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   Bobby is a male Plum-headed parakeet. The Plum-headed female has a gray head and the male's head is grayish purple or plum colored... thus the name Plum-headed!
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Phyllis - 2008-08-19
We have an almost five month old plumhead that we got from a breeder at a bird show. It seems as if "he" wasn't handled even though the breeder disputes this. It has taken me weeks to get near him. His shyness concerns me. He actually turns away. But slowly, I'm getting him to step up. Does this behavior sound normal?

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  • TIM - 2012-01-25
    It takes time for plum heads to get used to you. Don't try to handle them,they will bite and have a very strong and nasty one at that. Mine is 30 years old and I've had him most of that time. They love their fruit and veggies,even meat,chicken bones,never apple seeds,forgive the spelling,full of strictnine,poison. My bird,Jade,loves bell pepper seeds the most. If they do bite,and they will.let them,do not react,when they see it doesn't do any good they stop. Enjoy them.
  • john horspool - 2012-03-01
    Do hand tame plumheads make good pets. Are they noisy and how can I get one to talk?
  • aliyaan - 2012-03-31
    This is very beautiful bird. I like it
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-03-31
    No it isn't normal. If it were a baby and properly hand fed it would be as cuddly and lovey as a little kitten. He wouldn't be hand shy and he would be crawling up your pant leg to be close. He will tame but doesn't sound like the breeder was overly shall we say open with you.
  • trace - 2012-05-11
    I have Plum heads and If I were you I would clip their wings then jump right in there and start handling them. Hold them, pet them and talk to them close to your body. You will find them warming up to you quickly.
jennifer - 2012-07-15
Hi I am looking for a young, hand fed plumhead parakeet male. If anyone has any available please provide a phone number or email so I can contact you. Thank you

Patty - 2010-02-08
I'm looking for the plum-headed parakeet, they are sweet. So anyone who has this bird, please send me a e-mail. Thank you so much. I have a great home for these sweeties. Be blessed, patty

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  • Oziel Perez - 2010-12-06
    We currently have these available at ricks pet shop in McAllen Tx .
  • tom - 2012-05-02
    Hi there Patty, I have six babys in nest will be ready to go in five weeks
  • trace - 2012-05-11
    Tom how much are you charging for your Plum heads and where are you located.
ABBY - 2008-07-21
I have a plumhead parakeet. Somebody gave this talented bird to me and they named the bird, Birdie, and I never plan to change it. I've had him for about 1 year and have learned that it can say quite a few words and phrases. Birdie can whistle a few tunes, make kissing noises, and can say: Birdie, pretty bird, ahhh, I love you, and many other words. He doesn't enjoy being petted so he may bite. Other than that I enjoy having him.

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  • TIM - 2012-01-25
    I have a male plum head named Jade. He is 30 years old. Plum heads don't like to be handled at all and can have apowerful nasty bite. Jade eats anything I do. He love his fruit and veggies and meat,chicken bones,seafood but not celery.If out of his cage these guys will come to you and let them. If they bite let them .Do nothing,although painful,and when they see it doesn't do any good they will stop. Never give them apple seeds,they are full of strictnine,but bell pepper seeds are what they really love. Enjoy your friend
coree - 2011-11-05
How big is a plum-headed parakeet? I got two male budgerigars parakeet their name is Polly he is green and yellow and Blue he is blue and white.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-11-07
    Scrool up in the article and you will see a description. They run about 13 inches but sleder body and long tail.
santosh - 2011-02-03
Hi I have male plum headed parakeet, his name is tito it's a most wonderful bird, I have never caged him he always remains outside the cage he likes to eat food along with me.

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  • connie - 2011-02-15
    Are you selling your plum headed parakeet? How old is he ...? Is he friendly ... does he step up willingly? How much? Where are you located? I live in toronto canada name is connie please let me know.
  • jul\'s - 2011-07-14
    How old is your plum, and were are you located,how much are you asking for?
  • Kate and Dave - 2011-09-04
    Where can I get a Plum-headed Parakeet? I live in Phoenix, AZ
Tanisha - 2010-12-16
I am looking for a plum headed parakeet or two for my daughter for a present. If there is anyone out there that has any for sale, please feel free to contact me. I would prefer them young seeing that my children are ages 7,9 and 14 and aren't that used to this type of pet yet.

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  • lil - 2010-12-22
    Hi. I have not a pet shop & also not a peafetnol. If you need a plum head parakeet plz contact me
  • trace - 2011-01-27
    I have a pair that is mating now it will be a while before there are chicks keep in touch if you are interested.
abdul basit - 2009-11-23
Hi, I have 2 females and 1 male plum headed parkeets. They are eating seeds and fruit, apple and baby corns are the most favourite dish. Ok bye.

sunil - 2009-01-07
Hi, I have one male plum headed parakeet. I wish all of you to know those are loving Parakeets! His name is "Raju". I like your parakeets name but I from Maharshatra state, India. Wishing You all Best luck for Saving Parakeets.

shauna - 2008-12-27
I have a female, plumhead parakeet and have had her for about 5 years and she is 6 years old. She is grey headed therefore being the female, her registerd name is Daisy. I have never gotten her a mate because if I did her love for me would not be the same - now that I have had her for so many years she will not bite me but shows me her dislike in other ways and she has her own personality. She pouts for days on-end and will give me the silent treatment when she is mad at me. That usually happens when I leave her for more than one night.

This morning she laid an egg. I have found her acting very strange for the last week or so but since it was christmas and there has been many strangers around her all day, I thought that was the reason but she now has gone one further step in her life, motherhood. I have no idea what I am going to do with the egg or how to take it away from her.
Plum color headed plumheads are males - FYI.

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  • JUNEBUG - 2010-04-18
    What did you do?