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   Eclectus are real show stoppers with their beautiful, vibrant coloring!
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Irene - 2010-04-23
I'm hoping someone out there can help me. My problem is that I don't have any money to take my red-sided Eclectus parrot, Sierra, to a vet right now. She appears healthy otherwise, is eating and drinking with no problem, her feathers are still brilliant colors, and she is behaving fine. Her left eye is fine, but her right eye seems to have lost the tiny "eyelashes" that make up the "red-sidedness" of her. She is blinking a lot and sometimes holding her eye closed for a second or two. Her eyes are not red or watery and there is no discharge, so I don't think it's conjunctivitis. She is not around any other birds and eats a pretty balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts. Does anyone know what I should do? Perhaps a home remedy? Thanks for reading!

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  • Carlos - 2010-06-28
    Hello Irene,

    Hmm, you're parrot otherwise seems perfectly healthy apart from the eyelashes falling, I'm a trained Avian vet and I'm going to ask you to do something.

    Gently put you're thumb and feel above the eye of you're bird for any little balls (sometimes tumors cause a tad of hair loss).

    If there is nothing there, it means maybe too much concentrated air is rushing to that eye (heater or lots of wind) causing it 2 blink often hence eyelashes falling out.
Joanna Thomas - 2007-05-22
Hi from South Africa,

I have the most two beautiful birds in the world. Billy (just over a year) and Ruby, his wife to be(10 months) are the most entertaining, comical clowns - they have no clue they are birds. Billy has been brought up as first born - spoilt brat, and still thinks he is only a baby. Ruby was bought as a present for my husband but also has no clue she is supposed to belong to paul (my husband). Lately Billy feeds her, getting down off his perch to get some choice bit of food and taking it up to her.

Both birds are out of their cage from 6:30am and sit in my office with me until 2:30pm. All of our customers think they are amazing and if they breed I already have orders! Both have the most wonderful natures - our BREEDER told us that we would not enjoy a female Eclectus - but she is far more tolerant. Both talk extremely well - singing "How much is that doggy in the window" - one sings and the other will do Woof Woof at the end. Both Know my dogs by name and will give my cats a run for their money!

I would recommend these wonderful family members to anyone who is looking for a companion or family pet.

Sharon Barker - 2007-05-06
I just want to Thank You for your web site. I needed information on the Eclectus. I needed it immediately, with no time to go to a book store. I am going to be feeding and watering an Eclectus tonight and knew absolutely nothing about them. So your web site is a lifesaver. Thank you very much.

Greg Collins - 2007-01-13
I have a 5 year old female Eclectus. Over the years, I noticed her insatiable desire to find a dark secluded nook somewhere in the house. Usually the pantry, laundry room, or our guest bathroom. She loved making any of those her private nest. After month's of coming home only to have to find her, I finally built her a nest box out of an ordinary cardboard box. I put a couple of old worn thin towels inside for her, which she has since shredded to her liking. I cut a hole in the front of the box just large enough for her to get in. She absolutely loves it. At night, she gets off her cage and heads for the box to sleep. Around 9 or 10am, she gets back on her cage and goes to the bathroom, then eats her breakfast. It's really cool, and the best part is that she doesn't look for those other places in my house any more.

Sherri - 2006-12-20
I have a 14 m old male eclectus, Simon. Simon joined our family at 3 weeks old. He is the sweetest, most loving bird. I read several comments about Eclectus' being loud. I have not found this to be true however, I do spend a minimum of 2 hours in the morning and 5 hours a night with him. I have found he only yells when you leave the house IF you don't say goodbye and if one of the other family gets too loud- it's like he's telling us to hush. I take him to bed to watch tv and he lays flat on his stomach and goes to sleep. (He gives me dirty looks when I wake him to put him in his cage.) Simon already has about 15 words in his vocab and it is growing everyday. As I tell most people, although Simon is my 3rd son, I don't recommend to people to get one unless they are willing to get up early (I get up at 4am) to spend time with him before work, and spend all evening with him. It is like having a 1 year old child for the next 60 or so years. This is something I do willingly and happily but I would hate for another bird to be unhappy.

christina - 2006-11-20
Over the summer I purchased a Female Eclectus which I named Winona she is only around 5-6 months old now. But such a sweet heart, She is not talking yet, but does say things that a little hard to make out. She takes a bath just about every morning in her water dish. I feed her plenty of treats, and good healthy food. Just a 5lb bag of bird seed for her is almost 50 bucks. She also gets along great with my Duivonbode Lory they just chill up on top the cage. Over all anyone that is looking into purchasing this bird should consider it, they really truly are great : )

mary tancredi - 2006-03-16
I have a female solomon island eclectus. She doesn't really talk clear . She like jibbers and jabbers. She does imitate phones and does do a lot of swaaking. She is heard from blocks so the neighbors told me. she has her favorites with certain people and can be real nasty when she wants. I have her 15 years and she has never changed. I thought about mating her but I think she may beat him up. I would have liked a more placid bird and more talkative but she is so pretty
she gets her way all the time.

Josh - 2006-02-21
Hey, I have five pair of birds that I breed. My Solomon islands Eclectus have been a very prolific pair for the last three years. As i type this right now, they're second baby is hatching out! Just wanted to share that with all you bird people! I went and checked on him about two hours ago, and sure enough he has broken almost all the way out of the shell! Take care everyone!

Kqthy Walsh - 2006-01-21
I have a one-year old female eclectus by the name of Rozee and have just purchased a five month old male by the name of Kaycee. My first bird was a green cheek conure and when purchasing a second one fell in the love with the eclectus. I enjoy their company immensely, they are a joy. Rozee is starting to talk and does a great imitation if any whistle, especially when you call her pretty girl, she wolf whistles. Kaycee just says hello, but we've only had him since Christmas. They love to shower, sit at the table with us to eat and love anything you give them. They truly are a joy. Kathy, Jan. 21, 2006.

Jan - 2006-01-16
I have the same problem with one of my two male Eclectuses and have been told that they require more attention than other parrots. We did have a problem feeding and had to "force feed" through a tube which seemed to help as I suspect that it was hungry. It still screaches loadly in the morning then again at night. Looks like it is "in- bread" being more noisy than other Parrots. Good luck