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   The Indian Ringneck Parakeet has been referred to as the "Noble Parakeet"! The species, Psittacula krameri, is also called the Rose-ringed Parakeet and contains four subspecies.
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sue - 2008-03-27
Blue ringneck parrot sighted, Frankston area, 5pm 27th march 2008.

Maria Garza - 2008-02-10
Hello everyone! I have a Green Indian Ring Neck. He is so wonderful my family and I love him very much! He's B.B. which stands for Bad Boy! :)
He is into everything, very playful, he loves to see me wash dishes, and gets into the sink to take a bath! I have had him for a year now and I just want to say IRN are great pets. Blessings and well wishes to everyone out there with an incredible and wonderful pet like mine.
Maria Garza - Humble, Texas

Kurt van Wyk - 2008-01-20
I am typing this on account of my good friend Rory Mackenzie. Rory has had Steve (Stevie Birds) for just over a year and already Steve says Stevelet (actually says "let" after Steve), Rory, and apple crumble (his favourite food!). My mum has promised me a cinnamon grey ringneck for my birthday (May 18th.) Rory's bird is a blue male and is the kindest ringneck I know!

jitendra - 2008-01-15
I have had a Parakeet now for over a year. He is a free bird. He is a unbeliveble creature. He wakes me every morning by coming to my house and he kisses like a human being. He is very popular among his group and he follows my mother to market and talks with us to. I had started recognising a few of his words which expresses his feelings. He is like a human spirt into a bird's soul. I just want to know more about him, like what kinda sounds he likes.

Shona - 2007-11-13
i have had a yellow ringneck now for over 4 years. She is just so adorable, she talks all the time to us. If she cant see us, she yells out "what you doing" and "cocky peeping". She is constantly whistling "pop goes the weasle" (the whole song) and wolf whistles anybody that walks past! She attracts the local pee-wee birds down for a chat, (im sure they think she's weird) but she keeps them all entertained. She rings exactly like the telephone, and sometimes I go to pick it up and its her, busy having a conversation with herself, whilst laughing at us! she is so cheeky, and we love her!

Ramzia - 2007-10-29
Hi, I have a torquoise with a grey/blue indian ringneck. He is now 8 weeks old and the most loving bird i ever had. He is very smart, still eating formula, and starting to crack seeds. We named him Rexy. I recommend this bird to anyone as they have the best personality. He is like the sweetest thing around.

Hassan - 2007-09-12
I have a green pakistani parrot, i got him from my friend. Now he is approximately 2 years old. I also have a wild female and I'm waiting for their breeding. Before them there was another couple and they used to mate, but i dont know why the female didn't lay eggs. Any way, I've decided to buy blue parakeets.

Christi - 2007-05-16
I just got my green indian ringneck (KIWI) for Mothers day and am already in love. My baby is already eating with me and trying to open its cage door to come and see me. It is only one month old. Thank you for all of your comments. They are a great help.

kirstie - 2007-03-31
my parents used to have a green ring neck male! we called it ozzy because he loved music and he bobbed his head like a rocker. he was the best bird we've had. i recommend them to anybody! just dont put them in a room where you'll be sleeping because they can squauk quite loud, they sound like a squeeky dogs toy, lol! he used to strut on his perch and spend most of his time in front of the mirror.

Antoinette - 2007-03-29
Good day,

It is interesting to see every site I read about Ringnecks, they tell me that they are very active. This I know, the problem is I bought over R 400's worth of toys etc. for my bird and he doesn't want anything to do with them. He will rather chew up everything else except his toys. Talk about picky....