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mae - 2004-12-01
we found our first senegal almost a year ago. her name is Lucy. she is about 4 years old and I have to say that she is an absolute delight to have. recently we have purchased another female senegal about the same age and a young male meyers parrot and they are all just a delight to have. now that we have discovered these birds we will never own anything other than this family of parrots.

Lucy - 2004-10-24
i have my seneagal parrot for five years and she is my life. apart from that she has the best personality, she hates men, but, if ur a man and eating a crisp or a chip then she becomes ur best friend. then when u have ran out she bites u.
jess can mimic most things but does not speak. if she doesnt like an item of food that u put in her cage, jess will then pick it up and throw it out of her cage.
jess knows my walk and sings her heart out when i get up in the morning, and when i walk in to the house.
jess snezzes when i do, coughs when i do, and even farts when i do, and she doesnt like me when i have my back turned
jess i love u, u are my life

Robert - 2004-10-23
i my name is rob and me and my family have just gotten a sengal parrot. we called him or her billy because we didnt know what sex it was.

one day me and my mum where having a really bad week and i walk in my front room when billy whistle at me and started to dance to the music on the t.v. now im not being funny or nothing but i had laugh at him. in the evening when we put him to bed about 9:00 at night we all say night billy and he says love you and blow a kiss.

so my advice to you if your are going to get a bird, get a senegal parrot they are the best friend you can ever have.

Tracey Lenz - 2004-10-14
I have had my senegal friend for 15 years and just a few days ago I had to put her down. She was one of the best friends that I could have asked for. She could talk up a storm and now my house seems so empty and quiet. She makes my quaker sound quiet. When the time comes again to buy a new bird, I will get another senegal. They are clowns and can make you laugh even if you had a really bad day.
Rest in Peace, my little one......til we meet again........

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Jaime - 2004-05-04
My partner used to have an African Gray as pet back in New York City. Now we have a 2 year old Meyer named Diego. His former owner moved to England and could not take Diego with Him. Diego is a great bird, very affectionate and very personable. He is not very talkative but gives kisses and loves to be held close to neck. One funny activity he likes to do is play with my partner

George Crouchet - 2003-07-31
My very good friend and parrot club member raises cockatiels and lovebirds. She has one pair of Meyer's that always produces 4 eggs and hatches them all. This year I decided to adopt one of her chicks from the first clutch of the year. Visiting her frequently, I was able to determine which baby I would get. It was the one who wanted out of the cage so he could see things better. All that his 3 siblings wanted to do was try to get under each other in a corner of their cage. Considering the rather odd noise the Meyer's make, I decided to name my new friend Squeek. Squeek is all of 12 weeks old; I have had him for 3 weeks now and his twice daily formula feedings are slowly fading to just one. It is too bad that as adults they do not retain their covet feather edging in green. What attracted me to the Meyer's was how soft their feathers were. They feel like feathered bunnies. Squeek, my new best friend for life.

B A COBILLAS - 2003-07-22
I have a 3yr old male Meyers named Cara (italian for my love). We were told that he was a she when he came home just after weaning(2000). He will not answer to any other name but Cara. He can be onry at times, especially if his feelings are hurt. He is a very sensitive little guy and quick to let you know you are in the wrong. He may be little but his bite is big. I know because in 3yrs Ive had 2 chances with fate. He too is a chatter box. His favorite is "get me out," pause for response and if none then "right now," pause for response "a-n-y-bod-y-?" Where he learned these we guess off the radio I leave on when we are not at home. He loves spicy foods and I mean HOT. He will laugh and then give you a quick kiss. So word of advise if you give your baby any peppers in the meal do not let your bird kiss you. He loves to dance upside down in his cage and listen to the beat of the music. Cha Cha Cha. Over all. He is a JOY to have around. I would not change a thing with my little guy.


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