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  The Meyer's Parrot, or Brown Parrot, is a small parrot that is very attractive and entertaining!
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Anonymous - 2009-02-10
Hi my name is Jay and I have a 2 and a half year old meyers parrot named "Oscar". He is so funny because he will only go with me if I'm wearing a hooded sweater. He will sit right on the edge of the hood and will stay there all day. Even if I'm driving he will stay on the hood. He doesn't like sitting on shoulders. I pretty much take him almost everywhere I go as long as it's not too hot to wear a hooded sweatshirt.

Dave - 2008-08-09
It all started when I bought a bronze-winged Pionus parrot from a breeder; a little rambunctious parrot who got more unruly as time went on; I tried everything, but the bird just drove me crazy. I tried to sell him; no takers, but a guy who rescues parrots contacted me and said he had a little Meyers Parrot that he'd trade me. Don't get me wrong; I loved the little Pi, but after a while, I couldn't stand to be in the same room with him. A true 'type-A personality' Pionus.

The little female Meyers I got, 'Jill', is 5 years old. She doesn't really like to be head-scratched a lot (which is just as well; big ol' me is afraid of accidentally hurting her)...she can ride on my shoulder all day; she likes to preen my lower lip when she's on my shoulder, she loves mixed veggies, especially carrots, and I now have full bird-food dishes in 3 different locations here in my small house. Jill sat on my shoulder almost the entire way during the 100-miles of highway I drove to get her home.

Before I got her, Jill was paired with another Meyers named 'Jack'...Jill made herself available to him, but Jack didn't have a clue; later on, the pet-rescue guy adopted Jack out, leaving Jill alone in a big room full of birds. I think that Jill almost sees me as her mate...she'll look at me, bow down, and extend her wings, driven by the forces of nature, and I feel sad for then I'll put her on my shoulder and stroke her back gently, try to make her feel loved...and she'll emit little chirps when I do that.

Compared to the Pionus I had, Little Jill is fastidious, almost dainty. The Pi could screech loudly, but all Jill does is emit little chirps and the occasional high-pitched whistle if she's wondering where I'm at. And even her whistle is delicate and sweet. Jill doesn't throw seeds and other food around with reckless abandon; she's very demure, ladylike, and really is just a sweetheart. She doesn't talk; I don't care about that...I just want her to be happy.

I bought the Pionus because I'd heard Pi's were mellow. But Jill is everything I thot the Pionus would be. If you've ever seen a picture of a Pionus, you'll marvel at their large eyes...I fell hard for those Pi-eyes. In contrast, there's nothing flashy about Little Jill...dark-grayish in the front, little yellow spots on her head and wing-shoulders. But, she's stealing my heart. She's really a dear. We're getting to know each other, and she's a very enjoyable little creature.

I can take her for walks around the neighborhood...I took her inside a little grocery store and she calmly sat on my shoulder as I made the rounds; the clerks and other customers didn't startle her at all. I find it amazing that little creatures such as this tiny bird can trust us big, huge humans. That's pretty amazing.

bob - 2008-07-20
Your website is great. My 15 year old Meyers Parrot Ziggy, is cuddly, loveable and talks a little bit. The bird was very thin when I took it home. The vet said to keep Ziggy on species specific (African) Pretty Bird pellets and minimal amounts of vegetables and fruits and add Prime vitamins and calciquid liquid to the drinking water, and now Ziggy is thriving. Ziggy is a bit of a feather plucker when the seasons change. I take Ziggy out of the cage almost every day and sit and talk and listen to music for about 20-30 minutes. I enjoy Ziggy's company. The only thing that puzzles me is that I don't know if Ziggy is a female or male, I wonder if there is any way of telling. I also thought that sexually dimorphic meant that both males and females of the species are very similar, and had to be sexed by blood testing, and wonder if that is that correct. If anyone knows about these two things I would appreciate it. thanks, Bob

laurie - 2008-07-19
I have a beautiful Myers Parrot named Joshua. He loves me immensely. If he climbs out of his cage after I've left the door open, he will waddle all around until he finds me, climb onto my foot and up my pant leg, up my shirt and onto my shoulder! He does however hate my husband and will actually chase him away from me! I don't know if anyone else has a Myers Parrot that has turned completely yellow over his head and down to his back but it seems as though my bird is becoming more yellow all the time. His chest is the seafoam color and his tail under his wings is turquoise. He is about 6 years old now and has never spoken one word. I'm not sure why, but apparently he is very content not to. I didn't want a noisy bird but I was hoping he would speak alittle. I enjoy his temperment and the way he is so mischevious! He loves to go out and has traveled to so many places with me! He's a great bird!

Carole Lear - 2008-04-03
My female Meyers parrot practically lives on me when I'm home. She is 6 years old, and if she could kiss at least 23 hours of the day she would. She makes very loud human kiss sounds, laughs, and a few robotic sounds. She only says one word "jerry" because I left the TV on and she heard the audience say his name. She waves, dances and just loves loving and to be loved. I can't wait to see her at the end of each day. She's my baby.

