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   The Eastern Rosella is one of the most popular and most beautiful parakeets in aviculture. Being so very brightly colored, they are very attractive birds!
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jose - 2008-11-02
I just purchased two Eastern Rosellas and let me tell you, they are gorgeous birds. I love the patterns these birds show on their backs. Hopefully these birds bring a different feel to my home as I already have a Male Blue & Gold Macaw, a Male Umbrella Cockatoo, A Male African Grey and a Male Indian Ringneck. If you ever get the chance to purchase these birds I recommend it. I love my new birds

wayne - 2008-10-27
I lost my Rosella today.
Rosy died on October 27, 2008.
I'm not sure if it was old age or if I did something wrong.
I did recently put her in with another Rosella and he was pecking at her last night.
I didn't know it wasn't recommended to house them together.
I thought I was doing her a favor.
Don't house Rosellas together!!!
R.I.P Rosy.
I miss you.

BJ Owens - 2008-07-08
I have a lovely golden mantle rosella named Roxburd, after my fave Aussie actor Richard Roxburgh! Rox is 3 1/2 years old and I have had him for 3 years. He is friendly with me but is definitely MY baby. He's shy with strangers. He sings a very pleasant song and is just so gorgeous to look at!

w mcinnes - 2007-12-22
My eastern and crimson rosella's are very hardy birds. I've had the eastern one Jossie for about five years, then i got Jake the crimson. Well to see the happiness that came out, my first bird was great. They're very happy together, so I decided to build an aviary for them. It turned out very large so i got myself another two birds. This time i got cockatoo's and the four of them get on pretty well. william mcinnes.

melissa Hildebrant - 2007-07-04
my beautiful bird Peatree is awesome. I never thought a bird would make a good pet until I got Peatree. I got him at the pet shop I worked at in S.L.C, UT. Nobody wanted him because he was VERY MEAN! And nobody had heard of an eastern rosella parakeet. We had him at the pet shop for six months before I decided to take him home. I felt bad for him but it was mostly because he is so gorgeous and he played these singing games with me all day. That was good enough for me, I didn't care if he was mean. So I brought him and his huge cage home. He was very timid and shy at first, but being slow and gentle with lots of sweet talk went a long way. He is such a sweet heart, and has crept his way into being my favorite pet. He likes to chew my stuff, nap with my cat, and he talks and babbles to himself constantly. He says HI and come here. He calls dogs, makes guinea pig noises, mimicks turntables, gives kisses, and he sings and sings the most beautiful songs, which he picks up only his favorites. He's kinda aggressive towards other people, but a lot better than he was at the pet shop. I have only had him for 4-5 months and at a year old we have plenty of time to work on it. He is an awesome bird, everybody told me he would be too much work and not a good bird. he does require constant attention though or he gets mad at me, and we have to start back at square one. I love my bird and would not give him up for anything and if you want one, it is a lot of work. If you cant give enough attention to this bird its probably not a good idea. But if you are willing to put the time and effort into it, you will have an awesome friend for life

Anonymous - 2007-03-04
I have an 8 week Rosella. They are really great, just that they love to chew on anything they like or that is off limits. I love my bird, but it gets tempting because I want her to be tame and she loves to fly around and have fun. I recommend one!

Morrigan - 2007-01-24

I have an 8 week old Eastern Rosella. It's really hard to find information on these birds as pets since they're considered aviary birds. My baby is very sweet and just as the other poster, loves to chew and eat things it knows it shouldn't!

Rosellas are very cheeky. They know they're doing bad things and still do it. Mine likes to steal my wedding ring and people's jewelery. It's almost tempting to train her to do so!

Ingrid - 2007-01-19

Hi, I have a male eastern rosella called Nickie. I think he's seven and I've had him for about four years. My boyfriend brought him home one day. I'm not sure what kind of life he had before us. I think he was in a garage aviary with a lot of other parrots, no other rosellas though. He wasn't at all tame when we got him but he's great now. He loves having a shower with me every day and he chatters the whole time the water is on. He has loads of toys but doesn't play with or chew any of them. Instead he carves chunks out of my furniture, moldings around the windows and the tops of doors. Basically anything he knows is off limits! He also has a curious habit of licking just about everything. He is a very sweet bird. He also has a sweet tooth. He loves fresh peas, apples, grapes, carrots and almonds. But I still can't get him to eat from my hand. He also won't eat any cooked food though he begs like crazy when he smells it cooking. He doesn't spend much time in his cage and only goes back to eat and argue with the reflection in his water dish. He's a great bird and I'd highly recommend getting one!

Marc - 2006-12-25
Hi we have a male Crimson Rosella who is 5 months old. He whistles like no one could imagine, he even speaks a few phrases. Recently after we boarded him he has become a bit apprehensive of our hands but we are working on him. We love our Sherlock and want him to be happy happy happy!

Lucy Ryan - 2006-09-23
We have a 1 year old male golden mantel that I hand raised at 3 weeks old named Mango! We breed different mutations of rosellas and hand raising was a new experience for me - we are still learning our way through breeding birds, and it is fantastic! Our kids are learning so much its great! Anyway Mango - what a character he is! He kisses us all the time - especially me - he thinks I'm his mum, and uses my head as a landing post when flying around the house. In the last few weeks he has taken to coming into the bathroom with us at shower time, and resting on the screen - have you ever tried to wash your hair with a bird on your head? Very interesting! He is a great whistler and is learning to talk saying 'hello' 'I love you' and chatters away. He loves eating the kids crusts at breakfast, and goes off his nut when you arrive home from being away, so you always have to say hello upon returning. He also does not like you moving things around in his cage, but we love him to death, and he us!