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   The mature Derbyan Parakeet is a striking bird with beautiful shades of violet blue on the head and breast!
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Fred Chrsitian - 2005-08-11
We received Bert & Doris 2003 as a pair, hand-fed both. Very healthy and happy with Bert talking up a storm at two years old. Bert died 08-2005 by west Niles, confirmed by UCD. We have one indoor pet Derbyan and then outdoors we had Bert and Doris, we were expectings good things from our breeding pair. Bert will be very missed.


LeeAnn - 2005-05-10
Hi I purchased a Derbyan Parakeet yesterday, 4 month old male. I have been looking for sites with good information & I just found yours. Thank you for this site & great information. This is a beautiful bird & seems so loving I can't wait until he is adjusted to us & his new enviorment. I can tell were going to have years of enjoyment with this bird.