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   Not only does the Parakeet or Budgerigar make a super pet, but is also available in over 100 color forms!
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paul - 2006-03-05
Hello, We have 1 parakeet his name is Birdie. He is absolutely the friendliest little thing. He is now 2 years old. He sings, dances and loves to talk to us. He makes kissing sound effects and tells us "kisses baby come on kisses" His cage doors are always open and he is free to fly around our entire house. I have counted to-date 14 clearly mimicked words, and 4 phrases that consist of 3-5 words. He responds to his name and will fly to you when you call out Birdie. His color is baby blue and white and he is absolutely adorable. Favorite foods: Greek and Chinese. Favorite music: Dance and Techno. Favorite Song: Hey there pussy cat. I can go on forever. Tip of the day: Never ignore him/her and talk to them every time you see them.

everybodies mom - 2006-03-04
My children purchased a parakeet from a local pet store. Within days it was sitting on their shoulders and fingers. He even lets the 4 year old carry him around in a easter basket! He makes kissy sounds at them too. They love him sooo much. He spends more time out of the cage then in. His name is CJ.

Chase - 2006-03-01

We have 4 of these wonderful birds! They are very playful and tame easily if you work with them. the ones that let you pet their back means that they were hand-raised which means brought up by humans, and that the people pet their back while they were young so they got used to it. If you have one that doesnt let you pet it you know that it wasn't human-raised. On the noise level of these birds. I would say it depends on the bird. We have 2 that never stop singing and 2 that dont make a peep. To tell what gender they are you need to look at the cere. The cere is the waxy covering above the beak with the 2 nostrils in it. In males, it will be blue, in females brownish-tannish. This does not apply to young birds though, if they are babies then it will just look like a purple of white cere. If you are looking for a bird these are the right ones! :) Chase

l3ul)gl35 Rul3 - 2006-02-27
I used to have a budgie name Sunny who was yellow with a bit of green. He died.....
On that same day i was so sad that i needed another budgie so i went to petco and got a blue and white bird whos stomach looked like a cloud. I named him Nimbus. Later i got another budgie name Sirus who had a greenish-blueish body with a yellow head. they're best friends.
they always try to make more noise than my family and both have diverse personalities that really stand out. By the way this website is great!

sara and indie - 2006-02-24
i have a copper budgie, he is called leo. we have a saying in our house for whenever something goes wrong, we say this: it's your dirty rotten pig stealing great great great grandfathers fault. we say that so often that leo has learned it! and when my mother came over this christmas he said it in the middle of her saying grace!! my mum was so surprised and i just blushed!!

Tricia - 2006-02-18
I have two budgies, now very tame. My first one (Buddy)I got two years ago and my second (Viridi) 1 1/4 years ago. I have clipped Buddy's wings and he can now come and join the family for movies, games, etc. My mother and I clipped them outselves from pics from the internet but you could get a vet to do it. He is very good only gets grumpy when he is tired or wants to go to his cage. I got them for $10 from a nice breeder (At Petsmart they cost $20) and the cage I got from a flea-market (at Petsmart it is about 3 to 4 times more).
Have fun with your Budgie (or parakeet)!!!!!

erica - 2006-02-17
I started with 1 parakeet and now I have 3 one guy named shadow and two girls named yellen and yugi. yugi was named by my little brother I got it for him for christmas. they live in a big cage in my room but im going to move them back into the living room. and I sometimes take them outside for some fresh air with a smaller cage.

lord loss - 2006-02-15
I got my first parakeet six months ago. i got it off a friend who didn't want it anymore. He was scare of me. The previous owner didnt named him but i did. Hes name is Miquel. We got him a a female and new toys. The female just died two weeks ago. he got so sad, so we got him a new one. we named her mellissa. He dosent seen two like her very much so we are thinking about buying another male

john costello - 2006-02-12
we started with one parakeet now we have four . joeydogs, paulywallnuts, carmella ,victoria . i can sit for hours and just watch then there so funny your site is the best j.c

Caroline - 2006-02-07
On January 28th I was working at a high school's sports event and it was a cold and rainy day. When we were leaving my daughter and her friend saw a parakeet sitting on the ledge of the high school trying to get it. She called me over to see it. I called the janitor of the school and he caught the bird with a net from the biology lab and put it in a box. We brought it home. I went to a pet store to see what to do to care for it and they said it would probably die by morning. Let me tell you. "Sonny" is one happy bird. He hops on the kids fingers, sings, talks to himself in the mirror and screeches at our cat. Already he is a great addition to our family. Don't worry though, I take it to a room without the other pets to let it fly around.