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   Senegal Parrots are known for their acrobatics, their mischievousness, and their passion!
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Lynne - 2005-04-27
I ve had a Red Bellied for almost 2 yrs and I love her. We named her Cleo and she is the best. She loves to say peekaboo and HEY GUYS. I would buy or adopt another one.

Gary - 2005-03-15
senegal parrots are so exciting with their cheeky personalities. my lorito is such a nice bird, i would recommend a senegal as your first parrot.

mary barron - 2005-02-23
I just got my first senegal Parrot yesterday and he is very loving.

mae - 2004-12-01
we found our first senegal almost a year ago. her name is Lucy. she is about 4 years old and I have to say that she is an absolute delight to have. recently we have purchased another female senegal about the same age and a young male meyers parrot and they are all just a delight to have. now that we have discovered these birds we will never own anything other than this family of parrots.

Lucy - 2004-10-24
i have my seneagal parrot for five years and she is my life. apart from that she has the best personality, she hates men, but, if ur a man and eating a crisp or a chip then she becomes ur best friend. then when u have ran out she bites u.
jess can mimic most things but does not speak. if she doesnt like an item of food that u put in her cage, jess will then pick it up and throw it out of her cage.
jess knows my walk and sings her heart out when i get up in the morning, and when i walk in to the house.
jess snezzes when i do, coughs when i do, and even farts when i do, and she doesnt like me when i have my back turned
jess i love u, u are my life

Robert - 2004-10-23
i my name is rob and me and my family have just gotten a sengal parrot. we called him or her billy because we didnt know what sex it was.

one day me and my mum where having a really bad week and i walk in my front room when billy whistle at me and started to dance to the music on the t.v. now im not being funny or nothing but i had laugh at him. in the evening when we put him to bed about 9:00 at night we all say night billy and he says love you and blow a kiss.

so my advice to you if your are going to get a bird, get a senegal parrot they are the best friend you can ever have.

Tracey Lenz - 2004-10-14
I have had my senegal friend for 15 years and just a few days ago I had to put her down. She was one of the best friends that I could have asked for. She could talk up a storm and now my house seems so empty and quiet. She makes my quaker sound quiet. When the time comes again to buy a new bird, I will get another senegal. They are clowns and can make you laugh even if you had a really bad day.
Rest in Peace, my little one......til we meet again........