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   Not only does the Parakeet or Budgerigar make a super pet, but is also available in over 100 color forms!
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Reg Langlois - 2003-09-28
Hello, you might like to take a look at my aviary webcam, its live and running 24 hours a day. .... and click on webcams

Reg Langlois.

Lauren - 2003-09-21
Parakeets are wonderful pets!

Sarah - 2003-09-11
Parakeets are a wonderful pet to have! mine is very beautiful.. it is blue, white, with a little purple.

Erin - 2003-09-09
I have been doing lots of research on parakeets because I want one extremly bad. My Dad said that I can not get one but I am trying really hard to talk him into it. Hope he says yes soon!

Van Koo - 2003-09-08
I owned the same parakeet from 1984-1996. His name was Felix, he was blue,and white. He never talked, but he was quite intelligent and had an adventurous life. He flew outdoors, got lost and came back. He survived a horrible injury by getting slammed between a door . He survied a long car trip from Minnesota to Massachusetts in the winter time, and finally almost got attacked by a cat. Wow what a life !!
Van 9-7-2003

Breann Rodman - 2003-09-06
I love my parakeet, Huckle. He is such a cutie. When my grandma bought me a mirror for him, the next few days he was swinging on his mirror like it was a swing! Also, when I turn on my stereo, he will chirp like he is singing. Parakeets are the best pets anyone can ever have. Especially for girls. A while back, he stared whistling at me. Like when I put my make-up on, he will chirp and whistle. I love parakeets. I even like cockateils. They are so cute, but I heard they are messy, mean, and louder than a parakeet. Tropical birds are the best!

Hannah - 2003-09-05
I have two parakeets named Bob and Bing. they refuse to eat treats (millet spray ect..) even when i mix them with their food, what can i do? help!

Garyt - 2003-09-04
Parakeets are fun, but are very hard to care for. I am 10 years old and named my Parakeet Pez, wich is short for pencil in Spanish. I named him that because he is so thin. You should name your pets discribing them.

britni - 2003-09-03
i have 2 birds now buddy and pixie they r great to play with and very funny to watch

Jose L - 2003-09-02
I just picked up a pair of blue parakeets named Romeo and Juliet.Your site has been very informative on caring, training, and overall behavior of R&J