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   Not only does the Parakeet or Budgerigar make a super pet, but is also available in over 100 color forms!
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candice - 2008-11-19
I love parakeets, they are cute.

Ariel - 2008-11-10
Wow, my parakeets are beautiful. I have a 2yr old blue male named Bobby, and a 1yr old female called leo.

Petluvr - 2008-11-06
OMG! Fantastic site!!! You covered the amount or great information I would need to look for in 10 different sites! My cousins parakeets had little babies, they are about 5 days old. I haven't seen them yet, though. I want 2 budgies (so they can give each other company/playtime) and I am gonna train them so well! Thank you for your fab site!

Marie - 2008-10-31
I'm thinking of getting a parakeet. We have a vacation spot less than an hour from the house. We go up for a week at a time and for long weekends. Is it OK to move the bird frequently? I will have a cage set up in both places. Is that something the bird can handle or should I not get a bird?

thuy - 2008-10-27
Is it possible that you can clip your parakeet's nails???
I have 4 parakeets that can easily fly away.
I don't know how to train them without letting them fly away.
I hope someone can solve my problem

thuy - 2008-10-27
I just got 4 parakeets.
They are very easy to lose.
I don't want to lose them.
I want to try and train them.
I hope someone can help me.

DeBorah - 2008-10-23
I clip my budgies wings. He walks around but doesn't fly much. I have lost several birds by not clipping. Is this ok? What is the best way to tame a budgie, he is a little scared of me, only young say 4 mths old?

Jean - 2008-10-21
I have a 5year old budgie, her name is Shyster. For a long time we thought it was a he, then it started nesting in a draw, and tried to mate with you when it was on your shoulder. Right now it doesn't fly very far off the ground. We just got a small dog who is only 12wks old. I was wondering if that is normal, for our bird to just land on the floor, and not make it back to it's cage? This bird has always been a free bird, and gets all the attention from 2 people.

michael - 2008-10-18
I just bought a new parakeet named sunny. He is very calm and I'm trying to see if I should get another parakeet friend for him. I love sunny and I set up his cage with food, water, cuttlebone, and toys.

Elizabeth - 2008-10-14
Yes hi. I have like 9 parakeets. I was just wondering what happens when the parakeets nose turns red or with colors, and on the side of the beak it looks like it's cracking up.