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   Not only does the Parakeet or Budgerigar make a super pet, but is also available in over 100 color forms!
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Laura Millard - 2004-06-13
I am answering the question, has anyone had a budgie that talked. I had a green parakeet that lived to be 10 years, his name was Petey. And, yes he could talk. I would take him out everyday and say the same phrases to him over and over again when he was young. Every word he was taught stayed with him for his life. I have tapes I made of him talking. He was so used to me handling him that I could put his little head on a tiny pillow and cover him up with a doll blanket up to his shoulders! My parents thought he was dead the first time they had witnessed this great trust.
lmillard 6/13/04

Karen M - 2004-06-12
Budgies make the greatest Pets! Bought 1 a yr. ago and felt bad about her being all alone so i bought another one. Did not "pick her out" just told the fellow at the pet store to get the easiest one to catch. They were all to sweet to pick just one. Have to stay out of pet stores for fear of owning a large flock of these birds. Have to order suplies online.

Ilim - 2004-04-29
Hi, I always had budgies since I was around five but never really bothered (unfortunately) to learn about them.But nowadays I have a little greenish male budgie. He is four and I was beginning to worry about him because somebody told me that budgies live until 6 years. Anyway, he is a great little guy who loves to fluff himself up and play mock fights with me. He would bob his head and pump his little beak on my finger while making funny noises. But he never pecks. Anyway, thanks for this great website, I know a lot about my Golden Retriever and now I am beginning to train myself on my budgie and I hope to make our relationship better! Thanks

Iraida - 2004-04-17
Hi there ,
I just wanted to say that I got 2 budgies today and looking forward to loads of fun! I had NO clue they were called budgies i know them as parakeets. anyways it says here that some can learn to talk ... any one have one that has talked ???

john - 2004-04-01
A very nice bird. Relatively quiet bird compared to other types of Parakeets. I highly recomend it for any veteran or first time bird owner!

Kath - 2004-03-16
I have a beautiful turquouise budgie!

ellie - 2004-02-29
I have an adorable white parakeet
with speckles of blue on her far lower half . Her name is Birdella
or Birdie for short. She loves to give me 'kisses' and eats spahgehtti . Her favorite movie star is Paulie and she has a
'friend ' named Popeye . She is my best friend and loyal companion . BUDGIES ARE GREAT!!!

Allison - 2004-02-27
I am new to the bird world. It began the day a very brave and tough little female parakeet, who survived being outside from September 2003, until January 22, 2004, was too cold...too tired to feed at our wild bird feeder. We had tried many times during that time frame to catch her...she would have NO part in it. She seemed to love her freedom. When we brought her in, her left foot was black from frostbite...her right foot red and swollen. Within a day or two she lost her left foot. The circulation in her right foot was damaged too and her foot began to darken with gangrene.

Even throughout the loss of her feet, she continued to thrive inspite of the obvious discomfort. I live in the Chicago area and anyone who knows the kind of weather we had this year will think she is a miracle. Her will to live and survive the sub-zero weather here in January, only proved she was well worth the effort to make comfortable until her dying day. This tough little bird has managed to adjust to a life without her feet (they were frostbit beyond repair by the time we could finally catch her). Through trial and error, we have found a way to make her a happy and comfortable bird in her modified cage.

Her chirps and singing in the morning is music to my ears. As she continues to adjust to a footless life, we will continue to expand her horizons to a more normal existence. For now, she seems content to be in the cage. No, she cannot walk but she has figured out that she can hop from spot to spot by propelling herself with the bottom part of her legs.

Joanne - 2004-02-21
I got a pet parakeet and boy am i glad, now my life has the joy of birds in it! Im glad i read this because now i know that my pet will be safe and live long! Im getting a second to!!! Thanks A LOT FOR UR HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!**********

Smmy - 2004-02-08
I want a parakeet badly and after showing my parents this site they are considering it! Thank you!