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   The Regent Parakeet or Regent Parrot is known as the very best flier of all the Australian Parakeets. Needless to say, they are very lively and active little birds!
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Deven - 2007-11-21
I think that this is a very spectacular bird. I am looking for a bird and when i saw this page and I read about the regent parakeet, I knew this would be the bird for me. When i do go to the pet store i will ask for a regent parakeet.

Mary Allen - 2007-09-16
I have owned a beautiful year old female regent parrot for about six months. She is the most loving bird, and yes, she follows me around the house. She cuddles with me and sleeps on my shoulder. I never knew I could love a bird this much! Wobble aka Baby had a permenently crippled leg when I got her and my husband made her a "handicapped" type cage with flat perches at all angles. She loves it and gets around like a pro! I have even taken Baby to work and everyone fell in love with her and wanted to hold her like she was a new infant. She is everything you describe and more!!

Jeremey - 2007-09-12
I own one of these birds, or should I say it owns me. They are a lot of fun and easy to care for. A lot of energy and personality. They make awesome companions. I recommend this bird to anyone who is buying their first bird.

FRED - 2007-06-13
After reading many informational sites on parakeets and the information page on Regent Parakeet (Rock Pebblers to me)from this site I have decided to search for one as an additional pet. I will be getting a Regent that is about 1 year old very soon. After a time period I will post information that I learn from dealing with this new bird.

raquel - 2006-07-13
i have 4 birds and when reading your page on birds i learned a lot about them and what they like to eat.