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   Not only does the Parakeet or Budgerigar make a super pet, but is also available in over 100 color forms!
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Austin {female} - 2003-11-12
My parrkeets name is Topaz when I kiss her she kisses me back!
Topaz also can copy any sound that she hears over and over again.
Topaz is learning to talk. I love her so much! How much do you love your parrkeet? Here is a tip for you, give your parrkeet alot of attention. It will love you!

Heidi - 2003-11-09
I have two parakeets named Tuffy and Fluffy. They are greenish/blue (Tuffy) and white with sky blue on his back (Fluffy)(like a cloud). I get Tuffy out on my finger and kiss him on his beak and his side near the wing. I then turn him upside down (on my finger) and let him bight me lightly. I then kiss him again. They kiss me through the cage and also fly around. These birds are spoiled and I love them with all of my heart!

Steven - 2003-11-08
I have two parakeets, a boy and a girl. there names are Nipar because he nips me and Sunshine because she is yellow. they just laid 4 eggs and i am waiting for them to hatch!

ami carson - 2003-11-05
my best friend has a budgie and i am about to get one she says that hamster wheels provide hours upon hours of entertainment they love it.

Sarah - 2003-11-03
My parakeet is Skittles. She is very perky and sweet. I think they are the best pet you could have!

Brittany Stowe - 2003-10-26
I have a parakeet named Cupcake. He is so sweet. That is why I named him Cupcake. He is about 5 months old. I used to have two birds that mated and had 3 eggs. All three hatched. One of them was cupcake. About a week later the two babies died. Then a week after that Cupcakes mom and dad died and Cupcake became an orphan so I had to feed him by hand and he is doing great. I love him soo much and Im glad that he survived.

ome khan - 2003-10-19
hey yall, i got 4 parakeets they r so adorable and ghetto all they do is say halla, was ap, yo thug, shortay, and hoodie. their names are missy, eliot, chingy, g-unit, and lumidee(oh oooooooh oh ohh) yeah that stuff. im trying 2 teach them 2 say "oh my doggie fashizzle my drizzle on my shizzle mizzle" its all about the izzle. they r 2 girl 2 boys when r they going to lay there eggs and what do we need is their cere going to change some how because i see that my birds cere is changin. bye oh yeah im yo im just in eight grade i dont now this stuff.

Blanca Hix - 2003-10-19
We have two parakeets... Coco (which stands for coconut in Spanish--actually blue coconut because he is blue & white) & Nieves(which stands for snow in Spanish. She is completely white with red eyes). Nieves had a broken leg from another bird...does this heal on its own? I would like to communicate with someone who is "Parakeet-Savy!"..please contact me @ love Coco & Nieves!

Megan - 2003-10-17
I have two baby parakeets that are about two mounths old and I love them!!! They look so cute when they bob their heads!!

Reg Langlois - 2003-09-28
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