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   Red-Bellied Parrots are excellent talkers, extremely acrobatic and awesome looking!
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CONNIE - 2010-02-05
I have a red bellied parrot and he tries to feed me (regurgitate) every time I get him out. What can I do to get him to stop this? I had a female before this one from the same person and the same breeder pair and she died. A necropsy was done and she had waisting disease. She also tried to feed me, and I amd worried about my male. I was told there is no way to test for this till they die. Please can you help me with this?

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  • gsakes - 2010-09-25
    That behavior is normal, he's trying to feed you. My Red Bellies do the same thing and they're perfectly healthy.
Joanne - 2008-11-25
I have an eleven year old Red Bellied aptly named Sinbad. He is very attached to me and when I have to leave home for any length of time he is my road buddy. I'm wondering if anyone knows what the life-span of these guys is. I'm working with several family members to address his attachment issue. Also, Sinbad has a genetic color mutation and has developed some beautiful yellow and orange feathering on his back and an orange collar. His clutch mate, a female, was completely yellow during her first moult. He is definitely my little companion bird and certainly nothing like the Pionius parrot he lives with!

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  • Sandy - 2010-06-01
    I have a 21 yr old Red Bellied Parrot. I've had Razzmann "Razzy" since he was a baby. They can live 25-35 yrs. My Avian vet Dr. Speer calls my guy a senior bird. I want to address the yellow feathers--
    I once remember a few yellow feathers mixed in with his orange feather and a couple mixed in with the green on his wing (very few). I was concerned and brought him to the vet for a check up and blood work. Apparently if I remember he had too much fat in his blood. The Vet called it fatty liver--even thought my guy is on Harrison's pellets, good fruits, vegies and nuts--he also love people food. We cut out some foods and he is back to beautiful color--yellow gone. Something you might want to watch or get checked. Dr. Speer is one of the best in avian medicine and has help me so much with my guys diet for a long healthy life. Razzy's favs are chicken leg bone, scrabbled eggs, cottage cheese, cream of wheat with toast, cherrios and lots of greens. They are prone for lacking vitamin A--eggs are really good for them. Sorry for so much rambling but I just love these little guys. Best of luck with your Sinbad. Sandy, Razzy and my congo grey Baby girl.
Christine Miller - 2009-01-13
I have learned not to have my little female Red Bellied parrot, I call Bert, on my shoulder when I answer the door anymore. I have learned she loves to greet them by saying things she has made up or heard sometime in the past. In July I opened the door to a couple of nice looking door to door Mormon men with Bert on my shoulder. The minute she saw them out pops... "Merry Christmas, Shit head." I had know idea she could say any of those words and it was nowhere near Christmas being it was in the middle of July. So be beware of these little devils and what may come out their beaks.

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  • Chris - 2010-04-21
    Is your redbelly for sale? We would love to take care of her here.....
    We are in Ma. YOU?
bill - 2008-09-01
Nicholas is my six-year old redbelly. I got him as a companion to my Meyer's, Dax, but she is imprinted on humans and will not tolerate his advances. Nonetheless, I think they may enjoy just being around each other while I'm out of the house.

Nicky is a great talker and has mastered about 75 words. He says, "Good morning!" each morning, "Goodnight, sleep well!" when I put him to bed, "Don't eat the glasses!" as he runs up my shoulder to try to grab them, and "Bye bye" or "I won't be gone long" or "I'll be right back," when I leave the house. He just seems to pick phrases up without any effort on my part.

I worked and worked to no avail trying to teach Dax, my Meyer's, to talk, but she is a wonderfully sweet parrot, who loves all humans. Nicholas is more of a one-person bird. The two of them are great company for me, and I wouldn't trade them for anything.

Jaye Lyn - 2008-07-20
Wondering if anyone knows anything about mixed species. I have a Senegal/Red bellied mix named Rain and she is beautiful. I just hope that she is a she, considering the specified colors are oppostite with red bellies and senegals. She says full sentences at a little over a year old and when you say something that she knows to be true she says "I know". And when not getting attention will scream "Hey, come here." or "Let me out, please." Can also say "I love you", but won't be coaxed to say anything, she picks things up at her own speed and decides on her own the best time to say them. She is my beautiful girl, I just want to find out more about her and especially the mixing part, and her sex *need to know!! So if anyone knows please let me know. JayeLyn

Vicki - 2008-06-23
I am looking to adopt a Red Belly Parrot (male). I have a femals and she is looking for a mate. If anyone can help us as soon as possible, she is a little over 1 year old.

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  • patricia - 2010-04-24
    When you find a mate and they breed please update on here and I'll give you my contact info because I would like to get my daughter one for her birthday.
Kurt van Wyk - 2008-03-27
Thank you for the info on red bellied parrots! They are definately one of my favourites! We are getting a female in September. Although it seems like a long time I know it's worth the wait!

Dee Confer - 2008-01-26
Java adopted us a year ago and keeps things very interesting in our house. I hear a lot of people say the red bellied parrot thinks it is much bigger than reality. Java is larger than life and I believe she thinks she is an 800 pound gorilla. She takes toys from the dog and will carry off an empty 20 ounce water bottle the dog was using as a toy. She is mischievous and will try to pull the cat's whiskers or bite her tail when the cat sleeps curled up on my lap. We have to watch her every minute like a naughty toddler, but she is such a jokester that we forgive her easily. When she saw snow out the window for the first time and heard us get excited about snow in Atlanta, she exclaimed "boy oh boy".

Brenda Himburg - 2007-05-08
Would Like to have male. I have female that is laying eggs but no male to fertilize eggs. I was told it was a male when I bought it 6yrs ago. So my JO-JO, is a Joette.


Pamela S. - 2007-04-19
Skully is our two foot Macaw, living in an African Red Bellied Parrot body!! He is wonderful, playful and very intelligent. He has his entire household "trained" to be at his beck and call. This includes the newest addition to our family, Hershey, an 80 pound chocolate lab puppy. Our family considers Hershey to be Skully's dog. Skully feeds him his leftovers, plays with him, calls him by name and disciplines him when necessary. His favorite phrase is "Hi Baby" which is something that I said to him for only a week before he picked it up. He whistles and sometimes talks continuosly at one minute intervals combining rambling with distinct understandable words and phrases such as "Good Morning, Hello, Good-Bye, Good Night, Trouble." Before I met Skully, I didn't realize that sharing my life with a bird could be so enjoyable!! I look forward to each day that I have with him and am grateful that my life has been graced with his presence!