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  The Meyer's Parrot, or Brown Parrot, is a small parrot that is very attractive and entertaining!
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Heather - 2007-10-28
I own a darling little Meyer's Parrot named Sweet Pea. I have had her for about 6 months now, and bought her as a baby. She is hillarious. She had figured out that the spray bottle that I spray the cats with has water in it. She will chew on the front trying to get water out, then I will gently spray the water in her mouth. She comes back again and again. I read above that they are not cuddly, well Sweet Pea is a total cuddler. She insists on being held and loved before bed. She screams only when she can't see me, and is starting to talk. She totally sounds like a robot. She also makes darling clicking noises with her mouth. She is the best. Heather

Kathleen Unsell - 2007-09-14
In June 2006 we adopted our little Meyers from our dear friend, James, who left the U.S. to teach in S. Korea. What a JOY "Tut" is to us! He adjusted very well to his new home although his first 4 years of life were spent with James. He loves to go on outings in the car, in public (of course we keep his wings meticulously trimmed), and hang out with us at home whether it's outside or throughout the house. He takes daily showers which he loves, and if missed he'll make a HUGE mess in his water bowl trying to bathe. He loves to cuddle and be scratched and petted. He is cautious but friendly to strangers, giving everyone a kiss! Tut, as most Meyers do, mimicks sounds from around the house but has no vocabulary. He is such a character too! When left alone, he'll make car alarm noises until we go get him from the cage and take him with us into the other room. He is fiercely protective of his cage but rarely nips, just strikes out with warnings to "back off!" If he is in the mood for you to be "in" his cage, he'll welcome you despite his protective nature. Tut loves fortune cookies and he'll dip them in his water before eating. He is so cute! I NEVER expected to be so attached to a bird! He is my precious little friend! Thank you, James, for entrusting Tut to our family.

laurie - 2007-08-22
Roxie is my first Parrot. I had my eye on a Caique available through a rescue group but after doing much research, I decided to adopt a Meyers that became available. She came to me full grown and was about 2 years old.

As soon as I adopted her, I took her to the vet and she was given every test known to birds. She passed all with flying colors (no pun intended) and it was then I found out the name fit...Foxy Roxie was indeed a girl! She's now been a part of my family for 5 months and I couldn't have asked for a better companion bird. She LOVES to cuddle, just wants to be close to me and sits on my shoulder and on occasion, climbs up to "hair surf". Thankfully, she is not prone to biting. Roxie does not talk. She actually doesn't even whistle. I get a few pops and snaps and that is about it, she has however formed her own rendition of a barking dog which is SO CUTE! It stops me in my tracks everytime I hear her bark! It's not a real dog bark sound but I know what she's trying to do and it's hysterical!
I LOVE this bird and am so thankful I was lucky enough to be able to adopt her! Don't forget about older birds, they need good homes too and are JUST as lovely as babies.

Linda Calkins - 2007-03-22
I adopted a 13-year old Meyers parrot after my green-cheeked conure died. Wally Meyers is not the sweetest bird I have ever had, but he is definitely the most interesting. Because of being shoved into a room with little people interaction, it took me over 6 months to get him not to bite and to allow me to touch him anywhere. He still gets a bit fiestly if he is higher than I am, but we work with that. He will allow me to lay him on his back on my lap while I stroke his head. I recently moved from a one-bedroom apartment to a five-bedroom house, so he travels with me everywhere and no longer screams for attention. I still have to find the 'perfect' spot for his cage, but he is patient and loves to be loved.

