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   The Eastern Rosella is one of the most popular and most beautiful parakeets in aviculture. Being so very brightly colored, they are very attractive birds!
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Morrigan - 2007-01-24

I have an 8 week old Eastern Rosella. It's really hard to find information on these birds as pets since they're considered aviary birds. My baby is very sweet and just as the other poster, loves to chew and eat things it knows it shouldn't!

Rosellas are very cheeky. They know they're doing bad things and still do it. Mine likes to steal my wedding ring and people's jewelery. It's almost tempting to train her to do so!

Ingrid - 2007-01-19

Hi, I have a male eastern rosella called Nickie. I think he's seven and I've had him for about four years. My boyfriend brought him home one day. I'm not sure what kind of life he had before us. I think he was in a garage aviary with a lot of other parrots, no other rosellas though. He wasn't at all tame when we got him but he's great now. He loves having a shower with me every day and he chatters the whole time the water is on. He has loads of toys but doesn't play with or chew any of them. Instead he carves chunks out of my furniture, moldings around the windows and the tops of doors. Basically anything he knows is off limits! He also has a curious habit of licking just about everything. He is a very sweet bird. He also has a sweet tooth. He loves fresh peas, apples, grapes, carrots and almonds. But I still can't get him to eat from my hand. He also won't eat any cooked food though he begs like crazy when he smells it cooking. He doesn't spend much time in his cage and only goes back to eat and argue with the reflection in his water dish. He's a great bird and I'd highly recommend getting one!

Marc - 2006-12-25
Hi we have a male Crimson Rosella who is 5 months old. He whistles like no one could imagine, he even speaks a few phrases. Recently after we boarded him he has become a bit apprehensive of our hands but we are working on him. We love our Sherlock and want him to be happy happy happy!

Lucy Ryan - 2006-09-23
We have a 1 year old male golden mantel that I hand raised at 3 weeks old named Mango! We breed different mutations of rosellas and hand raising was a new experience for me - we are still learning our way through breeding birds, and it is fantastic! Our kids are learning so much its great! Anyway Mango - what a character he is! He kisses us all the time - especially me - he thinks I'm his mum, and uses my head as a landing post when flying around the house. In the last few weeks he has taken to coming into the bathroom with us at shower time, and resting on the screen - have you ever tried to wash your hair with a bird on your head? Very interesting! He is a great whistler and is learning to talk saying 'hello' 'I love you' and chatters away. He loves eating the kids crusts at breakfast, and goes off his nut when you arrive home from being away, so you always have to say hello upon returning. He also does not like you moving things around in his cage, but we love him to death, and he us!

lance - 2006-06-18
i have 2 golden mantled rosellas in with 2 budgies, 2 cockatiels, 2 kakarikis, and one rubina rosella. the GMR'S have been sharing a nest box with the cockatiels and have 4 young, all doing very well, and they continue to share with the cockatiels. everything i have read in books say's this cant be done!

lachlan mills - 2006-04-18
i have loved birds since i was 7. i find them very fascinating, especially the golden manteled rosella. since i found your website i have wanted to buy one. i am sure i will one day.

G & E - 2006-01-04
We recently adopted our Eastern Rosella, he is very timid and quiet. Sometime he watches us but when we turn and speak to him, he tilts his head down shyly. He imitates the microwave and absolutely loves monkey nuts. He has had a sad life, and we don't expect miracles but hope that with patience and attention he can live the rest of his life happily and cared for.

Lori Gibbons - 2005-12-12

I have had an eastern rosella for 11/2 years. I hand raised him from about six weeks of age along with another sibling. Not meaning to keep them (named them Ella and Rosy). They both turned out to be males. I kept Ella. At nine months he lost his female markings and started to court my female lovebird. He continues to follow her around and display for her as he whistles la cuc a racha(sorry about
the spelling) and the Andy of Mayberry song. He shares his room with
2 cockatiels, 2 lovebirds, finch, dove,mollucan and a budgie. There
are rarely any squables and he goes in and out everybody elses cage.
Ella talks and uses words correctly ie. step up, good morning. I take Ella with me to conferences in his avian flight suit. He will go to anybody, shakes hands and gives kisses. Only shows aggression in his cage, working on correcting this.
cage, working on this. Great whistler and companion.

Aaron Webster - 2005-11-04
I have a tame rosella male who kisses and eats pizza and all. I got him at 2-3weeks old and fed him with a bent teaspoon. He lives with 3 other rosellas, 5 cockateils, 2 red rumps, 2 budgies and 2 rainbow lorrakeets. Although they bicker sometimes, never for long. I think this page and many others do Rosellas as much justice as injustice because most rosella sites say they are aggresive birds. Once a pecking order is established they are harmonious creatures who will step into fights to break them up. Often found in large breeding colonies with red rump colonies of greater numbers all breeding in one bunch of trees. they cant be that aggressive.

Fran Tintelnot - 2005-09-22
Just discovered your website and was happy to see that my Rosella is right on target. I was told in the beginning that they didn't make great pets and not to expect much; however, I have had her for 7 years and she mimics words such as, Come here, Hi Honey, and whistles Jingle Bells, Laurel & Hardy medley, and some others. We have found she gets irritated by my son-in-law's British about screaming! Keep up the great website.