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   The Indian Ringneck Parakeet has been referred to as the "Noble Parakeet"! The species, Psittacula krameri, is also called the Rose-ringed Parakeet and contains four subspecies.
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paul - 2010-06-07
Hi I purchased an indian ringneck about a week ago, he is 4 months old and his name is eric, he has started to mimic noises, but only when no one is in the room he will jump around the cage in fear whenever I go near it to feed him. I have put it down to new surroundings and people? All the other people have spoken to that have a ringneck have the opposite problem, they keep getting bit! How long does it usually take for them to trust you?

lyn - 2010-04-08
Hi i would just like to say what a great site i have visited here many times for my blue and gold Macaw who I'm looking after and hope to buy. I was not up to scratch in looking after such a big bird but I have learned very quickly the do's & don'ts of these wonderful birds. My other half has just brought me an Indian ring neck parakeet called Jack he is 11 months and is semi tame. Like max I have started clicker training as both have to odd but very painful nip. It has worked wonders on both my boys I have used this method many times with my horses but never dreamed it would work with birds. I'm learning every day with Max & Jack who both get on very well Max often telling Jack to shut up or be quite but the look Jacks gives when Max starts cracks me up. I would really love any ones feed back on toys for Jack as I'm rather confused with what's out there his safety is paramount he loves climbing chewing and hanging upside down when in his cage. Both max & Jack are out as much as possible at least 7 to 9 hrs a day all day when I have the day off from doing the ggs I Max just loves to rip up toilet roll cartons & does not show much interest in toys I'm not sure if he ever had any. I could not imagine life now with out my little darlings they are very much part of our family even if they don't like any one else being near me or handling them. Once again Animal World fantastic site and big thanks for all the advice & tips. lyn Max & Jack x

arnecia russell - 2009-10-24
Hey, I have a young ring neck. About a month ago he got quiet and I noticed that he was sick. It cost some money to get help for him. Well, he is 2years old just coming into puberty. He got a sore on his, I'll say his bum bum. He stayed out a lot for exersize and he had a stuffed monky that he loved to play with. Well short story, he rubbed that monkey the wrong way and hurt him self. I took the monkey away, but I am the main attraction now. It took antibiotics and inflamation meds to clear his condition. I didn't know things like this could happen. My birds name is Fred. He talks just about all the time, I taught him everything he says, and he loves fresh fruit and veggies. He also loves people food. That is important for him, and he loves to ride around on my shoulder. Thanks, Necia

bob schaffer - 2009-07-27
Hello, 28 years ago my niece bought me a green ring neck baby for my birthday. When I retired, I moved to Florida and PJ moved with me. However, PJ passed away a few months ago. He was the love of my life and I miss him very much.

PJ rarely was in a cage and always wanted to be on my shoulder. PJ talked a storm and also sang and whistled. I sure miss his morning "hello", and his singing version of "row row row your boat".

Last week by accident I found a local bird rescue and low and behold I found a blue male, not a baby, but young. Hopefully, I will gain his trust and again have a wonderful friend by my side.

ollie - 2009-06-01
We have a 12 yr. old blue Indian Ringneck. His name is KOKO. We got him from a breeder in Las Vegas at 51/2 weeks old. At one time we counted more than 90 words that he put in short phrases, as my wife talked to him all day, while I was at work.
Lately, he does not say some of the early phrases. Now, he acts and sounds like he has laryngitis. He loves to ride on my shoulder, even when we are driving our motorhome, but is scared of steel girder bridges. It must be the shadows. He is also scared of new toys, but is not afraid of dogs. Go figure

Anita - 2009-05-20
Hi. My daughter Bianca is now 11 years, we bought her first bird, a green ring neck about two years ago a baby with few feathers on her. We all love that bird so much. She does not live in a cage, my husband made a big x-stick with stairs from the top to the bottom! For the first few months, just my daughter and I could handle her, she hated my husband and son. But with much attention and talk she loves them both, now! She goes as she pleases, and even our rottweiler dogs keep away from her, she bites their noses! In the winter, she would come in the evening and sleep inside my jacket!
We give her various kinds of fresh fruits, but no avocado or bananas. She gets also dried fruit and all sorts of seeds, she loves that. She also loves to shower with us!

Anita - South Africa

Cindy Lynn - 2009-04-26
I have a 3-year-old blue female Indian Ringneck named Aeanwi, or Aea for short. But many times we call her The Dragon because we've seen how she could go crazy when she is playing with toys, or when she finds a dark little lair for herself like under my bed. She defends it like she has chicks underneath and will jump out at anyone

Raheel - 2009-04-23
Well I live in pakistan and I have 2 pet indian ring necks, 1 is 6 years old and other one is 2 month old. Well I have noticed that you mentioned that ringnecks eat boiled chicken. Well this not correct, if u give them meat of any kind, their feathers will gonna start falling, and it is confirmed because this happened to 3 parrots pet in my family friends. The exact cause pet doctor said it is due to meat feeding and something related to proteins. So whatever u feed them, don't feed them meat!

GrandmaBean - 2009-03-12
While stopping at a pet store my husband told me I had to see this bird. He was a beautiful Lutino Ringnecked Parakeet they called Peeper after the Easter marshmallow treat. We fell in love. He is the biggest character. He has even picked up on my morning sneezing! He not only sneezes with me but also bobs his head up and down. He also loves Peeper Kisses and asks for them all of the time and gives kisses back. He scolds the dogs when they bark. The Ringneck is highly intelligent. We would not trade our Peeper for anything.

maria - 2009-02-24
I owned a yellow with red beak Indian ringneck female for 21 1/2 years. I had gone in to a pet store because there were people looking at the transaction counter at something. As I approached I saw this beautiful bird. I saw a yellow bird with a red beak. I said hello pretty bird and she responded. She grabbed hold of my blouse sleeve and walked up on to my shoulder. I decided to take her home because I just broke up with my boyfriend of 9 years and felt, she realized I needed some loving. I gave her freedom to go as pleased and coverd some furniture and cleaned hard surfaces as needed. She never talked which I could understand, but I would say by Charlie or hi Charlie and she would respond in her way. If I laid and watched TV she would come to me and sit on me, if I was cooking she was there wanting everything. I was told never give her bananas, but I had a friend visiting me and while I was at work she offered her food including bananas. Shortly after that she died. She acted strange but not until it was too late. I realized she was trying to tell me she was sick. Today I was searching the bird sites and one site said not to feed birds avacado. There was an avacado on my counter which she ate from. I would very much like to know which one of these fruits were fatal to her. I miss her very much. She was a wonderful companion and loved me unconditionally. I used to feel guilty for not allowing her to have a mate and have babies because I was told she would not have nothing to do with me if I got her a mate. How selfish I was. I also feel that is wrong to take these beautiful creatures out of their natural environment for financial gain. Please if you have any comments or suggestions please e-mail me at