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   The Eastern Rosella is one of the most popular and most beautiful parakeets in aviculture. Being so very brightly colored, they are very attractive birds!
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eve - 2012-06-11
Hi charlie, just to keep you up to speed, sadly today we have found out chick lifeless in the nest, we have no idea what has happened, the only thing we can think of is the box was rather small, and George kept trying to go in, and he has some how stood on baby, so we have emptied the bedding into a new next box and put this in the cage, after taking advice we have a much bigger nest. kind regards

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-06-14
    You leave the box up - year round.  It is their box and they want it.  They may not be nesting or they may not be using it but it is their box and they want it there.  You may not want to go to bed right now but you don't want someone to remove your box spring and matress - right.  Another article on Rosellas - nest box recommendations, caging, diet etc.  Hope it helps but you will get there
  • eve - 2012-06-14
    Thanks charlie we hope so, but will leave the box in just as a precaution, she has been in and out of it today, and she is still accepting food from george, when it happens I am sure it will be amazing, keep you posted, thanks a lot kind regards
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-06-11
    I am sorry.  Yep, sounds like the nest box was a little small and dad jumped in and that was that.  It happens.  Parents are new and excited and they have to learn.  It is hard and I am sorry but next time - ....
  • eve - 2012-06-13
    Thanks charlie, bad advice that's all we can put it down too, fingers crossed they try again. When we don't know but put a proper box in now and will just wait and see, I think it might be a bit late to try again now but who knows, will keep you upto speed, thanks for your help much appreciated regards and best wishes
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-06-13
    Put a perch (concrete or wood) just outside the nestbox door.  That way the male can sorta watch sitting on the perch.  The female also has an easier way to get in and out to sit on the perch.  Can't know if they will try again before next spring but i would think so.  Weather has been crazy all over and definitely not close to fall or winter so good chance will try again.  Good luck.  It is hard but so worth it when it comes together.
  • eve - 2012-06-14
    Thanks charlie I must see so thick but I had figured that the box needs to be a perminant fixture, will take a look at the recomended site, cheer bud
usman - 2012-06-08
Hi I live in Pakistan and I'm having a pair of golden mantle rosella, can anybody tell that after how many days female rosella comes out of the nest box after hatching babies as my female rosella is not coming out since 2 days. She has two babies although male rosella keep on going and feeding her but she is not coming out of the box.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-06-09
    She will come out of the box, when and if she thinks it is OK to.  Otherwise she will stay with the babies to keep them warm and protect them.  The male feeds her and she feeds the babies.  She will start to come out before the babies actually fledge so do not worry - she is just taking good care of the babies.
eve - 2012-06-05
Sadly I believe we now only have one baby, as only able to hear one for a few days. I do hope this survives, but Mildird has been a good mother.

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  • eve - 2012-06-05
    Managed to have a sneeky look in the nest, looks like there has only been one baby all the long, my mistake, could have sworn there was two, must have had two cries.
eve - 2012-05-27
Hi charlie just to let you know we are the very proud parents of one baby that we can hear, and very proud of george and mildrid as this it their first attempt, and have looked after baby very well we think baby is about a week old as we have just started to hear the cry for food, thanks for your help will keep you posted kind regards eve.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-05-28
    Well congratulations. Isn't it amazing?
  • eve - 2012-06-01
    Hi charlie, yes it is amazing we have two that we know of now. I don't think there is anymore, but when they come out of there box we will know, I cant wait, kind regards
MANNY MARTINEZ - 2012-05-22

eve - 2012-03-07
Can anyone help me? My George is still trying to feed my Mildrid. He is still trying to mate but she is not ready and has not been all thru the mating season. He feeds the branch in the cage. They are in and out of there breeding box, but nothing is in there. Mildrid has never been a bird that bites, but is now starting to bite when I change her water. Is it a problem I have created by leaving the nesting box in there cage. Should I take the box out, or are they still trying to mate but are confused by the typical british weather and leave the box in. I would be greatful for any help, thank you.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-03-07
    They are learning and the behavior is normal. NO - do not remove the nest box. George is starting to get his part down by feeding her (or the branch if she won't take the food) and Mildred is starting to get her part down by protecting the nest box (ie biting you). They are going in/out of the nest box cuz they have the urge but just haven't figured out what it is they are supposed to do. They have no flock to TEACH THEM so relying on some innate sense of what is to happen. They say the first couple of clutches are for free - the eggs might be infertile or broken or may not feed. It takes them awhile to get the hang of what it is they are to do.
  • eve - 2012-03-09
    thank you so much charlie, i was begining to wonder if i was frustrating them by leaving the box in, i have no idea how old they are but they do seem young, thanks again for the info, i will keep you posted.
  • eve - 2012-04-19
    Hi Charlie, just to let you know Mildrid and George are hitting the right spot, they have been courting for about two weeks now. She has thrown all her nesting out of the box so I just keep topping it up, and they seem to be gettting the hang of feeding from each other, I really do thank you for your input.
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-04-19
    Sounds like they are getting the hang of it. You can put some cardboard toilet paper rolls, small branches and see if she wants to put HER stuff in the next box.
  • eve - 2012-04-27
    aw ok thanks charlie, we been putting nesting stuff in the box ourselves, and all she is doing is kicking it out, not all of it though, over the past two or three days she has spent more time in the box, most of the day, comes out for a while and then goes back in, but george hates being on his own and tried getting in with her, she soon threw him out, not sure if she will lay eggs or not, but will keep you posted, thank you
Heidi Gillen - 2012-04-19
I have an agressive male gold mantle rosella raised in an outside aviary. His mate just died not sure of what. Both fed each other and appeared happy, in and out of nest box.. I am afraid to purchase another female in case it is the male attacking her. Is it better to leave the male without a future mate? He appears lonely and sings out for a partner. California resident with aviary on my patio.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-04-19
    I would not think the male killed the female - The female could have been egg bound, heart attack - I don't know but if the male had killed the female there would have to be some tell tale signs. It is rare that happens and not at all common with rosellas. I would get another female but introduce them gradually as he might be a little teritorial etc. You could place him (the fella) in a smaller cage right next to the one he is in. When you get her, p[lace her in the cage he used to be in as she will get used to this cage and he will not be able to say it is his territory. When you see them trying to sit side by side and attempt to interact (which shouldn't take long) then let the male back into his cage.
Trudie Koelman - 2012-02-06
Where can I get a Eastern Rosella. Urgent

