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  The Meyer's Parrot, or Brown Parrot, is a small parrot that is very attractive and entertaining!
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CONNIE - 2005-08-18
Morgan is a three year old Meyers with tremendous coloring. She is friendly with all who belong in the household and those who visit. She gets along well with our four dogs and mimics the whistle to call them into the house, as well as the "meow" for the two cats. She does not speak, but can mimic about ten distinct household sounds. The introduction of Morgan to the household was a learning experience for the dogs and cats, who were very curious and had to be educated that the bird was not for their amusement. She is now carefully guarded by the dogs who sleep by her cage. Her roomy cage is housed in the heart of the living room so that she can enjoy the daily routine of all. She doesn't "scream" but whistles and chirps contentedly, especially at nature programs when birds are calling. Her favorite daily routine falls on the cool FLorida days where she sits on the porch and calls out to the wild birds while swinging on her rope toy.

Anonymous - 2005-02-08

Geoff. Bland - 2004-07-19
We live in Cheltenham (in the west of England) and for four months we have been the proud owners of a Meyers Parrot named Cupcake. He was only five months old when we bought him and in the short time since then he has learned a great deal. He can imitate the telephone and the sound of the curtains being drawn and he cries pitifully when left alone. However, what particularly amuses us is his behaviour during our meal times. As soon as he sees the table being set he comes to the bars of his cage and chirps at us for food. He loves peas and baked beans and he is particularly fond of toast (which he dunks in his water pot before eating). So far he has not said an intelligible word - but he chats away happily in his own robotic language and clicks his tongue as a greeting each time we come into the room. He enjoys riding around on my shoulder but, when thwarted, he can really bite!

Jaime - 2004-05-04
My partner used to have an African Gray as pet back in New York City. Now we have a 2 year old Meyer named Diego. His former owner moved to England and could not take Diego with Him. Diego is a great bird, very affectionate and very personable. He is not very talkative but gives kisses and loves to be held close to neck. One funny activity he likes to do is play with my partner

George Crouchet - 2003-07-31
My very good friend and parrot club member raises cockatiels and lovebirds. She has one pair of Meyer's that always produces 4 eggs and hatches them all. This year I decided to adopt one of her chicks from the first clutch of the year. Visiting her frequently, I was able to determine which baby I would get. It was the one who wanted out of the cage so he could see things better. All that his 3 siblings wanted to do was try to get under each other in a corner of their cage. Considering the rather odd noise the Meyer's make, I decided to name my new friend Squeek. Squeek is all of 12 weeks old; I have had him for 3 weeks now and his twice daily formula feedings are slowly fading to just one. It is too bad that as adults they do not retain their covet feather edging in green. What attracted me to the Meyer's was how soft their feathers were. They feel like feathered bunnies. Squeek, my new best friend for life.

B A COBILLAS - 2003-07-22
I have a 3yr old male Meyers named Cara (italian for my love). We were told that he was a she when he came home just after weaning(2000). He will not answer to any other name but Cara. He can be onry at times, especially if his feelings are hurt. He is a very sensitive little guy and quick to let you know you are in the wrong. He may be little but his bite is big. I know because in 3yrs Ive had 2 chances with fate. He too is a chatter box. His favorite is "get me out," pause for response and if none then "right now," pause for response "a-n-y-bod-y-?" Where he learned these we guess off the radio I leave on when we are not at home. He loves spicy foods and I mean HOT. He will laugh and then give you a quick kiss. So word of advise if you give your baby any peppers in the meal do not let your bird kiss you. He loves to dance upside down in his cage and listen to the beat of the music. Cha Cha Cha. Over all. He is a JOY to have around. I would not change a thing with my little guy.