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   Not only does the Parakeet or Budgerigar make a super pet, but is also available in over 100 color forms!
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Bria - 2005-12-22
I have a budgerigar Parakeet name Blue, because that is the color of it. I am trying to teach it to talk. I love blue even if i just got it the 21st of December and today is the 22 of december. I hope we become best friends because this is the 1st bird i ever got.

Diana - 2005-12-16
I have a budgie named tweety, who is a girl, and I've had her almost a year and a half. She is yellow with green splotches on her cheeks and a big green spot on her back. she has tons of toys and 3 mirrors.I really like her and she likes to give us kisses.

alison - 2005-12-14
I love my two parakeets. One is named Penny and the other is K.k.{that stands for Kind Kenny} I love them so much. They are so smart. They can get out of their cages without help. They can even climb up and down the stairs without flying. I love them!!

Asia B.Wolfe - 2005-12-08
I have a budgie parakeet named Pasqualito. He is superior to all other birds of his kind. He can outsmart them, outbite them, outclimb them, outchew them, outeat them, and out-talk any other bird of his species. I proclaim him to be the most intelligent parakeet on the face of the earth. His many exceptional phrases include the following:I love you. Come here. Hello.Hi. Hi baby. Come here Baby. I love you baby. Pasqualito. Come here Pasqualito. Whatcha doin. Poopy.
As you can see, my bird is the most intellegent, magnificent, excellent bird on the face of the earth.

- best bird trainer on the face of the earth.

marquita B. - 2005-12-06
I have 2 parakeets, one is "midnight" and the other is "percie".
They are so enjoyable and nice to have around. My kids love to watch them fly and sing. I hope to teach them to talk soon. I have many animals but my birds are the best. They love to walk on my picture frames and hop to another, they are so silly.

Clare Shea - 2005-11-29
I am doing a report on parakeets, this really helps.

Jack - 2005-11-27
i have one of these birds and i plan on buying another one soon. they are great birds. i called mine sunny. also i suggest giving your birds different seeds and apricots so they can grow healthy

arrick - 2005-11-23
i have two parakeets and their names are fuzzy and herman. they look cute as couples

Arrik - 2005-11-23
my parkeets are very good they never bite and they are very lovable.

Gloria Mcgahan - 2005-11-20
I have a parakeet named Yasha. It's a weird name for a bird but it isn't a weird name in Russia. My mom is Russian.
I've had him for about three years. he is a very sweet and nice bird but sometimes he gets annoying. he hardly ever bites.