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   The Indian Ringneck Parakeet has been referred to as the "Noble Parakeet"! The species, Psittacula krameri, is also called the Rose-ringed Parakeet and contains four subspecies.
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cory - 2005-08-06
i had an indian ring neck i bought from a pet store. the story i was told is this- "he" was a male because of the colored ring around his neck and he was young, not true!!he was far from young. he came from a breeding sanctuary and would no longer breed for them so they pawned him off on a pet store which in turn led him to me. he was not able to be handled by anyone but seemed very content in his new home with me. five years later he got away from me outside during a move. good luck little buddy! miss you lots. cheeco was his name and waking me up was his game! investigate your bird before you buy. tks!

Priscilla - 2005-07-16
A week ago I found a beautiful ringneck on my balcony. Domesticated and soooo cute! We're a family of six --mom, dad, three brothers and myself--and he just loves it when we all come home. He's extremely loud and likes attention. A few days before I found him, I passed a pet shop and wished for a bird. He's my good luck charm...

Lori Chesnutt - 2005-07-10
Thames pet shop has sold us a bird we named Sunshine. He eats out of your hand is not at all aggressive, drinks when offered water. Preens our hair sits happily on your finger, shoulder arm, flys short distances from one person to another. He is more out of the cage than in and has so far been watched very carefully so he doesn't bite the furniture. We are totally in love with our new bird. Thanks for sharing your stories too they are interesting.

Lauren - 2005-05-23
I have a blue female ringneck parakeet, I have owned her for six years. I work for a petshop and bonded with her the day she came in.. I have had several types of birds, but she is a favorite..Only one thing, she hates everyone but me!LOL I am the only one who can handle and feed her, she doesn't talk.........but she is very vocal with sounds....I think this is a great beginner small parrot.....Be prepared they do have a loud scream!But I wouldn't give her up for the world =)

Rick - 2005-04-02
Just lost my Indian Ringneck (Casey)and her loss affected me more than any other pet that I have had. I had her 12 years and from day one she loved me like no other. Her personality and spirit exceeded her size. She would sway on her perch and put her little head under her wings when she saw me. I absolutely loved that bird and I am desperately trying to find another one. I have had many pets in my lifetime including birds but none have touched my heart like her. Highly recommend

michelle - 2005-03-21
I have a blue ringneck named Virgil. He is by far the best bird we have ever owned. He stays on his cage and likes to sit on top. We have never closed the door to his cage and he has never flown off. He loves his home. We also have never had a need to clip his wings. He has learned to say a few words and is very talented and does a few tricks. His favorite foods are fresh corn on the cob, mango, grapes, broccoli, and peanuts. I highly recomend this type of bird!!

Amy Thompson - 2004-10-20
I have a green african ringneck named Buddy. She is a rascal. She loves men and me of course. She loves to play with pop bottles on the floor. She joustes with them and pushes them all over the floor. What a scamp. She meows like a cat and loves to play games. I am so glad I rescued her. We are going to be great pals.
Amy 2004-10-20

Marvin - 2004-06-25
We have a family of ringnecks who live in the wild and come several times a day to our feeder in SW Florida. They love sunflower seeds, and will stay at the feeder for 10-15 minutes at a time sometimes. The youngsters stay and eat the most.

CHANTELLE - 2004-06-09
I Have a 2-year-old male ringneck named chicken! I have had him since he wes just 10 days old. He talks and is very affectionate, he loves giving kisses (acoompanied by the appropriate moises, of course). He is very clever and loves his toyw (which he tosses onto the floor as quickly as he can, one of his favourite games). He likes to put a small toy into a deoderant cap and shake it like a rattle, or uses one toy as a bat and the other as a ball and runs around on the carpet "playing hockey". He is the cutest little thing ever and I love him to bits. NOTE: They need a lot of attention and are not quiet about letting you know about it.

Anonymous - 2004-06-04
We have a turquoise female named Indigo who is definately a little bird with a big personality. At a little over a year in age, she already has quite a vocabulary and loves to give kisses. She truely is a charmer.