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   Not only does the Parakeet or Budgerigar make a super pet, but is also available in over 100 color forms!
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Clare Shea - 2005-11-29
I am doing a report on parakeets, this really helps.

Jack - 2005-11-27
i have one of these birds and i plan on buying another one soon. they are great birds. i called mine sunny. also i suggest giving your birds different seeds and apricots so they can grow healthy

arrick - 2005-11-23
i have two parakeets and their names are fuzzy and herman. they look cute as couples

Arrik - 2005-11-23
my parkeets are very good they never bite and they are very lovable.

Gloria Mcgahan - 2005-11-20
I have a parakeet named Yasha. It's a weird name for a bird but it isn't a weird name in Russia. My mom is Russian.
I've had him for about three years. he is a very sweet and nice bird but sometimes he gets annoying. he hardly ever bites.

Jessie - 2005-11-17
Well, My parakeet's had two babies. One is blue, with black, & a yellow head her name is Little Dipper. The other is all yellow w/red eyes and his name is Nubs. I think my book said that he was a lutino or a latino, I can't remember really. They are a year and four months old. I am trying to tame them. I can hold Little Dipper but Nubs is still scared and bites really hard. And if you want to know why his name is Nubs. My step-mom and I were clipping his wings and she was holding on to his tail while he was trying to get away and his tail feathers came out. They grew back but Nubs just stuck. So that is why I call him Nubs. Lol : )

Aitor - 2005-11-11

I have two baby parakeets named Sammy and Sandy. They are 6 months old. One day me and my mom went to the pet store to buy a new cage but when we got home sandy bit my mom's finger and flew out of it. I was so worried that she might fly out through the hole in the fan in the roof. But we still got her inside.

Angie Ruiz from San Antonio, TX - 2005-11-03
I have 4 budgies, their names are Sunny, Star, Sage, and Sunora. Sunny is a female normal green 3 year old, and is aggresive. Star is a male normal blue 2 year old, kind and tame and was found one day by one of my brother's friends. Sage is a male, albino (white w/ red eyes), a couple of months old (purchased 02/13/05), and is LOUD! Sunora is female, Lutino, purchased the same day as Sage, and is coming around. As in she was aggresive at first, but is now kind. They fight with my cockatiel, Pearl, and are afraid of Oreo, my Jack Russell Terrier. -Angie

Sarah reidy - 2005-11-02
I have a female blue budgie. her name is Mrs. blue. she is 3months old. She loves having a shower and eating apples. She is tame, she is so sweet.

dana - 2005-10-20
I just bought my first parakeet. And after only 3 hours with him I love him already. Wanting to learn more about them I fumbled upon your web site! Thank you for an awesome source of info. Looking forward to many years of wonderful songs and hopefully a few words with my new pet...

thanks, Dana