chattering away in his own language. His vocabulary is fantastic he says... Jo Jo's here, Mr Jo Jo, Jo Jo is beautiful, Jo Jo is silly, Hello, Hey baby, Hello darlin, Rachelle where's Andy (Andy is my husband) he shouts Andy if he is upstairs, tickle tickle, tick for short, what's up, what's this, who's this (when someone comes in the house), oh shi*, where's Rachelle. if you are eating and he wants some of what you are eating he says Jo Jo's, mmmmmm, impersonates the telephone, the smoke alarm, the burgular alarm, the list is endless. He loves you to whistle a song and he tries to join in. He is such a joy to have and great entertainment!!! He has a nice big house to live in but also enjoys coming out but only occasionally. He isn't too struck on men apart from Andy. He is definitely a mummy's boy. Saying boy i actually think he is a she! Just wish that I knew how old he/she is. But whatever I would never be without him...

Julia - 2006-11-18
I have a 5 year old Senegal named Eugene. I highly recommend these birds as a pet, my Eugene is very quite and only screams if someone makes a loud noise or smokes (A very reliable smoke detector). One slight downside is that he can be very cranky, if he wants to be left alone, LEAVE HIM ALONE, unless of course you don't mind bleeding and scarring. But when he wants attention, he weill be very affectionate even letting me turn him upside down and he stays in that position making kissing noises for some time. When he is in a mushy mood he likes to be very close to my face and puts one foot on my mouth and tries to feed me (if you are familiar with birds you will know what I mean). One thing about this breed more than other birds he can EAT. He has not met a food that he didn't like. His favorite is mashed potatoes and pasta. This bird can be very jealous though. I recently brought home a Greater Sulphur Creasted Cockatoo and Eugene hates him. If they are both out Eugene will chase after him and try to attack. It is kind of amusing to watch a small 8 ounce bird chase a very large 2 pound bird who is running away. Eugene is very brave and has even bitten a few dogs that were curious and just wanted to smell his cage.

This bird is very intelligent and has an excellent memory. One time he was left outside in the heat by someone who was birdsitting for me. My mother rescued him. Since then whenever he sees my mother he flies to her and lands on her head. He remembers his rescuer. Prior to her rescuing him he didn't like her at all because he remembers her as the lady with the scary vacuum cleaner from when he lived in her home. I absolutely love this bird so much and hope he lives a very long enjoyable life.


Eugene's Mommy

Brittney Walsh - 2005-10-16
When I was 15 years old, I adopted a Senegal from a local pet store. I had my eye on her from the very day she moved into the store, because she was so quiet and well behaved. Of course, at 15, it was a dream I never expected to achieve. I didn't have a thousand dollars even if I'd emptied my whole life's savings. But then my dad decided that he would give me the money if I would wait until I was 17 to get a car.

I never would have said no to an offer like that. I was completely in love with that bird; I just HAD to have her! I accepted the offer and my beautiful girl was home with me the very next day.

Now, it's six years later. My Senegal, Joey, has been my only baby all this time. She's my best friend. In fact, when she attached herself to my boyfriend, I trusted her judgement so well that I stayed with him through a difficult job change, and we ended up married!

I've had a lot of different pets in my life, but Joey is the only one who became like a daughter to me. She's so full of life and energy; and she's so cute! She's learned to say "Mama's girl!" and "MAMA!!" when she wants me. If I don't come fast enough, she mimics my mother's voice and yells "Britt!" instead. She's almost figured out "Daddy", but because I haven't been married very long, she hasn't had the time to learn that one fully. She loves when people speak baby talk to her, and she can't get through half an hour without a hug from someone.

I love my Senegal more than I've ever loved anybody else. I truly think that these birds are the best pets anyone could get, and I would recommend them to any person who has the time to dedicate to their bird.

Richard - 2012-02-24
My Senegals name is Zoe. I've had her about 14 years. Overall she is healthy, alert, lovable and seems normally active. Recently, about the last 3 months, she has been picking her feathers and her front feathers now have thinned out and have turned mostly a pale yellow, possibly because she has picked them too much so they have not grown back.

The diet is a mix of pellets (Zupreme), sunflower seeds and mixed fruits and nuts. I have kept a real good eye on her weight which varies between 121 and 127 grams. She is a small bird and has always maintained that weight for years unless we board her if we are going to be gone for over 3 days. Then, she might drop down to 118.

My concern is the feather loss and loss of orange coloration. It is not to the point where I would call it alarming, but just wondering if anyone else has experienced this? Thanks.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-02-24
    Parrots this time of year pull out or shed their winter underfeathers (down) as expecting the weather to get warmer. They build up a winter coat of very fluffy white feathers, that you only see by petting their feathers backwards. After 14 years you probably know this as time of year all these little white feathers are flying around. You might need to spritz (bathe) your little guy more often and try with an aloe bird bath. I would try and add some additional nuts (crack a few walnuts) or almonds (vitamin A) or crackes with some almond butter or even a little peanut butter to add additional oil. The feather loss would result in the losing of the orange but I don't know if it is dry skin, molting or dry feathers that is causing the loss. Can't hurt to add a little more oil (via nuts) to his diet and more bathing.
  • Richard - 2012-02-25
    Thanks. Zoe takes bathes regularly, has a pretty varied diet including lots of nuts and fruits and of course pellets. I buy bulk fruit mix at our grocery store and I think it's called cran-mix consisting of dried cranberries, pineapple, walnuts and a good variety of other nuts. I couldn't ask for a better pet companion. I just want to keep her as healthy as I can and sometimes I worry over things that are changes in her behavior.
Jack - 2012-02-15
My one year old senegal is the coolest bird I have ever met. She gives kisses, plays fetch, and loves getting her belly rubbed. I spent a lot of money on her, but it was worth every penny. She is my absolute best friend and I would recomend a senegal as an excellent addition to any bird-loving family. I cannot think of a single down-side to her that does not get outweighed by a positive.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-02-15
    I think all parrots with great human companions make wonderful wonderful birds - cuz the owners are - great not birds.