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   Eclectus are real show stoppers with their beautiful, vibrant coloring!
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Josh - 2006-02-21
Hey, I have five pair of birds that I breed. My Solomon islands Eclectus have been a very prolific pair for the last three years. As i type this right now, they're second baby is hatching out! Just wanted to share that with all you bird people! I went and checked on him about two hours ago, and sure enough he has broken almost all the way out of the shell! Take care everyone!

Kqthy Walsh - 2006-01-21
I have a one-year old female eclectus by the name of Rozee and have just purchased a five month old male by the name of Kaycee. My first bird was a green cheek conure and when purchasing a second one fell in the love with the eclectus. I enjoy their company immensely, they are a joy. Rozee is starting to talk and does a great imitation if any whistle, especially when you call her pretty girl, she wolf whistles. Kaycee just says hello, but we've only had him since Christmas. They love to shower, sit at the table with us to eat and love anything you give them. They truly are a joy. Kathy, Jan. 21, 2006.

Jan - 2006-01-16
I have the same problem with one of my two male Eclectuses and have been told that they require more attention than other parrots. We did have a problem feeding and had to "force feed" through a tube which seemed to help as I suspect that it was hungry. It still screaches loadly in the morning then again at night. Looks like it is "in- bread" being more noisy than other Parrots. Good luck

Bobbi - 2006-01-14
My new baby girl red-sided eclectus was just born 12-12-05 and will be coming home with me in a few weeks. I visit her regularly at the breeders home. She only just now started to get her red pin feathers. I am so excited, just counting down the days. I cant believe all of the wonderful things I have read. I admit for a moment I was concerned because I read a lot of information that said females were aggressive, less friendly, and less tame, and less talented then the male. But reading from the people who actually own them I have read mostly good things in all of these areas.

Hayley - 2006-01-03
i have a 2 year old female and in alot of ways she is great but i have a problem....... she has started squrking very loadly and it is going trough all are ears i need to stop her or i will have to sell her which i dont want to do i have had her for 3 months she comes out the cage 2 times a day and gets fed everything she talks nice sometimes but most of the time she screams please help if you can thanks

Bonnie Routhenstein - 2006-01-03
Hi I have a 6 month old female Eclectus named Trixie, I bought her when she was 2 mons. old. She came home at the end of November and is just a total delight to be with. She is saying hello and is trying to say a whole lot of other words and phrases too. I just love her like she is one of my kids. she is the best pet I`ve ever had and just a beautiful parrot, very lovable. I believe she is a solomn island eclectus, she is on the smaller side with green in her wings. She loves to eat and loves to watch TV. Cartoons are her favorite, I just love her so much and I can`t imagine my life without her in it.

Julie - 2005-10-17
I have two Eclectus Parrots. Lexi is my almost 2 year old female and Jasper is a 5 month old male. The are very pretty birds with a high intellegence. Lexi talks up a storm. She says new words every day. She laughs when someone does something funny. She tells people hi and bye at appropriate times.

ecky lover - 2005-09-02
i have 2 beautiful babies, 1 boy & 1 girl. They are now 3. I got my boy when he was 4 months and my girl when she was 6 months. They are the joy of my everyday and i dont know what life what be without them. As you can tell, i love my birds dearly. The bond that these birds form with you is just amazing, and not only with you but with each other. My two carry on like children (often worst)talking and screeching when they are not together.T hey do become very good talkers.My birds have free flight of the house and yes they are toilet trained. Hope you all have as much fun with your birds as i do with mine.

Charlie Moore - 2005-08-29
I'm now the happy owner of a male Eclectus (subspecies unknown)because one day in mid April of 2005 my daughter look out the window of her office and saw a beautiful parrot roosting on a low tree. She went out to see if she could capture the bird and when she saw he was going to fly she just grabbed him. Brought him home in a box with holes punched in it. We "googled" parrots and discovered this site with a perfect picture of our bird. There was no response to our ads for a lost parrot at our vets and local pet shops and there was no micro chip. There is a leg band indicating he is domestically bred. Fred is now housed in a $50 yard sale cage that is advertised on line for over $500 and other than a check up be the local bird doc and a lot of toys we have had no other expenses for this absolutely gorgeous bird with a great personality. Not talking yet but makes a huge range of "noises" and Fred bird talk.

Lisa - 2005-08-23
Savannah is a female SI eclectus. I got her at 9 months of age. She first learned to yahoo like the prairie dog, then meow exactly like my cat who stays outside but meows at the front door. She's finally saying hello occassionally when she hears you in another room. She's turned into a real snuggler and has been a great joy so far.