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   Not only does the Parakeet or Budgerigar make a super pet, but is also available in over 100 color forms!
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Jeremy - 2005-10-18
i have one yellow budgie, and one blue/white one. They are so fun to watch! They love music. when I practice clogging, they rock back and fourth and nod their heads to the music! Sometimes they just sit on top of their cage and watch the goings on. But they usually ride around on my shoulder or head. We got them from a friend who moved, but the birds weren't that friendly. They just sat in their cage and watched everybody all the time. Once they began to trust us, they would come out right when we put our finger in. And now it gets so that they start yelling at us if we don't get them out first thing in the morning!

Jenna - 2005-10-17
I have two little budgies named napolian and ozzie. They are both males, but love to sit and "kiss" each other! They love to come out and sit on thier cage or hitch a ride on our shoulder. When I lay on the couch, they like to sit on my chest and give me little kisses on the nose. When they really want to come out, they sit by the door and sing really loud! They like to help my mom with the dishes too. They are always looking for a friendly perch! I found this site while looking up conures, and realized I stumbled upon a reliable source! Thank you for all the important info!

bob - 2005-10-16
thanks you help a lot with my homework

ryan gester - 2005-10-14
I have Had my Parakeet for 2 months and he is the sweetest bird EVER!

kim smith - 2005-10-12
My husband and I have a pale yellow parakeet named Annibell. We have had her for 2 years now, and she is our little baby. She acts just like a person, her moods change often durring the day. When ever we walk in the room she does the sexy whistle..and just recently began to copy the sound of my husband and I smooching! I am grateful for web sites like this! Thanks, Kimmy

Theresa - 2005-10-10
Oh I have the sweetest little parakeet named Nikko. He is the prettiest blue. He loves to take baths in this old bowl. One day we were filling it up and he stuck his head under the water while we poured it into the bowl. He loves to be "blow dried" with the hair dryer! Once I was playing with our hamster and Nikko was also out. He just flew over and plopped right down in the hamsters cage. Luckily the hamster wasnt paying attention


jonathan - 2005-10-10
In November of 2005 I bought my seccond buggie, Snickers. I didn't realize that birds could have such different personalities. My first buggie, Champ, was kinda mean and also aggressive. He even attempted to attack a daddy long leg spider. On the other hand snickers is very calm and gentle. In almost the year I've had him he hasn't bitten me once!
But any way I never really did look in to how to really take good care of snicker. I found this site and it has helped me a lot. Thanks.
Oh, by the way Snickers says thank you, too!


Winnie - 2005-10-08
I have a little cute yellow parakeet. But she's really really fat. I mean, yesterday she was just fine then the next day she's totally big. Usually, when I put her on my finger she would be skinny but now she's just fat when I do it! I just hope that my little bird will be alright.

Kamal and Bilal - 2005-10-03
This website is awsome! We weren't fully sure about our parakeet, but the information on this website gave us sure confidence. Everything was a great help. I will definetaly put this under favorites and look to it for help! :)

James Endsley - 2005-10-01
I love having thse birds. But I never knew they needed so much care. Until I saw this web sight. I just want to say thank you!!!