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   Not only does the Parakeet or Budgerigar make a super pet, but is also available in over 100 color forms!
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eve stuart - 2009-10-01
Larry, your budgie has poop on his bottom because he's sick. If you can, gently wash it with warm cotton balls because if he gets stopped up, he will die. And, take him to a vet.....he may be very, very sick or just stressed out because of the new surroundings. If he's not a baby parakeet, he may be missing his buddies he's been spending his life with. Take care of him. Please.

Suilma Meraz - 2009-09-26
I have had a parakeet for about 4 years. My mother gave him to me, so yes he is very special to me, but he does have a big ego. I spend more of my time with him than my husand does, so therefore I do know him. I love him and he knows it. I had two females for him but some how they end up leaving him, so I give him a lot of freedom so he won't be lonely. He loves our family cause he knows how important he is to us. Suilma

Larry - 2009-09-14
I purchased a parakeet from petsmart a little over a week ago. Large qlobs of bird poop accumulates around his rectum. Anybody have any ideas what causes this. Thanks. Larry

Julie - 2009-09-10
My daughter has two Parakeets! They are Psittacidse. I was wanting to know what was the best things other then seed and malloet that I can give them? Can I give them apples?

buzzy birdcage - 2009-09-02
we have budgies that have six eggs in the nest ... They have been laying in the nest for more than eighteen days . The nest is a hollowed out small wooden log ..should we remove them or let nature take its course..or maybe even wait longer?............

Adam - 2009-08-26
I have 2 budgies. I have had my budgie for 2 and half weeks and the other budgie for 2 days. The second budgie keeps copying the first budgie, how do i stop this, plz help.

Angie - 2009-08-21
I just bought two parakeets today,
for my little boy.
I let him pick both of them out.
He picked a girl and a boy.
He also chose the cage and toy's.
All I have to say is they are harmless,
both bird's let my 4 year old hold them,
and love them. They kinda peck at him every
once in a while, my son say's it tickles.
I enjoy knowing that they bring him so much
joy, all mother's want to see their child happy.
Which these two, are the key to happiness!

Yvonne Parks - 2009-08-20
Has anyone had the problem of their parakeet's beak getting too long. I have cuttle bones,etc., but his beak has grown quite long. Can I trim it like I do his nails?

Nicole Brader - 2009-08-19
I have two baby Budgies that I purchased from a "bin'o'budgies" at a local pet store three months ago. They all had good coloring, were clean, appeared healthy and treated well. I think one is around 3 mo old and the other 4 or 5 because of the feathers on the forehead and iris/lack there of. Unfortunately due to lack of human contact in their first days it took awhile for them to trust me. However, with time and patience I have gotten them to be finger trained and hang out with me outside of their cage- right now they are sitting on top of my laptop, that is on my lap as I'm laying on the couch :) I had a cockateil that my family adopted and I loved dearly, but I left him at home when I moved out because I wouldn't have the time to spend with him like he is used to. I missed him so much that just had to fill the empty spot in my heart. Sure enough these two little guys have done that and more. They sing and chirp so beautifully and merrily, it sounds like spring every morning in my house. Just a heads up- they poop every 12 minutes! Thanks for this very informational site. I read as much as often as I can to make sure I give these sweethearts the best life possible.

Tina Shaffer - 2009-08-09
I have 2 birds that start yelling when my 2 dogs start barking. It drives me crazy but I found out when I put on Shiana Twain they (the birds) calm down and start talking to each other again. Life is good with Shiana and the birds (and the dogs, both labs).