Amy - 2008-03-22
Almost three years ago I adopted Kokiya (long story how he got such a crazy name) from a pet store that claimed he couldn't be sold. All his chest feathers were plucked and he had a rather nasty biting habit. Watch out fingers! Yet, I fell in love with him anyway. I have a soft spot for the under dog I guess. So, I brought him home and spent the first few weeks forcing love on him. He bonded with me immediately. Men however are another story. He really has to know your face or he'll nip rather hard at your hands and ears. It must be something with the deeper voice. I wonder often if he was mistreated. He's my love though. He's a frisky little bugger. Doors and almond shells are his favorite things to shred. In fact come fall, he'll sneaky steal almonds from the nut dish. I try so hard each year to keep him from eating to many. They're fatty, but this little bugger will sneaky steal them if I turn my back for an instant. His chest is fully feathered again, and his biting habit is down to a minimum. He has become a real lover. A fearless lover. He lives with 5 rescued cats, and all of them respect him like part of the pack. I guess it has something to do with him chasing them! It's so funny to watch. As far as talking, Kokiya hasn't mastered any words. I don't think he'll ever be a talker, but he has learned many whistles, and loves to mimic the train, my laugh, and any sound the TV beeps out. At night he goes, night-night, getting up to his perch and yawning with his wings. So smart! He'll greet anyone coming in the door and always beeps to say goodbye when they leave. He loves to take walks in the summer (or drives), loves his head petted, and will make it known if he feels shunned. I never thought he would grow into the lover he has, but now he demands attention, seemingly never getting enough. And holy crap, just try to shower without him! Shower time is one of his favorite daily rituals. If he hears the water turn on, he knows it's time to get clean-clean and will ring his bell or cluck/beep until I bring him into the bathroom . . . I could just go on and on. I'm so thankful I didn't turn away from his bare chest three years ago. By looking at him you could never tell at one time he was a scared, bare chested, little guy that spent his first two years living in a pet store attacking anyone that tried to bring him out of his cage. Every day it's a new adventure with him. What a great friend he's become, seriously. I highly recommend this breed to anyone that's looking for a smaller parrot to become part of their family. They make the dearest of friends, and will lighten up the gloomiest of afternoons.

Dolly and Brad - 2008-02-27
My husband and I adopted a Mayers parrot 2 years ago when she was 6 months old. We named her Lolita, she is the Queen of the house. I will say she is my princess and a Miracle bird. This bird survived twice from a Hawk.

Well, one day at the beginning of spring my husband put Lolita outside in her favorite tree just to hang up while he was going to his shed to look for some utensils. He heard Lolita making noises and screaming, so he came out and saw a huge hawk trying to get her. Lolita, at that time, had her wings a little longer than usual so she tried to fly inside the house. But our sliding glass door to the kitchen was closed, so she crashed into it. Then my husband scared the Hawk and saved her. She was very scared that day, probably after 5 hours she came herself. Another time we decide it not to clip her wings for one year, that way she can fly inside the house. Bad idea. It was winter this time, but this day it wasn

Josie - 2008-01-28
My baby's name is Yoda, but we all call him Bug-bug. He is a 6 year old Meyers and has formed a bond with me like no other animal I have ever known. I got Yoda from a rescue in Harlem GA, and the minute we opened his cage to see how he responded, he was on my hand, and kissing me non-stop. My bird had found me.

Yoda lives in my den with his 4 cockatiel siblings, a dog, and a cat. It is a combination that unless you see them all together you would never believe it.

The teils have a cage and Yoda has his own, but they all like to explore the other cages just to see what is better to eat over there. Yoda has a bit of an annoying habbit of yelling when he feels he isn't being given enough attention. He has also mastered the long beeps you hear when the garbage man is backing up his truck and will sing right along with him up and down the street.

He speaks a little, saying "love you" "thank you" and "pretty", he also says "Michael" (that's one of my sons). He gives kisses, and makes the cutest clicking sound when he is trying to get your attention.

Yoda, like all my birds, is full flighted and only caged when no one is home. We like it that way, it gives our entire flock of all species the feeling that this is home.

Great site....

Suzie Cupp - 2007-12-23
I found my Meyer's at the animal shelter. His previous owner turned him in because "he bites". Having owned cockatiels and lovebirds for 20 years, I felt I could deal with it. Pipsqueak has only bitten me a few times in the 2 years we've had him. Usually it is when he does not want to go back into his cage. He has become the love of my life. He loves to cuddle and give kisses. His words include Hi Baby, What?, I Love You, What's Up?, Get Off, No!, Pretty Bird, Whatcha doin?, Meow (courtesy of the cat), and he laughs like me. He constantly surprises me with his antics and he always make us laugh. He is a quiet bird in that he never screams. I would definitely recommend Meyer's parrots to anyone looking for a small parrot.

Dav Anson - 2007-10-30
I aquired Cookie (a meyers parrot) about nine months ago. He talks a lot. He knows mommy, daddy, cookie, peta, call mommy and several other words. He has become the love of my life. I would recommend a meyers to anyone considering a parrot. He does bite but only when he feels threatened. He loves to be cuddled and is learning new tricks every day. I had no experience training birds before I got Cookie. I just applied the same love techniques I used with horses and dogs.