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   Not only does the Parakeet or Budgerigar make a super pet, but is also available in over 100 color forms!
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christine - 2003-08-04
I just got a parakeet its name is baby blue :) she is soooo cute

christina - 2003-08-04
I got a new parakeet she is the sweetest thing i couldn't ask for a better pet

jessica - 2003-08-04
my parakeet is better than any other pet i had.he has learned 53 words.parakeets the the best!!!!everyone should have one.

Erin - 2003-08-01
I have gone through nine parakeets and i currently have 5 right now... i could not ask for better pets!!!! if u don't have one... get one now!

Alyssa Kennedy - 2003-07-31
Me Alyssa and my cousins Darryl and Devin have parkeets
and they are so sweet except coney cause I think she's
having babies and my cousins bird Tweety is sweet
as well and my male Cammren is already finger trained
I am getting a new bird who is going to be called Camille.

john - 2003-07-30
parakeets make wonderful pets(i have 2)...they are loving..playful...cute..and clean! i enjoy having them

Aurora - 2003-07-28
My parakeet is named "Keet" and he imitates my Blue Front Amazon and is also beginning to talk

monkey - 2003-07-23
I love my bird he is so nice and happy.