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   Not only does the Parakeet or Budgerigar make a super pet, but is also available in over 100 color forms!
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Elizabeth - 2008-10-14
Yes hi. I have like 9 parakeets. I was just wondering what happens when the parakeets nose turns red or with colors, and on the side of the beak it looks like it's cracking up.

michael - 2008-10-09
Our 2 parakeets are in a new home with us. They don't seem trusting as they run for the cage door whenever we attempt to clean the bottom grill. They sing occassionally, but they often flutter their wings if we are near them. They don't seem like nice birds to us....we bought them from the pet store 2 mos ago, but they haven't quit adjusted to us...we aren't agitating them and there are no other pets around..what's going on and should we return them to store or humane society?

Liz KS - 2008-10-06
Hi, I have had two parakeets that I got from a friend for a year. The white one may be albino and so I can't tell if it is male or female. Her name is Snow and she likes to take baths in the small condiment bowls of water I put in the cage. The white & blue one is much more in charge of the roost and must be male with his blue cere. Then I bought a new one yesterday which is green & blue & yellow. This one is Tipsy and had very ruffled feathers for the first day. But now Blue is preening at Tipsy. Tipsy is very young & doesn't have color to the cere yet & still has soft chick feathers. Since Blue and Snow always play together I may have to get one more so Tipsy doesn't feel left out. But I am going to wait a bit before doing this. They really don't want much to do with me which is fine but are quite content in their cage to just play and sing all day.

david - 2008-10-06
Your parakeet might have a tumor. Take it to the vet immediately!

Sandy - 2008-10-01
I have 3 parakeets, they were given to me about two years ago. They all are, or rather were, in good health. This evening one of them was on the cage floor and could not get up. They all were just fine earlier in the day. I took him out of the cage and put him in another cage by himself. He could not get up, it was like his legs and feet did not work any more. I put him where it was quiet and in less than an hour he was gone. Can any one tell me what happened??

kathy - 2008-08-11
My budgie is shedding its feathers and screams a lot lately. Is something wrong?

emma - 2008-08-06
my budgie is getting on for 6 years old and i got up today and he was sitting on his food bowl the female bird was biting his tail ( cheering him up ????) he was ignoring me usually i kiss him ruffle his feathers everything whats happening he is old is he going to die ???

Sarah - 2008-08-05
Hello, I am getting a parakeet for my birthday. I like animals.

ashley - 2008-08-01
I bought two Budgies about a year ago from a local pet store. I was eager to begin training them, but decided to take things slow so as to not stress them. But before I could get the chance to begin training, I dislocated my knee and was ordered to be on crutches for at least a month and a half. It became extremely difficult to stand for long periods of time so the training got pushed back further and further. Finally I was off my crutches but I guess it was too late. My budgies were completely afraid of me and refused to be handled at all. So for everyone out there, try to train your budgies as early as possible!

tom - 2008-07-25
I hear that even though you have 2 female parakeets, if they want to lay eggs they will. But the eggs will not be fertile.
So I'm wondering if you can still place a male and female in the same cage. If it does not eliminate laying eggs, then I wonder if the reason is because they will argue.