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   Not only does the Parakeet or Budgerigar make a super pet, but is also available in over 100 color forms!
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Eilena - 2003-08-23
I had a blue parakeet named freddy. sadly, he died last week. i will never forget my sweet little freddy, he was a great friend.

anne merrill - 2003-08-17
our fabulous pachino, a beautiful bue/white parakeet died today, suddenly, i cried hours, he had a unique, loving and attentive personality...god bless him...

PeesMaw - 2003-08-17
We have a blue parakeet named Periwinkle (Peee-Diddy for short. He is very sweet and loving and loves to fight with our fingers when he is on the back of the chair. He also loves to try and pry my earrings off! He sits on our heads and plays with our hair, too.

I want to let everyone know a good tip ... the parakeets love greens, so we buy ours a pot of grass at the pet store and keep it moist for him. He especially loves it when we pull the grass out and hold the white root out for him to chew on. Mmmmm, mmmmm ... that is his favorite part!

ivoys dad - 2003-08-15
does anybody have one that talks i would love to know i am teaching mine to sing but still no words

CANDID - 2003-08-15
I just got a parakeet given to me a few days ago..I have been afraid of birds because of my friends bird.. But my 3 year old daughter takes her out and we all let her sit on out shoulders and I`ve become quite attached to this little bird. I`m glad we got her. She is a great pet to have.

K at - 2003-08-14
Not to long ago I got two parakeets. One is a female and the other is a male. The male bites me. How do I teach him to not bite and teach them to trust me ?

Elizabeth - 2003-08-13
I just got a Parakeet 2 days ago. His name is Freddy. He is baby blue and very pretty. Email me if you know anything about these birds.

gizzy - 2003-08-12
i have 4 beutifull parakeets they are so cute but i just cant train them i give them plently of space and love and no results can any one help me thankz

Rachel - 2003-08-11
I have a girl parakeet named Princess, she loves to fly on my shoulder, I think you should get one because they make you feel happy and excited.

Willy walker - 2003-08-11
I just got a parakeet yesterday they are great pets her name is angel and she is also finger trained, I suggestt anyone to get a parakeet they are very good pets