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   Red-Bellied Parrots are excellent talkers, extremely acrobatic and awesome looking!
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Brenda - 2006-11-09
We've had Skyler, our Red Bellied Parrot for 7 months. He was 3 months old when we got him. He's a joy to have! He's learned the "Andy Griffith" tune, says "kitty, kitty, kitty" & he says & even associates "meow" with the word kitty! Amazing!! Our sweetest & largest cat (who is also male) looooves Skyler so much. The other cats don't really pay him much attention. This is my first bird & I hope to have him for many many years.

Sooty's best pal - 2006-04-02
I have a Blue Quaker Parrot named Kiwi, a Senegal named Uma, a Green Cheek Conure named Frindle, and I recently got a baby male Red-Bellied that I have named Sooty. Of all the birds I have, he is the cuddliest and sweetest. Even though I am still handfeeding him he has learned to say 'hello' in a cute voice. He thrives on his daily fruits, veggies, grains, etc. and loves his pellets. He is such a handsome bird. I look forward to many happy years with him.

Monica - 2005-12-14
I have a pair of red bellies and even though they are not tame, they amaze me every day. I go into the bird room for chores, and immediately my mood is lifted with their chorus of hello's and "where's the vegetables?!" They both enjoy being petted and talked to through the cage. I have been a breeder for 7 years, and own 16 different species, and red bellied babies are by far my favorite! Of all the birds I raise, I get the most compliments on my red bellied babies, because of their awesome personalities, and their ability to be a family pet.