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   The Eastern Rosella is one of the most popular and most beautiful parakeets in aviculture. Being so very brightly colored, they are very attractive birds!
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Linda M - 2005-08-21
I've had my Rosella for 9 years now, she was a rescue. I loved reading about this bird, I really didn't know much about them. Most everything you've written has been true to my "Bella". I was really looking to see how long they live, as I don't really know how old she is but her head is almost all red now... and I only discovered I had a female when she layed a couple of eggs! She hasn't ever been around other birds tho. She is very timid but will take food from our hands and will sit on our shoulders but seems afraid. She doesn't talk but has learned to copy one whistle and seems to be learning another sound. She really is beautiful. She flys on occasion but when she lands on a pot shelf she doesn't know how to fly down. Anyway, thank you for all the great info.

Anonymous - 2005-08-02
I love the web it is so cool. my pet rosella is way way better since i went on your web.

Megan - 2005-08-02
Hi, ive had rosellas for about 2 years now i agree with the above, they are very noisy at times and quite grumpy with each other sometimes, but they are also very sweet, although they are timid they take food from my hand and are rewarding to look after, they are very funny birds!!

erica - 2005-04-18
you rock

r.j. kris - 2005-03-30
I had purchased a female yellow mantle and find this bird to be absolutely prolific. She was approximately 1 year old at purchase. She used to "keek, keek" a lot..thought I would get her a mate, some how I thought she was calling for a mate and ever since I bought the male for her she has been somewhat quiet. I will always have these birds as one passes on I will acquire another. Also the female accepted the male immediately, and they mated in an active home environment. About everything the books said they would not do.....THEY DID! I also believe they are very acceptable to family life to be held and played with. The female I have was adaptable to just about everything....this may be unusual but I have had very good luck with the rosellas. They are now paired and breeding and as far as I know never fight. The female is attentive and loving both to her babies but ALSO to the MALE.

Donald Cameron - 2005-02-21
I have only had my rosella for a couple of days now and its starting to show intrested in the whole family and is now flying about its cage and enjoys being tamed and handled