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   The Indian Ringneck Parakeet has been referred to as the "Noble Parakeet"! The species, Psittacula krameri, is also called the Rose-ringed Parakeet and contains four subspecies.
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Sarah - 2004-04-29
I have a green Indian Ringneck at home named Kiki and she(or we think it is a she. We will not be able to tell intil he reaches the age of 2 years old. Then if he gets a blackish ring around his neck, then it will be a male. If not it is a female) is a true character. She loves to be on top of his cage more than anything.(even more then spending time with me) She will kind of put out her wings and start pinning her eyes and will walk around her cage like she owns it. If you are looking for a sweet bird that will not bite a lot then a male ringneck is a good option. Female ringnecks tend to be more apt to bit.