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   The mature Derbyan Parakeet is a striking bird with beautiful shades of violet blue on the head and breast!
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Shannon - 2008-06-23
Derbyans are bigger than the mustache. They are about 20 inches whereas mustache are 13 inches.

Kurt van Wyk - 2008-03-15
Hello Jason. Your bird is not a different species but it is simply a female! The green on her chest is quite special though!

Leanne - 2007-04-09
Hello this is Leanne from Australia again. An update on our derbyan Mac! Bites my boyfriend only sometimes now mainly when people are around. He is letting him pat him loves kisses from both of us. Everytime we give him some food he kissed us twice. Mac cant stand to be left alone when we are out of sight he always flys down after a few minutes and says "HELLO" and always finds us! Hears the shower and flys down and walks into the bathroom and wont stop talking and most of the time has a shower with us too. I now know when mac wants a pat he puts his head down for me. There is so much I could write. Bye for now

cameron - 2007-03-08
I look at Derbyans and other psittacula as having the cat-like personalities of the parrot world. Like many cats, they don't really need you, they just tolerate you and will show affection on occasion...on their terms. I hand-fed my Derbyan from 6 weeks of age to weaning (she was raised in a great environment before that), and she is still quite grumpy at times. She has learned to growl instead of bite when she is mad luckily, and she is not territorial at all, always stepping up even when inside her cage. However, she "tolerates" being pet, pinning her eyes and just sitting there growling, or whatever is close to a growl for a parrot. She hasn't drawn blood with a bite to this day, and on occasion preens my hair (even while typing this). She is a great talker, learning various Star Trek phrases and speaking them like a 5 year old would, VERY loudly and slightly off-key. And she'll destroy anything chewable within reach of her cage. Watch out for that....somehow she survived chewing through a power cable for my cordless phone (she flew to the kitchen counter...)

For people like me who live alone and work outside the home for 8 or more hours a day and appreciate companionship with their birds when they get home (every day, out of the cage!), psittacula, including Derbyan Parakeets, are great. I had a TAG that was a GREAT companion, but I didn't like the clinginess of that ringneck and Derbyan are happy sitting on the back of my office chair, watching me type, and enjoying the occasion petting session.

Stephen Everett - 2007-02-03
I have had Anastasia for 23 of her 24 years of life. From what I have read about derbyans, being standoffish is normal for the species, and I would not recommend one for a family looking for cuddly pet. However that does not mean that they don't like company. Annie is very happy perching on a shoulder, and will even preen you when she feels affectionate. However, I am the only person that has ever been able to pet her, and even then not when there is company around.

Madalyn - 2006-12-24
I just bought my Derbyan parakeet this past September. He was 7 months old. He caught my eye with his beautiful colors but he won our hearts with his sweet calm disposition. He is already saying a few words and his "songs" are very interesting. It's true he's a little shy but never aggressive and he enjoys being with the family. The only shock was the amazing speed with which he destroys his wood toys ... he destroys macaw size toys faster than my greenwing macaw. He is a good eater and willing to try new foods. We all feel very lucky to have him in our home.

Leanne - 2006-08-09
Hello we have a 20 month old Derbyan Male named "Mac" we bought him when he was 4 months old.
He is so very cute! he talks alot, sings and dances!
Mac has taken well to me, he lets me pat him and hold him on my hand . He loves his beak being tickled ! He is a little unsure of my boyfriend and other males.

we will have many more years of fun and laughter with him.

Thanks for this website too!

Bye from Australia :)

Siobhan - 2006-07-21
My Derbyan, Darby O'Keet, is an absolute jewel. He is very attached to me and such a sweetie in a stereotypical Asian way. Not fond of hands or petting, he does however enjoy a kiss on the top of his head or belly. He is usually happiest just being with us, and is a very "easy" bird. A cute little talker, he has the most hilarious of belly laughs. Definitely my little "Buddha Bird".

Adrian Torres - 2005-10-12
In July I purchased 2 Derbyans about 2 months old. they take peanuts from my hand, climb on me, and they can talk, saying " Hello" and "Bye". I have been looking for a site and I found this one. thanks, now I know how to better care for Everest and Efren.

Mark Barnett - 2005-09-14
We got our Derbyan Parakeet in January of 2005 from my Sister-in-law for $60.00 (What a steal, Huh?)We named her Mary Jane (M.J. for short) she is 2 years old and the apple of Daddy's eye, she loves when I sing to her. Thank you for having this Derbyan site.
Mark & M.J. Barnett