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   Quaker or "Monk" parakeets are some the nicest birds around! They are good talkers and are extremely loveable and cute.
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Elba - 2006-08-09
I have 2 Quakers. One is a female who arrive flying to my home almost 2 years ago. she was hungry and we can handle her because she was the only one. but lately, almost 6 month after that, arrives another one. this is a male and he is more friendly, he did not bite and I can handle by hands. the female was more aggresive, soI only handle by a stick. now she is taking out her feathers and I do not understand why. the male is nicer, but she is very afraid to every thing. I think is her personality. I put something so they can take a bath and he does but she does not want to, so I wet her with a bottle to refresh her. she is very difficult to understand. their names are Chicho and Chicha.

Stephanie & Yolanda - 2006-06-30
We recently became the owners of a baby Quaker parakeet after she flew by and fell in our backyard. We held out our hand to pick her up and she immediately hopped on! At first she was very aggressive and territorial, but with time she has become very sweet. We've had her for about a year now and she does so many funny things. The first word she said was her name "manchita" meaning little stain in spanish lol. Then she began to extend her vocabulary and say "aww" "papa", which is father in spanish, "maaaaa" and "boobie" which is what my mother calls me lol. She showers with my mother, flys over to the table whenever she sees food, flys to our rooms when we are watching tv, goes to bed at the same time we do, and she follows us around everywhere. She also enjoys being fed from our mouths! and when she showers alone she climbs out of her cage and into a lil tub of water we have for her on the floor. Although she accidentally flew away once, we managed to get her back by calling her name and listening to her replies. She has become an adorable companion and we love her so much! We hope to have her for many years to come!

kelly j fetch - 2006-03-30
I think it is a good thing to have a monk parekeet as a pet it is a fascinating bird

Sandra Barnett - 2005-09-26
Hi, My name is Sandra and I got my first Quaker from my Sister in March of 2005. His name is Tango. he's 11 years old and he was the meanest little guy I have ever met, but I had to give him a chance. When I brought him home my plan was to just offer him food, water and enjoy him from this side his cage. well one day when I was feeding and watering him he got out and I was terrified. I didn't know what I was going to do. He kept walking towards me and I kept backing up until finally I reached down and he climbed up on my hand (without biting) so I put him on his play pen. Every day we did this and little by little every day we grew closer and closer. So needless to say 6 months later we are now Best Bud's. we shower together and Tango goes shopping with me in the pet pocket I got for Him. He goes to car shows, family events, and he has even gone to Las Vegas with us, LOL. He is my Best Pal ever and I love him. he loves to get and give kisses, he tells me he's a "Good Bird" "Good Boy" "Ma Ma Cracker" "Alright" "Ah Oh" and of course my favorite "Love You". He's so sweet now he brings tears to my eyes and now he's not from biting any more. He likes when I sing How much is that "Birdie" in the window, some times he tries to sing along.
Sandra & Tango Barnett

Lucy Baker - 2004-09-13
Ozzy, my second ever Quaker, is coo-wel! He loves his toys and likes to chew, but i suppose thats normal as it is their nature. He really wanted a poo once so he did it on my head!! hehe

LindsayKierman - 2004-09-11
I have had a Baby Blue Quaker for a month now and he or she? is the Bee Knees I we all love him or her lol to bits. I love how he snuggles up to me and follows me around wherever I go he is always equally as happy with any of the family. I am now hopefully waiting for the first words just like a baby! One thing for sure there is never a dull moment now Pogul is around.Li

Anonymous - 2004-08-26
This site iz great-thanxx

Carol Phillips - 2004-04-26
I love Quaker Parrots. I raise them and there are so many different colors (and more and more colors being developed). Each has its own personality.
A Quaker is a fantastic bird!

Karen Graves - 2004-04-15
Skittles was my first Quaker parakeet,an adopted bird from a home that
neglected her.She was very cage territorial, but with lots of love,patience,and attention,she has become my best friend.She says a few words that I taught her,imitates my laughter, and loves rock n roll music,dancing along on top of her cage.Hannibal, my second Quaker,I bought from a local pet shop as a baby.Hannibal is a cute,
but clumsy bird,with a sweet disposition.He to is learning how to talk and says "Thankyou" when I change his water,or give him fresh food.Hannibal loves to beat up his yarn and bell toy,and I frequently hear him ringing his bell,chattering merrily away in his funny way.
Nebbish my third Quaker,was also a rescue bird,and was in a bad way when he came to live at my house.

Erin - 2004-03-07
i have a second hand quaker and this site really helped fix some problems!!! i was amazed by how much he improved just from the help of this site.