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   Not only does the Parakeet or Budgerigar make a super pet, but is also available in over 100 color forms!
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Tink - 2009-05-08
We just got a new parraket from a pet store in our small town.We named him Oliver and we call him Ollie for short. The owner of the shop said she just got it from the breeder and the breeder said it was just ready to leave its mother. About how old would that be?

KeetieLady - 2009-04-16
I need to clarify what I said about the ceres color telling the sex of the parakeet. It's not the literal beak, but the nostril area above the beak that has the color. ok? So, above the nostril, if pink girl, blue boy... and yes they turn brown in older age but it can take longer than you think! Also, I love all the names that everyone comes up with for their keets, every single one, they are soooo cute!!

martin - 2009-04-11
My 11 year old sister named her 3 month old Parakeet: Parthenios Drago.

What a name. The bird is very stoic white and blue, and was born in Port Alexander, ALASKA.

A hearty breed for obvious reasons.

Jane Mindala - 2009-03-31
My daughter got a parakeet to keep her company out of town while she was away at college. She named him Loco (all the carrying on he did made her think he was crazy).
He would commute back and forth with her during the weekends and sometimes he would stay awhile with us. Our 2 year old granddaughter loved to let him sit on her finger or her shoulder. We all loved him, he had a great personality. He died yesterday. We realized right away how much we enjoyed him and would miss him. This weekend I think we're going parakeet shopping... maybe 2 this time. Loco brought enjoyment to our home with his antics and his voice. He left quite an impression on us.

Ashleigh - 2009-03-17
I just got a female budgie and she is the cutest, she is so easy to take care of and she loves to jump around her cage. She chirps when you talk to her. Right now she is sleeping (her feathers are all poofy). Thanks for the cool information.

Ervin Edson - 2009-02-26
How can you tell the sex of a {Buggerigers} Parakeet?We have two blue ones .One blue one is darker then the other

suann nelson - 2009-02-24
I have a 5ft long 2ft high home made cage in my grooming room in my basement.
A neighbor gave me 4 parakeets, 3 females and one male. At first they wouldn't eat
the greens I put in for them so I chopped the greens up and added them to their
seeds, now they eat all the greens first. The greens have made their colors so much
more vivid and the green females beak has turned a wonderful pale green, the males
yellow color has deepened to a rich dark gold color the blues seem darker since they are eating greens (the other 2
females are blues, one is regular blue the other is a blue white with black stripes
on her head and wings.) I'm glad I have them they are very beautiful. They have several types of perches and a flat wooden walk in the back of the cage, they walk across it a lot. They have also
eaten through 2 other perches but the ones that are left are the ones they want. The
golden male and the green female are in love they are side by side a lot. Maybe I'll get another male a blue for the 2 blue females. I will build them the boxes they will need to have babies. I've never raised birds before but I want to now.

Kelsang Dolma - 2009-02-15
Hello! I have 2 budgies. Both are females(to my surprise). One is sky blue and the other is yellow and green.
The green one's name is Lemon and the sky blue one's name is Blueberry.
Both love leafy greens and they adore sliced Squash.
I would say that the budgie is the perfect pet because of their big personalities and small size. =B

brad - 2009-02-09
I just got two wonderful birds and I adopted them. They are very active in their cage but they don't care for me too much yet. Time will tell, they don't know it yet, but we are going to have a great relationship. I read this web site and found out a lot of good info. If anyone has any tips on how to get them to be more friendly with me and other people that would be great. I have had bill and ted for a few days and I'm waiting til they get used to my home, then I'm going to try to start picking them up and get them out of their cage/ I leave the door open sometimes but they won't have anything to do with outside their cage. Any tips would help us, thanks.

missingmybird - 2009-02-08
I had a budgie for almost 7 years. He was the most wonderful bird I have ever known. I had gotten him a mate, but she died within two years, and looking back, I probably never should have moved them in together, but I did not know he would get hostile towards her. In any case, my bird died last week and it's driving me nuts that maybe I did something wrong. I read on all sorts of websites about average ages, and 7 appears to be on the young side of life expectancy. I worry that he died of loneliness although I talked to him all the time, he did not have another bird to be with, and I've been working a lot. He didn't get as much flying time in recent months because he started running into things and I didn't want him to get hurt. The day he died, I found him on the bottom of the cage and I opened the door for him. He perked up and jumped on my shoulder cooed at me, kissed me on the cheek and then ran off to hide and die. Is 7 a nice long life for a bird?