Carissa Hines - 2007-01-14
I was adopted by my Meyers in Sept 2004. I named him Guy, although I don't know if he is a she. I have to say that he never fails to amaze me. He talks a lot- although I was told he wouldn't have much of a vocabulary. He also mimicks the microwave and a squeaky door, but he talks a lot, especially in the morning. I catch him practicing his words until he gets it right. He says 'kisses' and makes the smack noise. He says 'hi Guy' and 'hi birdie birdie' (he'll change the length of the word birdie) totally cute. He also says 'step up'. He whistles the cat call, and can do the first verse of the Andy Griffith theme song. Guy will perk up whenever I'm talking to someone else and start making noises like he's in on the conversation... kinda like R2D2 (the best way to explain it.) Guy does bite, sometimes just a little warning grab, but he's been known to draw blood. He isn't overly fond of cuddling, but he'll tolerate it if he knows it is close to bed time. He does love to be petted on his head and neck, not usually under his wings or his lower back, but we're working on that. I have let his wings grow out and he loves making laps around the room. He also loves to take a shower with me, and will play in his water dish when I do the dishes. He will step up on strangers, but isn't overly friendly until he knows you. He loves wood toys and especially the pinyata ones he can shred. He enjoys cut up fruit and veggies, and especially raisins and peanuts in the shell. I'd recommend a meyers to any first time parrot owner.

leslie bohde - 2006-10-24
I got my Meyer's, Bermel, from a breeder who let me visit him while he/she was still a baby. I took him home and handled and socialized him and now he is the perfect little parrot. I have never experienced such a bond with an animal before. He cuddles and really enoys being petted and getting 'neck massages'. I take him to the Pet Store I used to work at to let him 'pick' his toys and treats and say hello to the other people at the store. He is not afraid of strangers and was very polite when he met my boyfriend who had never handled a bird in his life. He loves all people but he HATES my Cockatiel and Budgie for some reason, maybe because he considers himself a person. I recommend this parrot to anyone starting out with companion parrots :>

Aaron - 2006-10-02
I have a Meyers Parrot. He likes to snuggle.

Jack - 2006-02-28
I purchased my Meyer's Parrot shortly after my divorce as a little companion. He (I decided) was born Feb 04 and I purchased him in Jun 04. Since I decided he was a he I named him Harley. Harley is pretty friendly with everyone. My new wife came into my life in August 04, Harley adjusted to her pretty easily. He can bite pretty hard when he doesn't get his way, as he matures he seems to bite less. He isn't afraid of strangers and will readily get on anyone's finger. He loves to get on your shoulder and doesn't like to leave. He's a character and fun to watch and play with. We have let his wings grow and he can fly although he has trouble with landings, he would rather walk over to you and climb on your shoulder. I like that he wont get to big and he doesn't squawk like bigger parrots. He hasn't talked yet but sometimes he will whisle. All in all a really cool companion and a great first bird.

Aja Kenderrick - 2006-01-10
We, my significant other and myself, are owned by a gorgeous lady in the form and shape of a Meyer's Parrot. Since I don't have her hatch date, I can only go by when we adopted each other, which was in June '05. At that time she had just been weaned, and she was just the most beautiful, in every way, baby M.parrot I had ever seen. She had a perfect physique, the works! My only thing is I didn't want a girl, because the possibility of becoming "egg-bound" in the future.
She is nicknamed "Chicklet." But officially her name is Cricket. What a wonderful companion, entertainer,cuddler and general grrrreat feather-person to share our lives with!!! There aren't any negatives I can speak of in her life with me,but my significant other does have a few complaints with biting.
Her favorite things are #1 to stay out of her cage, #2 play independently on her back/doing acrobatic's (somersault's, etc.)
She eats practically EVERYTHING set before her and is a JOY to share life with. She is what I get up in the morning for.

Leah - 2005-11-01
I have several parrots, including a 4 y/o Meyer's. Picasso a.k.a "Peeps" is definately a momma's boy. He is a fairly quiet bird that says a few phrases in a deep grovely voice. He says "Hey baby", "What a good boy" and "Hello". He also makes various household beeps, noises and gives kisses. Peeps is very very affectionate with me. He likes to wedge himself under my jaw and puff himself up and take a nap. He loves to have his head and cheeks scratched. The only thing bad that I can say is that Peeps HATES my husband. I think he views him as a rival and he will launch himself at my husband and attack him. He has given several nasty bites. So, he has to be monitored when my husband is in the same room and sometimes has to have a "time out" in his cage (the bird, not my husband...haha). He gets along fairly well with the other birds, though and I wouldn't trade him.