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   Not only does the Parakeet or Budgerigar make a super pet, but is also available in over 100 color forms!
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Caroline - 2006-02-07
On January 28th I was working at a high school's sports event and it was a cold and rainy day. When we were leaving my daughter and her friend saw a parakeet sitting on the ledge of the high school trying to get it. She called me over to see it. I called the janitor of the school and he caught the bird with a net from the biology lab and put it in a box. We brought it home. I went to a pet store to see what to do to care for it and they said it would probably die by morning. Let me tell you. "Sonny" is one happy bird. He hops on the kids fingers, sings, talks to himself in the mirror and screeches at our cat. Already he is a great addition to our family. Don't worry though, I take it to a room without the other pets to let it fly around.

R. Mathews - 2006-02-07
I really appreciate all your information. Thanks a lot!

Josh - 2006-02-06
hello, my name is Josh,

i got my first pet bird yesterday, he is so shy. I know he will like me the way i like him. I have plenty of food and water for him, even a mirror toy, so when I am in school, he can never be lonely. I enjoy him and seeing him every day.

MaTal - 2006-02-02
At first my birds were very afraid of me but i found out that they are not afraid at night or when it is dark. So every night go out and play with them for a while and then they will get used to you. It worked for my birds so it should work for yours.

Trini - 2006-02-01
I have two parakeets, both are adorable and sweet! The blue male is DeDe, and the yellow/blue female is Paris, they have beautiful markings. parakeets are wonderful pets for everyone, and great pets for children!!

zoo boo - 2006-01-30
i have a blue parakeet named mango. She is soo awesome! everyone loves her! i would start by getting one and then after about a year get another one because they will totally ignore you and not listen to you. and also i usually let her out in my bedroom and just cover my bed and tv and things like that with old blankets so if they poop on it it will be no big deal. budgieas are the best bird i have ever had! also move the toys around alot. right now mango is on my shoulder and practilly eating my hair! i love this bird soo much. these pets are so rewarding and everyone loves them. go and get one beacause i love them and so will you!!

Brooke Wiland - 2006-01-24
i have a blue parakeet her name is chatty cathy. She loves to talk! my friends love it. A bird is so much fun go and get one !!!!

Travis - 2006-01-24
My two parakeet's names are Jet and shock. We thought Jet was a boy, but when he(she) started laying eggs, we knew she was a girl. So I got a boy named "Shock." I named him that because he was crazy! Then, I saw them mating. Then Jet started laying fertile eggs. They never hatched. They died before they hatched.

Tina - 2006-01-22
Hi!!! I have 4 parakeets, 2 females and 2 males. Their names are:Kiely, Kari, Kasey, and Kameron. Recently, I purchased Kiely because my other female parakeet I had prior to her, KiKi, died about 2 weeks ago. The male parakeets have warmed up to Kiely, but the other female parakeet seems threatened by her. It's kinda funny to watch them go at it because I purposly bought 4 parakeets so that they would have a mate and Kameron is Kari's "boyfriend" and I'm assuming that Kari thinks that Kiely is moving in on her action. I never thought that parakeets got jealous, but I guess I was wrong. Hopefully, very soon, they will become 1 big happy family.

Kado Vick - 2006-01-21
I've got a Budgerigar Parakeet. His name is Zipper. We are letting him out of his cage in the bathroom so he can fly around. I got him for Christmas. He's my favorite pet ever. I might breed him so that anyone who wants a budgie can have one.