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-02-12
    Look up Rosella Breeders on the Internet or the ads in the back of Bird Talk. Breeders usually know who is breeding what. Just start with your area and call breeders of any birds and they should get you to the right person. Internet is another way. Spring is coming so babies will be coming too.
  • Helena - 2012-03-20
    Hi Trudie, I'm from South Africa and have 4 Golden Mantels Rosella 6 months old. Friends from Namibia regularly come to Paarl at least every 3 months. Email me at Helena
Ian Gough - 2010-08-07
Having just lost my dear pet bobbie (eastern rosella) I'm finding very difficult to find someone who breeds or sells them.

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  • Linda - 2010-09-06
    Where do you live? I have some babies from last year & I have 4 from this year, I live in Minnesota.
  • Anonymous - 2010-11-18
    I have a 5 month old male named buddy contact me at my e-mail and we'll talk!
  • Brawn Sandra - 2011-01-13
    have you replaced bobbie yet I have got
    the perfect replacement contact me vial
  • autumn - 2011-02-18
    Hello Ian, I don't know from which country you are posting, but I may have a very convenient solution...I am a regular volunteer at the Whitby Humane society in ontario canada. In a house fire in fenland falls recently it was discovered that a local woman was a bit of a ''pet hoarder'' over 300 animals were removed from her home including a menagerie of over 130 birds, most of which are exotics. The entire bird population was sent to whitby where I now look after them all! Needless to say, that is quite a bit of work! I am currently housing TWO pairs of mated eastern rosellas who are quite content, and vet certified. Their cages are even side by side and there hae been absolutely no problems with bickering between either pair or around the other birds, even a juvenile congo african grey! I'm sure the ladies will give you a good price of a pair or a single as the shelter is unequipped to handle any volume of birds, let alone exotics such as there which need very regular attention. I am the only volunteer who will go near the poor guys or who knows anything about even the most basic of bird care, and so I feel it will be entirely up to me to rebuild the lives of these animals. Please contact the whitby humane society in ontario canada if you or anyone else who is a responsible bird owner has any interest.
    Thank you so very much.
  • Mrs. Ortiz - 2011-03-27
    I happen to have four (4) Eastern Rosellas for sale. I bought the parents last summer as pets and they are now having babies. These babies were born on 1/8/11.

    I live in Edinburg, Texas.
  • corina - 2011-06-07
    I have two Rosella , I am moving and selling them they are about 2 years old, but I am in California my email is
  • wings - 2011-08-24
    Most birds won't accept a new mate if they have had a previous mate and have had a clutch or two. They will certainly be aggressive. You should remove immediately and put in separate cages side by side. If they cuddle next to one another..then try slowly and just a few minutes at a time. pay veryclose attention to them. see aggression, separate. they may not ever be suited for one another. blessings, wings
  • Becky - 2011-10-21
    Mrs Ortiz...not sure how this site works but my email is I live in McAllen and I can wait till you hatch some more if you are out. I would love to hand raise. Please contact me.
Lacey - 2011-03-21
I'm looking for an eastern rosella in san antonio, texas and can't seem to find any breeders can someone help me? PLEASE!

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  • Mrs. Ortiz - 2011-03-27
    Hello Lacey,

    I live in Edinburg, TX and happen to have four (4) Eastern Rosellas for sale. I bought the parents last summer and they had these four babies that hatched on 1/8/11. Now they have three (3) new babies that hatched on 3/14/11. I only want to keep the parents as pets. I am selling the four right now for 200.00 each.
  • corina - 2011-06-07
    I have two Rosella , I am moving and selling them they are about 2 years old, but I am in California my email is
  • Nancy McIntyre - 2011-06-26
    I just bought one myself, I know the breeder here in West Lincoln.
  • Jessica Baldwin Parsons - 2011-07-18
    Mrs. Ortiz, I would be interested in one of your Rosellas if still available. Please contact me at
  • Trudie Koelman - 2012-01-15
    I'm looking for a Golden Rosella in Nambia. Can someone help me. I"m from Luderitz.