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   The Indian Ringneck Parakeet has been referred to as the "Noble Parakeet"! The species, Psittacula krameri, is also called the Rose-ringed Parakeet and contains four subspecies.
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robin - 2005-11-17
My babies name is ADEL, he's about 6 months and only had him for 30 days.
he was not hand feed. I worked with him every day like a baby, 10 to 12 hours a day, and even go to sleep with him. He bites me about a hundred times and I wanted to ring his neck. But I love the towel, if it wasn

Sarah reidy - 2005-11-02
I have a blue indian ring necked parrot. His name is Mac he is nearly three years old. He loves giving me kisses and hugs. He loves eating apples and having a shower. When i take him outside he follows me like a dog. I never clipped his wings. once he flu away and the next day he came back, he is very clever. He can say my name, when i go to school he looks at me and trys to say bye bye sarah. He lives with his friends two senagl parrots, one cockatiel, and one budgie. The senagal parrots names are Cola and Fanta. The cockatiel's name is Polly. The budgie's name is Mr.Blue. I think that a ring necked parrot is the best parrot in the world.

JP - 2005-11-02
These birds are so great. I had a blue cinnamon ringneck male who recently passed away and I was heart broken. He was the sweetest little thing you ever did see and he would just love to give you kisses all day long. His favorite word was "twinkle", and dispite being frightened by any loud sound, he would go to anyone and climb up their shoulder and give kisses. I knew I could never replace him, but I recently got another 6 week old blue male and I am so happy. As young as he is, he already kisses your face and is eating fruits and trying all kinds of other foods. All of my birds eat like pigs and now he is too. I can tell he'll be an early talker because he's already picking up lots of sounds and bird calls from my macaw and my amazon. He is such a sweetheart already, unless I try to talk to one of the other birds while I am holding him. he gets so mad and bites so I have to be careful and pay close attention to him (as well as my other birds, but not at the same time). He's a good boy though and I love him so much. If your looking to buy a bird and don't know what kind, ring necks should be your choice by far. They will get along with your whole family.

Leigh - 2005-10-20
I have a Lutino ringneck named Dazee, she likes to play Boo under her night cover and always says thankyou for her food. I have had her for only 6 months and when I come home from work she always says hello and gives me a cute whistle.
Best pet ever

Bridget Hanratty - 2005-10-06
My name is Bridget i am 14 years old and i live in blackpool England. i got my parakeet for my 5th birhday and have had it ever since. My bird is called oscer and he is 9 years old. My dad bought him for me out of a pet shop in blackpool for

Anna & Chrissy 9/14/2005 - 2005-09-14
Chrissy is our beautiful little lutino indian ringneck and her bright personality reflects her beautiful yellow plumage. When we got Chrissy as a baby we knew very little about ringnecks, but it didn't take long to fall totally in love with her. Chrissy is very tame and will take love from anyone. She loves to play and shred anything she can get ahold of and she talks up a storm. I have met many people who claim that ringnecks are not good companion birds and can be very mean but I think they are horribly misunderstood birds. We own everything from budgies to macaws and our ringneck is, hands down, the sweetest and most charming bird in our flock. The key to owning a happy, healthy, and sweet ringneck is making sure that you spend time with your bird every day because ringnecks don't take kindly to being ignored (You wouldn't either if you were someones pet)! I think one of the only drawbacks to owning ringnecks is their loud, shrill call that sounds like "BAM BAM BAM" but this noise can be kept to a very minimal amount when properly taken care of. Overall these are awesome birds and charm their way into the hearts of just about anyone, even those who don't really care for birds!

stephen - 2005-08-26
hello. this is a very nice site. i love birds. i have a blue ringneck. shes a very sweet bird. very friendly, would step on anyones finger. but doesnt like other birds :/. i love all birds. i have a cockatiel too and they live with each other. i highly recommend this bird to anyone who wants to buy a bird. this is one of my all-time favorites. im looking foward to getting some macaws, cockatoos, and ringnecks. this site has helped me choose the birds i want. love from me and my bird venus (age)5-6 months old (me)12 years

Jane - 2005-08-25
The indian ringneck parrot is my favorite animal and this website has helped me and my ringneck get closer together

jasminka - 2005-08-19
I found my yellow bird in the snow on January, he (or she) was terrified and cold. At first I thought he will not make it. But he is. Now he is with me 7 months, but I was told he can not learn to speak - and hear I found he can. What is the truth?! He is now nice with me but doesn't like any strange faces, he becomed scared and starts to scream loudly. But he also likes my two dogs and my little parrot (I don't know english name). He loves to eat from hand and he is very, very happy when I look just at him and speak only to him - so when I talk to someone I ALWAYS look at him - otherwise he is so loud we can not hear each other. He was very young when I found him - at least I think. he had black eyes without yellow ring, and feathers were not is such "order" around neck as now. I like him but sometimes he is so loud and I just have to do something what doesn't include his presence - this is something he hates the most.

cory - 2005-08-06
i had an indian ring neck i bought from a pet store. the story i was told is this- "he" was a male because of the colored ring around his neck and he was young, not true!!he was far from young. he came from a breeding sanctuary and would no longer breed for them so they pawned him off on a pet store which in turn led him to me. he was not able to be handled by anyone but seemed very content in his new home with me. five years later he got away from me outside during a move. good luck little buddy! miss you lots. cheeco was his name and waking me up was his game! investigate your bird before you buy. tks!