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   Not only does the Parakeet or Budgerigar make a super pet, but is also available in over 100 color forms!
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Jessica - 2010-02-24
I have two budgies, one yellow and the other green, called chippy and chirpy. Firstly whenever I come in to see them the female goes straight into the box. I don't know what's wrong. Also I'm worried because I know if I let them out they won't come back. I don't know what to do.

Tina Munroe - 2010-02-18
I am new at having birds and have two very pretty green parakeets that I would like to breed. How can I help make this happen? Would it help to have more than one female? Any advice would be very helpful.

bob - 2010-01-17
I might get a parakeet and I was researching, so thanks for the information a lot!

James van Wyk - 2009-12-24
I have a pair of australian budgies. The female (named Bonny) is an albino and is the calmer of the 2. The male (named Jazz) is a blue and grey pied and is very skittish but he calms down when he's out of his cage. These are great animals to have and you cannot be dissapointed with them!!!

Lesley .G - 2009-12-14
Hey, my name is lesley and I saw that birds live 12 - 14 years. I've only had my bird for 10 years and I am really sad because it died today, december 14 2009. I really loved my parakeet, he was the best. I yelled as hard as I can and I cried as much as I could, but now I know that my bird is in a happy place. Sorry, I can't finsh this...

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  • Sammiye - 2010-04-07
    It's all good Lesley, I bought two birds, Pearla and Pedro, and I only had my male, Pedro, for about five months before he died. Pearla is still alive thought, it's been about 10 months. lol
Elisha - 2009-12-09
I'm 10 and i have a parakeet right now shes about 6 years old and her name is Tweety. I had another parakeet but it died 1 week later i bought it, i didn't even name it and it died. The pet store told me that my bird was carrying her own virus, and got to the other bird and died. But at least I still have my bird. She's all yellow with white cheeks. To me she looks rare for some reason.I love my pet bird!!

Ryan Bennett - 2009-11-30
I'm 11, and I got a parakeet in may. She was 7. She died 3 nights ago. Her name was big blue because of her size and color. I MISS HER SO MUCH!

Julia - 2009-11-23
I have an adorable budgie named Gigi. He cannot talk, but he's very smart. He loves to hear me play the violin. He makes a pleasant warble sound. He's about 6 months old. He's never been sick before. I once brought him for show-and-tell. My class adored him and said he was cute, even the mean boys said that. Gigi is teal, mostly blue, and seems to be privately famous! The vet loves him, family loves him, and my class and teacher love him. He will never be forgotten, and I'm proud to share my lovely parakeet. And plus, I think everyone's budgie is smart and beautiful.

Beverly Sauer - 2009-11-17
My bird has blown up twice his normal size. He is not going to last much longer. Is there anything I can do?

LIZIEL COOK - 2009-10-22
It is really recommended to take the birds to a vet if you observe something odd is happening. We have six beautiful and cheerful little baby honey birds here in the house, and one of them is ziggy, who is my husband's favorite because it has been with him for a long time. For the last two years, ziggy has been suffering from organ failure (according to the vet) because still his belly gets bigger or bulky. The doctor needs to excrete the excess fluid from his body and we maitain the medicine that he has to take everyday. We wanted to know exactly the main reason of the problem, to cure it, and prevent of losing her. Even my husband spent a lot already, but he is still willing to do everything to keep our little ziggy with us.

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  • Carolyn - 2010-04-04
    You should try giving your birds (foniopaddy) seemingly it keeps birds as well as other animals very healthy and some fresh herbs that are growing in pots, like (thyme) occasionally, coriander,and sometimes flat parsley. I also make up herbal teas like fennel and nettle or anise, chamomile, dandelion. I put it in a large dish and they drink and bathe in it. I give it to my budgies and they are so far very healthy. Also cooked Quinoa ( very rich in vitamins) my budgies love it.
    I wish you and your birds the very best of health.