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Sue F. - 2006-03-19
My parakeets name is petey bird and he is almost 7 yrs. old. Getting petey was one of the best things I have ever done! It only took about three months for him to learn his first word (peek-a-boo). He now says over a 100 words or phrases. His favorite is Come over and give me a great big kiss,kiss,kiss. He also says Can I come out please? And when you sneeze he says bless you. He is so much fun and he is the best company. When I get home from work he cheers me up. The whole family just loves him so much. I say he is the most amazing bird ever to live, Petey says he's special, smart, and cute,and he's right! When I tell people about him they don't beleive me because he's only a parakeet. Everyone should have such a wonderful loving pet. We are truly blessed!

carol - 2006-03-16
Let me say 1st that I have never been a "bird" person. 6 months ago I was driving along and saw what I thought was a plastic bird standing there on the side of the road. I backed up and got out of my car and to my surprise I saw a live parakeet looking at me. I picked him up and brought him home. My roommate has a parrot, so she had and xtra cage. I fed him and he is now doing great. His name is Crackers. For Xmas he got a friend and her name is Cookies. I have grown to love these birds. I came to this site as I am still learning about them They are the center of my life now as I am on disability and home all day. They get ALOT of attention and they are starting to give love back.

Cody, Rust - 2006-03-12
Hello, My name is Cody.
I have 2 parakeets, 1 of them is named, Blue And the other one is named Tweety. They are so cool. My birds are learning to talk. They can do awesome tricks. They ride my toy skateboard. Parakeets are nice pets, you should get one or two. They make the best pets. I also have a dog named Buddy, He likes the birds to.

Cody R. March 11, 2006

jess - 2006-03-11
i have 11 budgies, only 4 of them are adults-all the rest are babies the 2 parents have had. most of them are blue. some of their names are barbie, pipsquek, snowy, milkshake, moe, and bella. all the rest have no name yet. they all live in an aviary together and are very well looked after. good luck with your budgies!

lizzie - 2006-03-06
this site rocks. this is my second comment and romeo really likes it too!

lizzie - 2006-03-06
I bought a parakeet, he is so cute. He is really funny. I decided to name him Romeo. he is blue with some white and black stripes. It's a great name for, him he loves his reflection! But before I got to know him I named him that because the pet store person said that parakeets sometimes fall in love with their owner. I will have had him for one whole year this april 6th. He loves to perch on my finger, he still has alot of training to go through though. he loves being the center of attention. He likes to be outside and talk to the wild birds. I think that people everywhere should get parakeets, they are the perfect pet. they are playful, funny, beautiful, and so much more. I swear I could listen to my bird every hour of everyday. parkeets are just such great pets, and if you dont have one hurry down to the nearest pet store and get a parakeet.

Chelsea - 2006-03-05
I bought a parakeet and he is great. he is so funny he loves to sing along to music and he dances. he can do the moon walk! He loves to be perched up on my finger. I love letting him fly around my room, he loves it too. He loves gazing at himself in his mirror. I love my parakeet!

paul - 2006-03-05
Hello, We have 1 parakeet his name is Birdie. He is absolutely the friendliest little thing. He is now 2 years old. He sings, dances and loves to talk to us. He makes kissing sound effects and tells us "kisses baby come on kisses" His cage doors are always open and he is free to fly around our entire house. I have counted to-date 14 clearly mimicked words, and 4 phrases that consist of 3-5 words. He responds to his name and will fly to you when you call out Birdie. His color is baby blue and white and he is absolutely adorable. Favorite foods: Greek and Chinese. Favorite music: Dance and Techno. Favorite Song: Hey there pussy cat. I can go on forever. Tip of the day: Never ignore him/her and talk to them every time you see them.

everybodies mom - 2006-03-04
My children purchased a parakeet from a local pet store. Within days it was sitting on their shoulders and fingers. He even lets the 4 year old carry him around in a easter basket! He makes kissy sounds at them too. They love him sooo much. He spends more time out of the cage then in. His name is CJ.

Chase - 2006-03-01

We have 4 of these wonderful birds! They are very playful and tame easily if you work with them. the ones that let you pet their back means that they were hand-raised which means brought up by humans, and that the people pet their back while they were young so they got used to it. If you have one that doesnt let you pet it you know that it wasn't human-raised. On the noise level of these birds. I would say it depends on the bird. We have 2 that never stop singing and 2 that dont make a peep. To tell what gender they are you need to look at the cere. The cere is the waxy covering above the beak with the 2 nostrils in it. In males, it will be blue, in females brownish-tannish. This does not apply to young birds though, if they are babies then it will just look like a purple of white cere. If you are looking for a bird these are the right ones! :) Chase


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