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   Eclectus are real show stoppers with their beautiful, vibrant coloring!
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eva - 2005-08-09
I am the joyful sister of a 3 yr old female eclectus "Gerty". She has an extensive vocabulary and often shouts "WOW" when she impresses herself by teasing the cat. She is sweet & sour. Sometimes chases me across the floor if she has escaped from her cage. She has a flock to chat with; blue/gold Macaw, yellow crown amazon, & sun conure, all of whom she imitates. Her favorite treat is fresh aloe leaf. She will sit in the shower endlessly and is in beautiful plummage. I love all of what she brings to my life .

andy white - 2005-07-19
my two red sided babies jaid (boy) and jasmine(girl) own my mother and myself...they are the light of our lives...and boy can they talk. my boy lets me pull his wing out to show people he trusts me that much.

Weichang Liu - 2005-06-27
It's really an interesting article. It encourages me to spend more efforts to train my eclectus parrots to speak. I used to keep 4 eclectus parrots, but no one spoke.

Laurie M. - 2005-05-15
My Solomon Island eclectus has been a joy to have. I have had her since she was about 7 months old. I grew up with birds ranging from small zebra finches, parakeets and a dove and now my beautiful Ruby. I love all kinds of birds.